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Chapter 169: Disrupt His Skill!

Chapter 169: Disrupt His Skill!

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Normally when a guild wanted to clear a dungeon, they would never do so in one shot. Most guilds would always send in an advance party first to scout what kinds of monsters or bosses there were and develop strategies to clear them in the most efficient manner. Since players were all restricted by attributes, as long as the main party followed the strategy given to them, they should be able to replicate the success of the advance party.

Although this had been Sanguine Primrose's plan, she had severely miscalculated.

Firstly, the AI of the Independent Mode bosses in <<REBIRTH was something completely new and unique. Ordinary strategies wouldn't work against them and their aggro system was completely different from the normal bosses.

Next, the mad men from the Quan Zhen Sect really did defy conventional thought. They fought the normal monsters in a single wave and they didn't even have a strategy to fight an Elite boss like this one… This kind of wild fighting method was practically the same as a party of noobs… If it had been any other party, they would long since have been wiped out!

However, not only had they managed to survive, they even managed to suppress the boss!

Although most of the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect had yet to act, Sanguine Primrose could already tell how terrifying this guild was.

In the past, Sanguine Primrose had always thought that the only reason that the Quan Zhen Sect had been able to suppress the Sanguine Alliance was because of the existence of a demon like Wang Yu. However, after personally watching them in action, she realised that even without Wang Yu, the Quan Zhen Sect still had the abilities to toy with a top guild to the point they disbanded.

Rumour had it that Termination Manor had be toyed with by seven people until the point where this ten thousand player super guild ended up disbanding. Although many had suspected this was the work of the Quan Zhen Sect, Sanguine Primrose didn't believe it until today…

At this time, Crotch Lord and Boson were still keeping Clinton at bay. Even the other members who weren't Knight stepped up to help fight him. With three Priests healing them, Crotch Lord fearlessly charged forward time after time and finally managed to push Clinton into a corner and trap him there.

All the ranged dps players in their team were considered the cream of the crop even within the entire game. Ming Du had disgustingly high magic attack and could insta kill any normal player and even most experts. Yang Nuo possesed what was probably the strongest weapon in the game at this point so her damage couldn't be underestimated. Ivory Emperor had exceedingly high attack speed and all of his skills had shocking effects as well so he definitely wouldn't lose to the other two.

As for Wang Yu and the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect, there was even less doubt about their damage output. Frost Blade was a casher, so all his equipment were among the best that money could buy. Wang Yu's attacks all had over 100% perfection so their damage was the most disgusting of all. Vainglory had been learning from Wang Yu and each combo he finished was able to deal around 10000 damage!

Within a few moments, Clinton had already dropped to 30% of his original health.

"Everyone retreat!" Seeing that Clinton was about to enter his rage mode, Fearless hurriedly gave the order to retreat. Even Boson and Crotch Lord escaped from Clinton's attack range.

When the boss was transforming, no one would stay near it. This was one of the most basic rules of clearing a dungeon.

Just as everyone had managed to escape, Clinton waved his scepter and began chanting in some unknown language. As he chanted, a dark fog began to swirl cover an area of eight meters. After a few more seconds, one skeleton after another began to crawl their way out of the ground.

[Orphans Of War]!

<Skeleton Warrior (Lv 35)

HP: 50000
MP: 500

Skills: [Heavy Blow], [Slash].

Compared to the ones that they had fought earlier, these skeletons were definitely much weaker. However, they were still level 35 monsters at the end of the day so they weren't something any ordinary player would have been able to handle.

What's more, in the courtyard, there were now almost fifty of these skeletons crawling about!

Seeing this, the Primrose Militia girls were all frightened out of their wits.

"Everyone back up! Brother Spring, you and Little Crotchy guard the door and clear out the skeletons!"

After Fearless gave the order, the others didn't even hesitate and immediately ran out of the courtyard again. Spring Halo stood behind Crotch Lord and his towering shield and once again used [Call Of The Abyss] and [Distortion] to jam the skeletons right at the gate.

The others took this opportunity to resume their attacks and tried their best to clear out the skeletons.

At this time, Ming Du didn't hold anything back and even used [Hell Inferno]. With its high magic damage and the added damage from the burn, the skeletons were reduced to nothing in a few moments.

Just as they were all about to heave a sigh of relief, they noticed movement within the dark fog and another batch of skeletons began rushing towards them! Furthermore, this time round, the Skeleton Warriors didn't shown any signs of stopping!

"F**k! What's this boss doing? We can't hold out like this forever!" Fearless frowned. These Skeleton Warriors were limitless but their own resources were finite. Even if they could wait until Clinton ran out of mana, they wouldn't be able to fight the later bosses either.

"What should we do then?" Wang Yu asked. Since everyone here was gathered by Wang Yu, he would be the one answering if they ended up failing.

"Disrupt his skill!" Fearless replied.

"Disrupt his skill? But I can't even reach him!" Ivory Emperor sighed.

Amongst all the jobs, the one with the longest attack range was the Archer so the job of disrupting a boss' skill usually fell to them.

However, since they were currently outside the courtyard, the distance between Ivory Emperor and Clinton was over twenty meters!

Although the Archer had an incredibly long range, the Sharpshooter only had an attacking range of ten meters. The only skill that could hit a target over twenty meters away was a level 20 skill [Snipe] that was unlocked after the job advancement.

However, Ivory Emperor had just reached level 20 and hadn't completed his job advancement quest yet.

What this meant was that they had no way to disrupt Clinton's [Orphans Of War] at all…

"Well if you can't do it then can you?" Wang Yu turned around and asked Yang Nuo.

"Don't look at me, I'm not even level 20 yet… What's more, my fighting style is the same as yours..." Yang Nuo shrugged her shoulders.

That was true… Although Yang Nuo was an Archer, because she used Independent Mode, she had to be in almost melee range to ensure that her arrows would land on her target.

"Forget it then. I tried to give you a chance to show off and you don't want it. I'll go then!" Wang Yu declared as he walked to the front.

"You? What're you planning on doing?" Ivory Emperor blurted out.

He knew that Wang Yu's skills were incredible and that he was far from his match. However, no matter how monstrous Wang Yu was, he was still just a Pugilist! Disrupting a skill wasn't something a extremely close ranged job like a Pugilist could ever hope to achieve.

"I'm going over there to disrupt it!" Wang Yu matter of factly replied.

"Go over there? Are you joking???" Ivory Emperor choked.

There was twenty meters between them completely filled with Skeleton Warriors. Even if a Warrior or Knight used [Charge], they would only be able to cover three meters. Was Wang Yu planning on using [Crushing Blow] to close the gap? Or did he have a skill that would move him twenty meters?

Thinking of this, Ivory Emperor felt his scalp tingle…

A Pugilist moving more than twenty meters? What kind of madness was this? The longest range possible in this game was twenty meters with the Sharpshooter's level 20 skill. If Wang Yu was able to cover twenty meters didn't that mean there wouldn't be anyone who could escape his grasp?