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Chapter 159: Title Deed Acquisition Quest

Chapter 159: Title Deed Acquisition Quest

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"Brother Frost, what are you busy with?"

Wang Yu did not like procrastinating. The moment he logged on the next day he immediately started chatting with Frost Blade.

"Job advancement quest! I'm looking for a dog!" Frost Blade immediately replied.

It turned out job advancement quests really could be anything.

"What do I need to set up a store?" Wang Yu asked. As a lowly employee of the company, Mu Zi Xian naturally did not know what items were required to apply for a permit to set up a store. Wang Yu tried to be as tactful as possible as the business he was about to embark on was somewhat in conflict with what Frost Blade often did.

Fortunately the market in <<REBIRTH was extremely large, Frost Blade alone could not monopolise everything on the market, it would extremely beneficial if the two of them could cooperate.

"You want to set up a store?" Frost Blade asked.

"Yes! I think we have sufficient items to open a store and make a profit!" Wang Yu replied.

Wang Yu narrated his business idea to Frost Blade, who very excitedly replied: "That's a great idea! Who knew you would have such a good idea for business..."

"Er... someone without a lot of experience always has a lot of strange ideas!" Wang Yu laughed.

"No, this is a great idea! Why don't we cooperate? I'm willing to take 30% of the profits. Just take it as my consultation fee..." Frost Blade replied.

"Sounds good!" Wang Yu exuberantly replied... With an expert like Frost Blade helping him, this business venture was bound to succeed.

"Alright then, in order to apply for a permit to open a store, you'll need to lead to the city lord's office to apply. Just call me up when they ask for money!"

Frost Blade had already prepared for this, after all this game really was sinister, trying to rip money off the players are every juncture.

Following Frost Blade's instructions, Wang Yu arrived at the city lord's manor. Since Wang Yu had a lot of Twilight City merit points, the city guards did not stop him from entering.

"Noble warrior you have arrived, how may I be of assistance?" The city lord hurriedly greeted Wang Yu.

"I would like to apply for a permit to open a store!" Wang Yu straightforwardly replied.

"Opening a store? I'm sorry to inform you noble warrior, but all the available space has been taken by various powers (guilds), I'm afraid I cannot grant you a permit..."

"You're kidding right? I just saw an empty building on my way over here!" Wang Yu unhappily replied.

"Does this f*cker want some money from me?" Wang Yu silently thought as he glared at the city lord.

"That..." The city lord hesitated for a moment: "That place is already occupied!"

"Occupied? By whom? I'll go look for him right now!: Wang Yu replied. Both players and NPC's alike could set up stores, but the NPC's that managed to open their own stores had rather high AI's.

"Er… that person is no longer here..." The city lord stuttered.

"F*ck!" Wang Yu pulled out 2 gold coins from his inventory: "This should be enough right..."

The city lord glowered at Wang Yu, receiving the coins from Wang Yu as he mocked: "You want me to help you for only 2 gold? You really aren't polite at all..."

"I..." Wang Yu swallowed his rage. This NPC really was greedy! Wang Yu pulled out another 10 gold, handing it over to the city lord: "This should be enough right?"

"To be honest, I'm not even sure if I can do anything about this!"

"F*ck... you took my money and yet you don't want to help?" Wang Yu shouted: "Give me my money back!"

"I can't! We only have the ability to receive money, not return it. This was the way that the system designed us!"

"I never thought there would be anyone as shameless as you are!"

"Ha ha!" The city lord chuckled.

"Do you believe I will make a report against you?" Wang Yu knew that regardless of how shameless these NPC's were, they would never take a players money with no rhyme or reason.

"Noble Warrior, even if I can't do anything, I know someone who can!" The city lord playfully repleid.


"The owner of that building of course!"

"Are you playing with me?" Wang Yu shouted.

"I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't dare." The city lord laughed: "The owner of that building is known as Kashmir, he was the previous president of the traders union in Twilight City. When the darkness had descended previously, he had joined the forces of darkness, rumor has it that he is in hell right now... as long as you find him, you'll be able to get the title deed to that building!"

<System Notification: You have received the hidden quest 'Opening a Trade Route', a rank A quest. Do you accept it or not?


Wang Yu immediately accepted the quest.

<System Notification: You have received the quest 'Opening a Trade Route, a rank A quest. Please proceed to the headquarters of the trade union.

"Very well noble warrior, you have not betrayed my trust at all!" The city lord laughed as he gave Wang Yu a pat on his shoulder: "As long as you are able to retrieve the title deed and return Twilight City to its glory days, I will reward you handsomely!"

"I got it!" Wang Yu absentmindedly nodded, walking out of the city lords manor...

Only after he had left the manor did Wang Yu realise that this quest had no hints whatsoever, he had to find this title deed all by himself... was that f*cker really toying with him? How could a NPC be so insidious!

Wang Yu carefully recalled his conversation with the city lord, vaguely remembering that the city lord had mentioned that Kashmir was in hell...

Hell, what was so special about hell? Wang Yu now possessed two quests that required him to enter hell.

"What's the matter?" Frost Blade asked. It was odd that he had received no news from Wang Yu after so much time had passed.

"He gave me a quest!" Wang Yu explained.

"Why must it be another quest about finding something..." Frost Blade sighed. Frost Blade had spent his entire day being toyed with by an NPC.

"We have to find the title deed, but there isn't a specific location for us to search?" Frost Blade dejectedly said after looking the quest description Wang Yu had sent him.

Normal gathering quests would always tell the player the general location that they could find the item. But Wang Yu's quest on the other hand had no clues at all, only telling the player the name of the quest.

"Yeap! I think this quest has to do with the dungeons!" Wang Yu said.

"Dungeons... that's simple!"

"We have to clear a hell tier dungeon!" Wang Yu corrected himself.