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Chapter 166: Too Much Trouble! Just Clear them All At Once

Chapter 166: Too Much Trouble! Just Clear them All At Once

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In ancient times, the most vital part of any war was the supplies for the army! Although this wasn't an issue in modern day warfare with all the fancy missiles. However in a medieval game like this one, it was still incredibly important.

Out of all the supplies, recovery medicine was the most important of all.

Since the start of the game, the Pharmacist was one of the three most popular sub classes in the game.

It was common knowledge that one had to first be a high grade Pharmacist before they would be able to craft middle grade recovery medicine. With the difficulty of gaining experience for one's subclass, there weren't any high grade Pharmacists at all! Even middle grade ones were as rare as unicorns let alone a high grade one.

Even item shops manned by NPCs only sold low grade recovery medicine and that was already the best they had. Something like a middle grade medicine was virtually unheard of outside of auction houses. Right now even a single bottle could be sold for 50 silver at least!

Although Defiant Tiger and Ivory Emperor were in a good mood, Sanguine Primrose and the others had hideous expressions on their faces. They had never thought that the four strays they had kicked out would end up being the one ones who could craft middle grade recovery medicines…

At this moment the hate that Sanguine Primrose had for Heavenly Bird was indescribable. If he hadn't done any damage then his vile actions could still be forgiven. However, their guild had ended up losing such a talented member because he couldn't keep it in his pants… Maybe if they joined another guild there would be a chance to win them back but this was the Quan Zhen Sect… No one in their right mind would even think of something like that.

Seeing Sanguine Primrose's pained expression, Li Xue gleefully said: "Elder sister please don't be shy. There's really nothing else we're good for!"

Although Li Xue's smile was refreshing, it sent a cold chill down everyone else's spines.

"Thank you then Little Snow!" Sanguine Primrose picked up a bottle and smiled: "I'm really sorry about what happened that time!"

"Oh that? I've already forgotten about it!" Li Xue giggled.

Though everything seemed to be fine on the surface, the undertones of the conversation really frightened the men in the Quan Zhen Sect… It was too obvious that she still bore a grudge. Women truly were too scary...

Seeing Sanguine Primrose's expression worsening, Fearless finally decided to speak up: "Alright then! It's not early anymore so we should get going!"

"En... Thank you..." Li Xue nodded.

Although others wouldn't know what she meant, the Quan Zhen Sect did.

It wasn't easy for girls to survive in the gaming world. The four of them only wanted to peacefully go about they're gold farming business. However, in the Primrose Militia the suffered constant harassment and no one spoke up for them. In the end when they were being hunted down the Primrose Militia student even try and protect them!

In their time of need it was the Quan Zhen Sect who reached out and gave them a home and a chance to start afresh. Only the others from the Quan Zhen Sect would be able to underrated their feelings.


A party of twenty players was very eye-catching. Seeing them swagger to the entrance of the Blood-Soaked Church shocked quite a few passerbys.

"The f**k? Who are these people? What're they trying to do with twenty members?"

"Keep your voice down! Haven't you heard of the Quan Zhen Sect? By the looks of it I think they're trying to clear the Nightmare tier or maybe even Hell tier!"

"Hell tier dungeon? Are you high? We can't even clear the Elite dungeon and you think they're trying to clear Hell tier?"

"Heh they're the Quan Zhen Sect, is there anything those mad men won't try?"

"Urk…" Hearing this fan's words, the surrounding players sucked in a cold breath of air.

The Hell tier dungeon was different from normal dungeons so it's entrance was a teleporter. Next to that there was a large blue stone dias which recorded the particulars of those who used it.

The monsters and bosses that players would face was their true bodies with their full strengths so that was a large crimson door in front of the teleporter as a warning.

Following the instructions, Wang Yu pushed opened the door.

<System Notification: Do you want to enter the Hell tier Blood-Soaked Church?


Wang Yu selected the the yes option and the world went dark for a second before the all appeared inside the dungeon.

<System Notification: Hell tier Blood-Soaked Church. 1000 experience points awarded.

<System Notification: You have received the quest "Emerging Darkness". Difficulty A. Clear the Hell tier Blood-Soaked Church 0/1.

Current completion: 0%

Status: In battle

Completion was a new system that had been introduced in <<REBIRTH.

People who had played enough games all knew that as long as they killed the final boss they would have completed the dungeon. Most large guilds, would just skip past all the other bosses and only kill the final one.

Every dungeon in the game was the Blood and sweat of the designers so how could they just let this be? If players just skipped past all the social environments and bosses they created them wouldn't all their effort be wasted?

Hence, the solution that the designers came up with was the completion system. The more bosses players killed the higher their completion and the higher their rewards!

The Hell version of the Blood-Soaked Church had a much darker and more oppressive aura to it. The blood red moon was occasionally hidden behind the clouds and there were eerie howls that periodically came from the surrounding mountains. There was even the stench of decaying flesh permeating the area and adding on to the already grotesque atmosphere.

Opening the minimap, they realised that the Blood-Soaked Church had expanded!

In the Elite version, there were only three areas. The courtyard, the hall and the inner sanctum.

In the Hell version of the dungeon, there were at least three times the numbers of explorable areas!

After briefly glancing at the map and surroundings Fearless said: "The monsters inside are all at least level 40. Those who don't have good equipment or are lower levelled please just stand at the back and don't run around!"

Hearing this, Mu Zi Xian and Li Xue's group very naturally walked towards the back of the party.

Right as Darknoth Fisher was about to head to the back, Ming Du suddenly pulled him and smirked: "Where are you going Old Fish?"

"To the back! My equipment and level aren't worth shit right now! I don't even think I'll be able to damage the monsters here..." Darknorth Fisher grumbled.

Stealing a quick glance at the girls, Ming Du simply smiled: "I didn't realise you were so cunning… Go on then, I heard the best way to get over a break up is to hook up..."

Hearing this, Darknorth Fisher's expression immediately soured and he resolutely stood next to Ming Du and declared: "Then I'm not going! I'll stay right here!"

"He he he now that's more like it! You better make sure no monster gets near me ok?"

Speaking to Ming Du really gave Darknorth Fisher the urge to go on a killing spree…

"Frost Blade, go open the door!" After everyone got into position Fearless started giving out commands.

Walking to the front, Frost Blade pulled out a small tool and stuffed it into the keyhole.

"Ka cha!" Without any delay the lock opened and fell onto the ground.

The moment the door opened, a group of large black bats burst forward and flew off into the night sky.

"Who are you? Are you here to disturb the rest of the fallen?" Just as they entered the courtyard, a dark and chilly voice echoed through it and an army of skeletons slowly began to crawl out from their graves.

These skeletal soldiers all had pitch black bones that seemed to have some sort of unknown language carved onto them. The weapons they were holding weren't the same broken ones like the Elite ones, these looked new and incredibly sharp.

<Skeleton Warrior (Lv 35) (Elite)

HP: 100000
MP: 1000

Skills: [Heavy Blow], [Slash].

"100000 HP???" Seeing the attributes of the Skeleton Warriors instantly caused Sanguine Primrose to cry out in shock. Even the normal monsters in the Hell tier dungeon had more health than normal bosses!

"What's wrong? Is this too hard?" Wang Yu turned around and asked. He had seen countless monsters with this kind of attributes so he felt that they were overreacting.

"N… No… Should our Archers pull them over here one by one?" Sanguine Primrose carefully asked.

This was the standard method that players often employed to clear high difficulty dungeons like this one. As a guild leader herself, Sanguin Primrose was naturally familiar with such strategies.

Looking into the courtyard, Spring Halo lightly chuckled: "There's a total of fifteen of those Skeleton Warriors… It's too much trouble so let's just clear them together!"

"Clear them together? But these are level 35 Elite monsters! Won't we get wiped out like that?" Sanguine Primrose anxiously asked.

The monsters in a dungeon tended to be much stronger than the ones outside. No matter what game it was, players would always try to lure them one by one so that they wouldn't risk their own lives.

This method was known as the "pulling method" and players would generally lure the monsters one by one before finally taking on the boss of the area.

Using this method place very low requirements on the actual abilities of the party members since they would be ganging up on a monster.

Attracting all the monsters at one shot on the other hand was incredibly risky and required the players to all very competent. Normally, there were only two kinds of players who would use this method; Newbies and experts!

New players wouldn't understand how the dungeons worked so they would likely blindly charge in and ended up being surrounded before getting slaughtered.

Experts on the other hand would rely on their own abilities and timing to herd the monster together and forcibly kill all of them at once to save the time.

Of course a prerequisite for this to succeed was that their own levels and attributes had to be high enough. Even though this was achievable in lower difficulties, with the monsters more than 10 levels above them it would still be a huge challenge no matter how skilled they were.

What's more, at this time in the game most players had very low levelled and weak equipment so even if other tried to clear a Elite tier gungeon with this method they would most likely fail!

Wasn't trying to clear the monsters in a Hell tier dungeon simply suicide?

Ignoring Sanguine Primrose's question, Spring Halo asked the others: "So? Does anyone have any opinions?"

"Less bullshit, let's get this show on the road!" Vainglory excitedly shouted while the other nodded at his words.

Although Defiant Tiger had some misgivings, he didn't dare voice them out at this juncture since the main bulk of the Quan Zhen Sect had already agreed.

Darknorth Fisher didn't say anything and simply activated [Stealth]. Since he was only level 15 anyway it wouldn't change anything even if he disappeared.

With a wave of his staff, Spring Halo created a large poison cloud and threw it towards the Skeleton Warriors.

[Plague], level 20 Dark Shaman skill that would lower the speed of enemies within the cloud while dealing continuous damage.

Without any pause, more and more of the poisonous fog continued to billow out of Spring Halo's staff. Within moments, all the Skeleton Warriors in the courtyard had been affected by his skill and all turned around and trudged towards them.