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Chapter 167: Undying Knight

Chapter 167: Undying Knight

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Looking At the Skeleton Warriors slowly drag themselves over, Defiant Tiger and Sanguine Primrose both felt their chests tighten. These were level 35 Elite monsters they were facing after all. With the suppression from their attributes alone, there was no on in the party would could hope to tank any of their blows!

What disappointed them even more was that the members of the Quan Zhen Sect seemed to lack even a shred of the sense that experts usually had. They didn't even have a proper formation set up and their only Priest Fearless was standing right in front with the other melee jobs!

Looking at the situation, Defiant Tiger felt like he was standing atop a sinking ship just waiting for his life to come to an end.

"Everyone retreat! Move to the outside of the gate!" Just as the Skeleton Warrior were about to reach them, Fearless shouted a command and immediately turned around and ran towards the gate they entered from.

"Outside the gate?" Although Defiant Tiger retreated with them he didn't understand the logic behind such a move. Could it be that the Skeleton Warriors would weaken when they stepped out of the courtyard?

When everyone had ran out of the gate, Defiant Tiger suddenly noticed that Spring Halo had remained in the same position and showed no signs of leaving.

A Dark Shaman was going to tank? Was this some kind of joke?

Dark Shamans had almost the same attributes as Priests.Even though Spring Halo might have spent some points increasing his vitality, he was still a cloth armoured job at the end of the day. If these monsters were magic based, then maybe there would have been some merit for a Dark Shaman to stand at the front lines but these were physical attack based monsters! Was he trying to throw the game or something?

"Get ready, we're going to start!" Fearless shouted again.

When Fearless had ordered the retreat, Sanguine Primrose had realised what his plan was. When he gave the command again she immediately cast [Attack Halo] on the entire party to prepare for the battle.

Defiant Tiger on the other hand still didn't understand what was going on and indignantly shouted: "Start? Start what? Our suicide??"

Although the Quan Zhen Sect were known as mad men, they did still consist of all the top experts in the entire game so Defiant Tiger still had some hope that they could succeed. However at this point, he was incredibly disappointed in them…

When the Skeleton Warriors finally made their way to the gate, Spring Halo unhurriedly raised his staff and summon six little ghosts right in front of himself and completely blocked off the gate.

"What skill is this???" Defiant Tiger gasped in shock.

Although Spring Halo's [Call Of The Abyss] wasn't a big secret in Twilight City, players from other home cities definitely wouldn't know about it. Although there were numerous posts about the Quan Zhen Sect's might on the Twilight City forums, players from other cities wouldn't bother reading them. Hence, even though they knew that the Quan Zhen Sect was devilishly powerful, they didn't know what made them powerful!

"Th… This is [Call Of The Abyss]!!!" Ivory Emperor truly was a model example of an expert. With just one look he immediately knew what skill Spring Halo had just used. After all, [Call Of The Abyss] was the most game breaking skill during the closed beta testing.

Young people were always very hot blooded so Ivory Emperor had only acknowledged two members of the Quan Zhen Sect. One was obviously his rival Ming Du and the other was the inhuman monster Wang Yu. As for the others, Ivory Emperor didn't even put them in his eye.

Yet right in front of his eyes, this vulgar looking uncle so casually casted one of the legendary game breaking skills....

If Spring Halo only had this one skill going for him then maybe he had just been really lucky. However his control and mechanics were flawless as well!

When Spring Halo took the first step back and summoned his little ghosts, the Skeleton Warriors already had their aggro locked on to him. He then took another step back and casted [Distortion] and then jammed all of them into place.

In any game, monsters all had their own attack range. As a result of this, they all had a minimum distance to launch an attack. If there wasn't sufficient space, then the monster wouldn't be able to attack. When Spring Halo had summoned his little ghosts right in front of these Skeleton Warriors, he had done so right at the last minute so the Skeleton Warriors' ribs were pressing on the little ghosts With the addition of [Distortion], they couldn't reposition themselves to attack!

With just two skills, Spring Halo had managed to forcibly jam all of the Skeleton Warriors in place and prevent them from even retaliating! [Distortion] was a telegraphed skill so if anyone wanted to replicate what Spring Halo had just done they would first need nearly god like prediction.

What shocked Ivory Emperor the most was that Spring Halo was able to perform this combo on all fifteen of the Skeleton Warriors at once!

Didn't this mean that everytime Spring Halo acted he would first take into account the monster's movement speed and distance? Otherwise how else was it possible that the moment the skeletons reached the gate both of his spells activated and jammed them?

If this was true, it meant that his predictions and calculations were already at an extremely terrifying level… This wasn't something that could be learnt through gaming, it was his talent in real life!!!

The more skilled on was, the easier it was for them to see how difficult it was to do what Spring Halo had just done. Darknorth Fisher, Defiant Tiger and Ivory Emperor all went slack jawed in awe of Spring Halo's abilities. Even Yang Nuo was amazed by it.

"Don't just stand there! Start attacking!!!" Fearless shouted again as he launched a [Holy Sphere] into the mass of undead.

The difficulty in creating an artificial environment block lay in the first wave. As long as one succeeded the first time around then it would be rather simple to repeat it.

[Distortion] lasted for 6 seconds and could restrain targets for 3 seconds and had a cooldown of 8 seconds.

This meant that these Skeleton Warriors were permanently locked in place without any chance to retaliate. They would have a small 2 seconds window of opportunity to strike back at the party. With the low level AI that these monsters had, they would only be able to attack once in these 2 seconds.

The level 20 little ghosts that Spring Halo summoned had more health and durability than Spring Halo, with [Boost Vitality] further adding another 50% health to them. What's more, level 20 Dark Shamans had a skill that allowed them to share health.

One strike every 8 seconds was far from enough to clear out Spring Halo's summons.

Hence, Spring Halo was able to easily trap all of the Skeleton Warriors at the gate.

With the buff from Sanguine Primrose that increased attack and granted armour penetration, the Skeleton Warriors were reduced into a pile of bones in a few minutes.

From the moment they lured the Skeleton Warriors until the time that they were wiped out, none of the Priests in the party even had to use a single healing spell! Defiant Tiger didn't dare to believe that they had just cleared the first wave of monsters in a Hell tier dungeon just like that!

Following this was the collection of loot.

Since Spring Halo had contributed the most, the others agreed to let him be the one to roll the loot from the monsters. Even the new members of the party didn't feel that this was unfair since they were still in shock at Spring Halo's mechanics.

<Bone's Edge (Warblade) (Silver)

Physical Attack: 22-27

Magical Attack: 0-4

+ 7 Strength

-2 Dexterity


[Boost: Heavy Strike] (Passive): Increase the effectiveness of [Heavy Strike] by 50%.

[Dark Corrosion] (Passive): Normal attacks have a 10% chance to reduce target's movement speed by 10%.

Job Requirement: Warrior, Knight

Level Requirement: 25

<Demon Bones*5 (Quest Item).

The Hell tier dungeon really didn't disappoint! Even these random monsters already dropped a Silver tier weapon! Although the attributes of this weapon was garbage, it did prove how high the drop rate was in the dungeon. This caused everyone to become even more excited about killing the later bosses.

Based on the job requirement, the Bone's Edge was given to Mary in the end. Experts wouldn't even take a second glance at such a worthless weapon anyway. The only other person who coveted it was Sanguine Primrose but her guilt towards Li Xue's group prevented her from vying for it.

"Who's quest item is this?" Fearless pointed at the Demon Bones and asked. The only possible reason for a quest item to drop in a dungeon was that someone in the party was doing a quest.

However, even after Fearless repeated the question three times, no one stepped forward to claim it. Hence, Fearless tossed it to Wang Yu.

"Why're you giving it to me for?" Wang Yu dejectedly muttered.

"Because you're the noob here! The only one who wouldn't know what quest they've taken is you!"

"Wait what? He's a noob? You've got to be kidding me..." Those who weren't familiar with Wang Yu paled when they heard Fearless' words. If the most infamous member of the Quan Zhen Sect was a noob in the eyes of their guild leader then how strong were the rest of them?

"Urk..." Looking at his quest list, Wang Yu's face flushed red as he sheepishly took the Demon Bones.

<Quest: "A Practitioner's Pride" to repair the ring "Glory of the Martial Artist", an S rank quest. Completion 0/10. Items to repair it include: Seed of Darkness 0/5, Feather of Evil 0/5, Demon Bones 5/5, Fallen Heart of a Maiden 0/1.

"Are we still fighting that dog?" Fearless turned around and asked the rest.

Everyone in the party other than Mu Zi Xian had cleared the Blood-Soaked Church before so they knew who troublesome it was to deal with Gasol.

"Yes! I have a quest!" Wang Yu raised his hand and shouted. While Wang Yu was looking at his quest list, he remembered that he had a quest to retrieve the real Martial Artist's Dedication from the Hell tier Gasol.

"Alright then, you go ahead and start the fight later then." Fearless pointed at the Dark Demon Hounds and instructed.

"Ok!" Wang Yu nodded and made his way towards the sleeping monsters at the edge of the courtyard. However, before he had even taken two steps the entire courtyard began to tremble.

Along with the mini earthquake, a large crack opened in the centre of the courtyard, spewing fire all over it. Immediately after, a large skeleton crawled out from the depths of the crevice.

This skeleton was over three meters tall and wore a pitch black set of armour. In one hand it held a scepter and a greatsword in the other. It even had a crown on top of its skull!

< Skeleton King Clinton (LV 40) (Silver) (Boss) (Elite)

HP: 350000

MP: 20000

Skills:[Dark Fire], [Swallow], [Fatal Strike], [Orphans Of War].

At the same time everyone received a dungeon quest.

<Dungeon Quest: "Undying Knight". Skeleton King Clinton slain 0/1. Quest reward: 15% completion.

<Monster description: Clinton was the greatest knight that Twilight CIty had ever seen. However for the sake of immortality he gave in to the darkness. The man once hailed as the holy sword of salvation is now nothing more than a bloody executioner for the dark forces...

"Foolish peasants! You will pay for your idiotic transgressions!"

After shouting his scripted line, Clinton waved his scepter and a barrage of black flames flew towards the party. However, instead of hitting Defiant Tiger and Crotch Lord who were at the front, they went straight for Mu Zi Xian!