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Chapter 163: Twenty Members

Chapter 163: Twenty Members

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The early stages of any game no matter what platform it was on was an important growth period for any guild. They would prioritise laying down a solid and stable foundation rather than going to war with another.

This was even more true for larger guilds. In a real war, if the commoners were affected or wiped out, then the warlords that controlled them wouldn't be able to expand either.

Even a large guild like Pure Lands could only pressure smallers guilds into joining their ranks to bolster their forces at this time in the game. They couldn't afford to offend any other major influences before they had a stable footing.

At this point, the Quan Zhen Sect's fame was equivalent to the midday sun. Although there weren't even ten of them, they were running amok in a city with a major guild like the Sanguine Alliance around and had even managed to force them to pay reparations! If he had a choice, Amitabha really didn't want to make an enemy out of them.

However, Wang Yu's brazen protection of their target had really rubbed Amitabha the wrong way.

"My name is Amitabha. May I ask which expert you are? Vainglory or Iron Bull?"

With the Quan Zhen Sect's fame, there wasn't a soul that didn't know that they were a guild with two Pugilists that were both experts. Offending the first one was already bad enough but offending the second… Anyone who did so might as well forget about ever playing this game again!

Amitabha had already formulated a plan. If it was Vainglory, he would kill him on the spot. If it was Iron Bull, they would retreat first and gather more men to take revenge.

"Iron Bull!" Wang Yu bellowed.

"Hmph! So it was Iron Bull after all! Well then, I guess the seeds of war have been sowed today!"

"Hm? Are you going to make a move now then?" Wang Yu stared at Amitabha and lightly asked.

"Hmph! We're leaving now!" Amitabha was just about to reach level 20 so he didn't want to waste his effort. He immediately ordered a retreat.

"Cheh!" The surrounding players disappointedly clicked their tongues. They had all hoped that Amitabha would actually start a fight here so they could watch Wang Yu in action. With the airs that he put on, it came as a surprise that he simply retreated.

"Brother Bull, thank you so much for your help today… I'm really sorry that I've caused you to offend the Pure Lands today..." Seeing that the other had left, The Thief walked towards Wang Yu and thanked him.

"Heh please! It was really nothing at all! By the way what was your full name again? Something fish right?" Wang Yu lightly chuckled as he waved his hand.

"Darknorth Fisher!"

"Ah yes! Darknorth Fisher! It's really been awhile!" Wang Yu smiled. "By the way, what happened to you? Why do you look so ragged?"

"Haiz… Let's not talk about it..." Darknorth FIsher dejectedly mumbled: "Those people from Pure Lands wanted me to join them and the price they offered was incredibly high… All of my men took it and left..."

"Oh… Then what about that girl just now? I saw you gritting your teeth when you stabbed her."

"She's… she was my girlfriend..."

"Damn… My condolences..." Wang Yu really didn't have the faintest clue what he could say to comfort or encourage Darknoth Fisher at this time. He was one of the top mercenaries and now his men and even his girlfriend had betrayed him and hunted him… Anything he said would probably sound like an insult or hurt him even further at this point.

"I'm just an unlucky person..." Darknorth Fisher sighed again before turning to Wang Yu and saying: "I'd better leave first Brother Bull. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll end up causing more trouble for you… Since you've saved me this time, if you ever need me in future then just say the word! But with your strength, I doubt you'd ever need trash like me to help..."

Wang Yu could tell that Darknorth Fisher was really depressed. There was no other reason an arrogant person like him would ever say such self deprecating words.

"Since there's no one to play with you then why don't you join the Quan Zhen Sect!" Wang Yu immediately replied.

"Forget it...I have too many enemies, I'll just be making things difficult for you..." Darknorth Fisher sighed again.

As someone who killed for a living, Darknorth Fisher had no shortage of people who wanted to take revenge on him. Since he had lost everything , it was the perfect opportunity for his enemies to pay him back. Since Wang Yu was his benefactor, Darknorth Fisher really didn't want to cause any more problems for him.

Hearing this, Wang Yu immediately burst into laughter and said: "Then all the more you should join us! Everything you've said would make you a perfect fit for us!" The other members of the Quan Zhen Sect were all pretty much scum anyway. The main reason they had even banded together was because they had too many enemies coming after them!

"But the Pure Lands..."

"Huh? What trash is that?" Wang Yu laughed.

"..." Darknorth Fisher had no choice but to be persuaded by Wang Yu. Even one of the top guilds in the country was nothing in his eyes. What kind of tyrannical confidence was this?

Of course Wang Yu wasn't actually being arrogant. In fact, it was because he was new to gaming that he didn't know that the Pure Lands was a top guild in the first place. It was only much later on that Darknorth Fisher realised that Wang Yu was trying to ask him what guild that was…

"Alright then! I'll join you!" Darknorth Fisher nodded.

"Fearless! I want to add someone! Give me the rights!" Wang Yu sent in the guild chat.

<System Notification: You have become and officer for the guild "Quan Zhen Sect"

<System Notification: Darknorth Fisher has joined the Quan Zhen Sect

"Everyone please welcome our new member!"

The moment the rest saw that there was a new member, they all became incredibly excited.

"Darknorth Fisher? Is it a guy or a girl?" Spring Halo asked.

"Guys please surrender your underwear, girls please report your three sizes..." Ming Du chimed in.

"Wait is he mercenary king Darknorth Fisher?" Frost Blade suddenly asked.

"Oh my! It's someone famous… No wonder Iron Bull added him in..."

"Do you dare to fight me?" Vainglory asked.

"Anyone wants to bet?" Crotch Lord asked.


Ignoring all the trash talking, Darknorth Fisher took a look at the guild list and was shocked to realise that the first eight names were all level 20.

Even though the current event rewarded players with three times the experience, it was still incredibly difficult for players to level up. Each home city only had a few tens of players that were currently level 20. For a tiny guild like the Quan Zhen Sect to have two thirds of their members at level 20 was simply inconceivable. No wonder the Sanguine Alliance had been suppressed by them!

"Wait why're you only level 15?" Wang Yu suddenly asked.

"I've been hunted for a few days already… I barely even have any equipment now..." Darknorth Fisher sighed.

"Oh… I'll stop asking then..." Darknorth Fisher's misery really wasn't simple, any casual question or statement would somehow end up poking at his wounds…

"Don't worry about it. We're going to a dungeon lter so you can pick up some equipment there!"

"Is there even anything good in the Blood-Soaked Church?" Darknorth Fisher asked.

In <<REBIRTH, no matter what dungeon it was, only the first kills would have good rewards. Darknorth Fisher was an expert as well so he wouldn't even bother with trash.

"I have no idea, we'll find out later once we gather everyone and clear it!"

"Is it that hard to find five people?"

The entrance of the Blood-Soaked Church was full of parties that were waiting for people to join them so Darknorth Fisher found Wang Yu's words odd.

"We need twenty actually!" Wang Yu replied.

"You're going for Nightmare tier???"

"Hell actually..." Wang Yu awkwardly laughed.