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Chapter 162: He’s Part Of The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 162: He’s Part Of The Quan Zhen Sect

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The Thief really was quite skilled. Although he was in plain sight and facing four opponents, they weren't even able to scratch him. Though his movements weren't polished, his incredible reaction time helped him to just barely dodge all of the incoming attacks and return them with a skill of his own.

It should be known that doing something like this was no simple task. No only did the players have to have a fast reaction time, they also needed a very high level understanding and grasp of their job skills. Such a feat wasn't something that an ordinary player would have been able to accomplish even with practise.

With the Thief's well timed dodges, counter attacks and nimble knife handling skills, he wasn't at a disadvantage even though he was fighting four opponents head on!

As a martial artist, Wang Yu had a deep impression of people with talent. The moment he saw the Thief attack he immediately remembered where they had met, but not his name…

As the four Warriors were fighting with him, one of them shouted: "Old Fish you sure you want to do this? When the others come later you're f**king dead!"

"You expect to keep me here with just the four of you? In your dreams!" The Thief madly cackled.

"Ho ho ho!"

At this time, a Knight wearing an incredibly flashy set of armour leading a large group of players suddenly appeared and snickered: "Truly worthy of the title mercenary king! You really do have some balls!"

When the surrounding players saw the guild emblem of the Knight's chest they all hurriedly packed their stalls and scattered.

Looking at the emblem, even Wang Yu was slightly shocked: "This emblem is quite familiar too..."

When the Thief heard the Knight's words, he angrily swung his dagger at the throats of the four Warriors and forced them to retreat as he growled: "Hmph! Amitabha you got here really quickly!"

"Heh heh heh… Did you really think the four of them just happened to be in Twilight City? Let me ask you one last time. Are you willing to join our Pure Lands?" Amitabha snickered.

"Hmph! Then I guess I'll repeat what I said to you one more time. I may sell my services, but I'll never sell my soul! You can forget about having me as your f**king dog!" The Thief coldly spat and then pointed his dagger at the Warriors and declared: "The rest of you can just wait and see. As long as you don't finish me off today, you can forget about ever having peace!"

"Old Fish… We… We're not..." The four Warriors weakly muttered.

Hearing this, Amitabha couldn't help but laugh: "I'm afraid you'll never have that chance! All of your men are under me now! And I've already hired a few more to make sure today is your last!"

Although Wang Yu didn't know what was going on, from this short exchange he was able to tell how insidious Amitabha really was.

Ensuring this was his last day meant that Amitabha had the intention of killing the Thief all the way until he dropped back to level 1! Although Wang Yu had previously hunted someone else before, all he wanted was for the person to apologise.

At the end of the day it was just a game anyway. For Amitabha to deliberately want to crush the Thief like this showed how poor his character was.

Wang Yu's sense of righteous was particularly strong. Even in real life where his clan banned members from interfering with the public he would still involve himself. Much less in a game like this. At the very least, the Thief could have been considered an acquaintance anyway.

Wang Yu then casually walked up to the thief and pulled his arm and said: "Oh hey it's you! I haven't seen you in awhile! Are you fighting with someone again? Why don't you take a break and play again tomorrow..."

"F**k! Why's he here!" The four Warriors unconsciously retreated the moment they saw Wang Yu's face.

Hearing Wang YU's words, Amitabha cocked his head to the side and asked: "And who the f**k are you supposed to be?"

"I don't know him! Our matter has nothing to do with him!" The Thief hurriedly replied.

At the same time, the Thief softly whispered: "Why did you come here? Quickly scram!"

"I'm here to help you! Where are you friends anyway?" From what Wang Yu remembered, the Thief had a group of friends with him when they first met.

"This..." The Thief softly mumbled as he stared at the four Warriors in front of him.

Following his gaze, Wang Yu's eyes landed on the four who immediately lowered their heads and retreated.

The four Warriors had been hanging around Twilight City for quite some time so they knew exactly who and how strong Wang Yu was.

Amitabha was no fool either. He knew that Wang Yu wasn't the random passerby that he was described as. However since he had managed to catch the Thief he was in a rather good mood and generously declared: "Nothing to do with him you say? Then he's free to go!"

Lightly glancing at Amitabha, Wang Yu raised and eyebrow and laughed: "Didn't I already say take a break? If you guys have a fued to settle then do it tomorrow!"

Before Amitabha replied, the four Warriors urgently sent a message in the guild chat: "Boss we should just go… That Pugilist isn't someone we can offend..."

These words were meant to protect Amitabha but to him they were nothing more than an insult. Pure Lands was one of the top guilds in the country and even the main powerhouse of Twilight City Sanguine Alliance wouldn't dare to offend them. Yet these fools dared to say that a mere Pugilist wasn't someone he could offend?

Amitabha saw these words as contempt and dismissively waved his hand and ordered: "Old Hollow, drag him away!"

Right as he finished speaking, a burly Warrior sauntered over to Wang Yu pointed his blade at Wang Yu and shouted: "We gave you face and you reject it? Hurry the f**k up and f**k off!!!"

"If you have something to say then talk properly! Don't point your sword at someone!" Wang Yu lightly remarked.

Thinking that Wang Yu was still putting on airs, the Warrior coldly grinned and shouted: "I'm not just pointing it at you, I'm going to f**king cut you!"

"I'm really not trying to pick a fight..." Wang Yu helplessly sighed and then countered. He reached out his right hand and grabbed onto the Warrior's elbow and lightly pushed it, causing him to lose balance and crash onto the ground. Immediately afterwards, Wang Yu casually stomped on his chest with [Thunder God's Stomp] and instantly turned him into a ray of light.


The other Pure Lands players didn't even know how to react to such a scene…

The Warrior, Hollow Law, was one of the elite players within Pure Lands and the strongest in the group that Amitabha had brought along. For him to have been instantly killed without even touching his enemy was simply inconceivable…

He was even insta-killed by a Pugilist… No matter how they tried, there was no nice way to even describe this incident …

After Amitabha finally calmed down from his shock, he glared at Wang Yu and calmly breathed: "I've really been to blind! I didn't realise that your grace was an expert! Do you have any interest in joining our Pure Lands? We are a one of the top guilds in the country! The benefits there are beyond your imagination!"

Contrary to Amitabha's expectations, Wang Yu didn't even hesitate as he pointed to the emblem on his chest and proudly declared: "I'm a member of the Quan Zhen Sect!"

"A member of the Quan Zhen Sect..."

The Quan Zhen Sect's reputation really preceded them. No matter which home city or even which game these players were from, they had definitely heard the name Quan Zhen Sect at least once or twice. The fame was definitely no smaller than any of the top guilds. In <<REBIRTH in particular, practically all of the top news and first achievements were accomplished by these madmen.

"So you're an expert of the Quan Zhen Sect. I'll be frank then. Some of our brothers have a grudge to settle with the man next to you. I wonder if you can let us through for today?"

Although his words sounded polite, Amitabha's meaning was crystal clear: "No matter how skilled you mongrels are there's still barely any of you! Don't you dare get in our way!"

"Are you in any guild now?" Wang Yu whispered to the Thief.


"That's great!"

Wang Yu's reaction made the Thief incredibly depressed. This was simply rubbing salt into his wounds.

"From this moment on, he's part of the Quan Zhen Sect!" Wang Yu loudly declared.