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Chapter 161: A Familiar Figure

Chapter 161: A Familiar Figure

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After the initial conversation with Sanguine Primrose, Wang Yu didn't hear from the three of them again.

Even after adding together the entire Quan Zhen Sect and these three calefares, there were still only seventeen of them. They were still short of three more players…

"What now?" Wang Yu mumbled to himself before sending a message to Mu Zi Xian: "Honey what level are you now?"

"I just reached 15! I was planning on going to clear a dungeon actually!" Mu Zi Xian chirped. As a customer service officer, Mu Zi Xian naturally knew the best hunting grounds to grind at. With the help of the triple experience from the Chinese New Year event, she was able to reach level 15 very easily.

"That's great! Come help me!"

"Huh? Are you sure about this? I don't even have the confidence to clear a Normal tier dungeon you know..." Mu Zi Xian replied in shock.

"It's fine! We just need to make the numbers!" Wang Yu indifferently replied. They already had four calefares anyway so what difference would one more make?

"Alright then! I'll be over soon!" Mu Zi Xian giggled.

Eighteen now… Just two more to go…

Just as Wang Yu was still wracking his brain to think of another possible member, Defiant Tiger suddenly sent him a message: "Bro is there still space? I have a friend who wants to tag along!"

"Is he any good?" Wang Yu blurted out. If it was any other day, Wang Yu wouldn't have been as concerned about the abilities of others. After all, no matter how monstrous others were, how could they ever hope to compare with him?

However this time they were entering a Hell tier dungeon. The difficulty of this dungeon was already unimaginably higher than any they had experienced before. The five calefares in the team were only tolerated because the other were trying to give Wang Yu face. If he added another one who de didn't even know in then the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect would surely give him a hard time. There was even the possibility that they would try to get him killed in the dungeon!

"He's an expert that's even better than me!" Defiant Tiger confidently replied.

"Great! Bring him along then!" Wang Yu excitedly replied. He had personally seen Defiant Tiger in action before. Although he wasn't on the level of the others in the Quan Zhen Sect, he was still leagues above ordinary players. What's more, he was rather clever himself and also possessed the ability to craft mystic snares that could even impede bosses. If someone like him was recommending someone else as an expert then this person definitely had some substance.

Now they had nineteen members, they just needed to find one more player… Wang Yu had considered extending an invitation to Dawn's First Ray and the others. But after remembering that the only thing they had going for them was top tier equipment, he quickly perished the thought.

"We just need one more! Has anyone found someone suitable yet?" Wang Yu sent in the guild chat.

Wang Yu refused to believe that these scum didn't have a single friend in the entire game.

"It's not that we don't, it's just that we're trying to clear a Hell tier dungeon… No one wants to run the risk of dropping a level if they die inside. It's not easy to find an expert that's on good enough terms with us to be willing to take a risk like that!" Fearless helplessly replied.

The gaming world was more realistic than even real life. Experts definitely wouldn't want to associate themselves with the weak since they were only completely different levels… Even if they had friends that they were very familiar with, there was still a distinct possibility that they would end up on a conflict because of a piece of equipment. If they really wanted to attempt something as risky as this, then the person they invited definitely had to be someone they had a good relationship with.

Because of this, the only people that a group of experts like the Quan Zhen Sect rusted were each other.

"Ai..." Wang Yu helplessly sighed as he opened his friends list and tried to search for someone to invite again.

"How about I go on the forums..." Wang Yu suggested.

"No! They'll definitely try and f**k with us!" Fearless immediately interrupted.

"No way… It's just a game, why would anyone be so cruel?" Wang Yu asked as though this was the most inconceivable thing in the world.

"Maybe if it was another guild that wouldn't necessarily be the case. But because this is regarding the Quan Zhen Sect..." Fearless honestly replied.

"..." Hearing this, Wang Yu really didn't know what to say. What kind of evils had the eight of them even committed in the past…

As Wang Yu struggled to come up with a feasible solution, he suddenly received a message from Mu Zi Xian.

"Honey where are you? I'm already in Twilight City!"

"I'm near the city lord's manor now!" Wang Yu replied.

"Come pick me up! I'm at the teleportation formation!"


After briefly replying her, Wang Yu hurriedly made his way to the teleportation formation. When Wang Yu arrived, he saw Mu Zi Xian excitedly looking at he surrounds. Walking up to her, he grabbed her hand and chuckled: "What're you looking at?"

"The sun! I haven't seen the sun in the game for sooooo long! The scenery here is much nicer than my home city..." Mu Zi Xian giggled.

Mu Zi Xian's home city was Deep Night City and was constantly night.

"Yea..." Although Wang Yu had been playing <<REBIRTH for quite some time, he had never noticed the scenery. There really were fundamental differences between men and women.

"Alright, bring me shopping then!" Mu Zi Xian excitedly tugged at Wang Yu's sleeves and smiled.

"Shopping?" Wang Yu mumbled in confusion. There were only weapon, armour and potion shops in the game. What shopping could she even do?

"Yea! I want to see if there's any pretty armours here!"

"Pretty armour…" Women were really frightening. The only thing players normally cared about was the attributes and here she wanted something to wear to show off…

"Let's go then..." Wang Yu froze for a second before leading Mu Zi Xian to the shops.

The street that the teleportation formation was located at just so happened to be near the city lord's manor. Hence, there were numerous player owned shops that were set up along the street.

Before Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian had even walked to the end of the street, he had already spent 3 gold buying a pile of useless equipments for her…

However, Wang Yu didn't looked bothered by this at all. As long as Mu Zi Xian was happy, it was good enough for him.

As they were passing by the city lord's manor, Wang Yu suddenly noticed a hunching figure in the corner of his eye not too far from where they were. Although the figure was incredibly familiar, Wang Yu wasn't able to instantly recognise who it was before the player vanished.

[Stealth]! It was a Thief!

Wang Yu didn't know many Thieves and the one he was most familiar with was Frost Blade. However, Frost Blade's equipment were all top tier ones and his skills were good, but not top notch.

One look at the posture and movements of this player however and Wang Yu was able to discern that he was an expert.

While Wang Yu was staring at the player, he realised that the player definitely recognised him as well as he had briefly glanced at Wang Yu before he disappeared…

"What are you looking at!!!!" Mu Zi Xian growled as she stomped on Wang Yu's foot.

<System Notification: You have been attacked by player Feather Immortal...

"I'm looking at a player!" Wang Yu nonchalantly replied.

"A player?" Mu Zi Xian followed Wang Yu's gaze and her face immediately darkened: "No wonder I felt that you've become worse! You're playing this game to stare at girls aren't you!!!!"

"Wait what? No!" Wang Yu hurriedly turned around and realised that the place where the Thief had once been standing currently had a group of players led by a woman. The woman's armour was incredibly revealing and showed of her ample cleavage and milky thighs…

Just as Wang Yu was about to explain that he wasn't staring at the woman, the Thief suddenly moved and stabbed the woman right in the back.

With the high burst damage all thieves had, the woman instantly dissolved into a ray of light. WIthout pausing, the Thief immediately rolled forward and dodged the attacks of the woman's companions. When he saw this, Wang Yu immediately knew who this Thief was.