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Chapter 165: Don’t look Down On Anyone In The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 165: Don’t look Down On Anyone In The Quan Zhen Sect

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The great Iron Bull had once said that using brute force was the best way to convince conceited children. This was even more true for those who were blinded by their own abilities and didn't place anyone else in their eyes. One had to crush them in the area they were most confident in to gain their respect.

In a game, Ivory Emperor was the most confident in his own fighting abilities. Since he was constantly compared to Ming Du, his skills were definitely the real deal.

Although it wasn't very honourable to bully the weak or young, Ivory Emperor was the one who issued the challenge in front of everyone. Wang Yu's own pride wouldn't have allowed him to decline and it was just a game anyway so he agreed to the fight.

"Alright then! You can choose the time and place then!" Wang Yu chuckled.

Actually this was good for the party too. If Wang Yu could teach this brat a lesson now it would save all of them the trouble if he suddenly acted up while they were in the dungeon.

"Brother Bull please go easy on him… He's still just a kid, he doesn't know any better..." Defiant Tiger awkwardly pleaded. Ivory Emperor was invited here by him after all so he felt that he was the cause of this whole mess. He had only brought Ivory Emperor over because he was an expert as well. If he had known that Ming Du was the incomparable Li from the legends then he would have never brought Ivory Emperor over.

"Don't worry about it! I know how to control my strength!" Wang Yu casually waved his hand

"Hpmh! You dare look down on me? I don't need to find a place! This will do just fine! Eat this!" Hearing Wang Yu's words and tone had completely enraged Ivory Emperor who then immediately went on the offensive.

No wonder this Ivory Emperor could be the rival of a scum like Ming Du, they really were birds of a feather! Before he had even finished shouting, Ivory Emperor had throw a cup of wine at Wang Yu and then used the window where he dodged to widen the distance between them and fire an arrow with his bow.

From the time that he had thrown the cup at Wang Yu to the time he had fired off the arrow, Ivory Emperor had only taken 2 seconds. His movements were all very fluid and precise. From this, Wang Yu could tell that he really was an expert on par with the others from the Quan Zhen Sect.

Although the others were shocked by the sudden turn of events, Wang Yu merely chuckled and unhurriedly caught the arrow with his left hand while stretching out his right one and casting [Void Seizing Palms]. Ivory Emperor had just notched his second arrow when he was suddenly pulled in front of Wang Yu.

Ivory Emperor couldn't help but freeze briefly at the turn of events. However, right as Wang Yu's punch was about to land on his face he hurriedly fired off the second arrow.

"Duang!!" Although it sounded like he had shot his arrow at a pillar, Ivory Emperor had actually stuck Wang Yu's palm with his second shot.

This second arrow directly blew Wang Yu away and once again created a sizable distance between the two of them.

Sharpshooter's uncommon skill [Convulsion Arrow]! It had the effect of knocking a target back and even stunning them for a second. At the same time, it would slow the movement speed of the target by 50% and deal 150% physical damage to the target.

While Wang Yu was stunned and knocked back, Ivory Emperor once again retreated to widen the distance between them and pulled out three arrows.

"Peng..." All three of the arrows were fired together in a straight line at Wang Yu's body.

[Chain Arrow], level 10 Sharpshooter skill. It would deal damage to a target three times.

"Oh hoh! Not bad at all!"

Just as the three arrows were about to hit Wang Yu, the stun finally wore off. Ivory Emperor only saw a flash of light before Wang Yu disappeared and a large hand suddenly grabbed his throat again and hoisted him into the air.

"This… What the f**k just..." Ivory Emperor couldn't make any sense of the situation and started babbling.

The pace the two of them were exchanging blows was incredibly fast. From the time Ivory Emperor had first thrown the cup to this point where Wang Yu had captured him again was only about 10 or so seconds…

Ivory Emperor was a top expert as well so he had thought that even if someone as famous as Wang Yu wanted to defeat him he could still have put up a fight. Yet in a short few seconds, Wang Yu had already caught and subdued him twice…

"So? Are you convinced now?" Wang Yu laughingly asked Ivory Emperor.

"Ye… Yes..." Ivory Emperor vigorously nodded.

In this short skirmish, Ivory Emperor had already used all of his attack, crowd control and movement skills. Now that he was in Wang Yu's grasp again, there was no way for him to escape anymore.

Ivory Emperor only had two more attacking skills left to use while Wang Yu had only used two of his own during this entire fight and neither of them were even attacks… An Archer who barely had any skills left escaping from a Pugilist with everything available at this range was nothing more than a pipe dream.

"So can you and Old Li put aside your differences for now?" Wang Yu asked.

"O… Ok..." Ivory Emperor defeatedly sighed. Since he wasn't Wang Yu's match, he could only endure and agree.

"What About you Old Li?"

"I don't give a f**k man! I can crush this little shit anytime I want anyway!" Ming Du dismissively waved his hand.

"You!" Ivory Emperor was just about to explode again when he noticed Wang YU's dark expression and quickly shut his mouth.

While they were watching the fight and talking amongst themselves, a petite woman had arrived at the inn and asked: "Is there anyone from the Quan Zhen Sect here?"

"Over here!" Wang Yu shouted and signalled her to come over. This woman was in fact Yang Nuo. Seeing her, the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect couldn't help but get emotional. Out of the twenty people that were going to clear the dungeon, nine of them were female. It was nearly a one to one ratio…

Ivory Emperor immediately charged over to greet Yang Nuo when she arrived: "Big sister my name is Ivory Emperor you can call me little Ivory if you'd like! We're the only Archers here so I think we're fated! How about you add me as a friend..."

Staring at the shameless Ivory Emperor Vainglory enviously muttered: "F**k me! He's really good at this..."

"You shouldn't envy him, that lady isn't someone you should offend..." Wang Yu laughed.

"Hmph! It's just another girl!" Vainglory scoffed. He had thought that Wang Yu was just trying to frighten him. Although there were quite a few female experts, all of the top ten players were all male. From this it could be seen than when it came to fighting, even in games females were still slightly worse off than males.

Although Wang Yu could tell that Vainglory wasn't convinced, he didn't try to explain any further.

Since all twenty of them were here, Wang Yu created a party and added them into it.

"Eh? Level 15? You sure this is a good idea?"

After being added to the party, Defiant Tiger saw the rest of their levels and was briefly stunned.

Defiant Tiger wasn't referring to Darknorth Fisher since he was a famous expert after all. He wasn't referring to Mu Zi Xian either since she was Wang Yu's wife. The people that he had misgivings about was Li Xue and the others.

Ever since the four of them had completed the quest and obtained the Alchemist class for Li Xue they had rarely left the guild headquarters to train anymore so their levels were rather low. Even Mary who was the highest level was only level 16.

"They're just here to fill up the numbers! And they are the support of our Quan Zhen Sect anyway!" Wang Yu replied.

"Oh… I see..." Defiant Tiger lightly nodded. Although he didn't voice any misgivings due to Wang Yu's strength, they were still there.

Defiant Tiger was a true blue gamer so he wouldn't accept Li Xue and the rest just because they were girls.This was a Hell tier dungeon they were challenging after all. Even the slightest mistake could cause the entire team to be annihilated!

The system definitely wouldn't give anyone preferential treatment just because of their looks.

Li Xue was an intelligent girl so when she heard the disdain in Defiant Toger's tone, she stood up and said: "I know the four of us have very low levels and we are forever indebted to Brother Bull and the Quan Zhen Sect for taking us in and giving us a safe environment. We know the extent of our strengths the best so we didn't even think about asking to join this time. It's only because Brother Bull asked us to join that we're here to fill up the numbers and gain experience.Of course we won't be just leeching experience from everyone, these medicines are made by me and are the best that we can contribute to the rest!"

With that, Li Xue took out a bunch of medicine and placed them on the table.

Li Xue's intentions were very clear. They knew that their strength was insufficient but the party wouldn't be able to enter the dungeon without them so the medicines were meant as thanks at the same time abdicating them from any responsibility should they fail to clear the dungeon.

"I… I didn't mean it like this..." Defiant Tiger awkwardly coughed. He was an expert himself so if word got out that he was bullying a group of weak little girls like this he would lose face as well.

At this time, Defiant Tiger wasn't the only one feeling awkward. Even Sanguine Primrose's group was at loss for words.

The words "giving us a safe environment" was clearly targeted at the three of them. When Li Xue and the others had still been part of the Primrose Militia it was because they wanted a safe environment. If it hadn't been for Wang yu and the Quan Zhen Sect, who knows what state they would have been in now… Although she appeared nonchalant on the surface, Li Xue had never forgotten this grudge.

Smiling, Fearless happily sent a message to the guild chat: "Little Snow really in quite vicious huh! I like how lively this place is how he he he..."

"I am a part of the Quan Zhen Sect after all so how can I just let others slight me?" Li Xue giggled.

Seeing how awkward the atmosphere was, Fearless loudly laughed: "Little Snow really doesn't have any ulterior motives my friends. These medicines are the specialty of our Quan Zhen Sect. Although it isn't anything great I believe that it'll help you in a dire situation! Everyone please take some."

Defiant Tiger and Saunguine Primrose's group didn't dare to move and it was only Ivory Emperor who shamelessly stretched out and took one for himself.

"HUH???" When he first picked up the medicine, Ivory Emperor froze for a moment before stretching his hand out and grabbing another.

However before his even touched another, a small bolt of lightning struck right in front of his hand. Looking up, he saw Ming Du glaring at him.

"It's only one per person you greedy motherf**ker! You better not try to take another!"

Ivory Emperor shot Ming Du a dirty look before turning around to Defiant Tiger and whispering "Quickly go take one man! It's good stuff!"

"Heh! Isn't it just recovery medicine?" Defiant Tiger laughed.

Without replying, Ivory Emperor sent a screenshot of the item in his hands to Defiant Tiger.

"Middle grade recovery medicine??!!"

Ivory Emperor quickly stretched forward and covered Defiant Tiger's mouth and scolded: "Can't you keep your voice down? The others will hear you!"

However Ivory Emperor was too late, Sanguine Primrose's group had already heard Defiant Tiger's outburst.

"Middle grade recovery medicine??"