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Chapter 172: A Difficult Boss

Chapter 172: A Difficult Boss

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After Spring Halo had kept the skill book, Fearless once against reached into the pile of bones that was once Clinton, pulling out a blade.

<Blade of the Fallen Knight (War Blade) (Gold)

Physical Attack: 47-69

Magical Attack: 22-55

+12 Vitality

+12 Strength


[Corruption](Passive): Normal attacks have the added effect of corrupting the opponent and dealing damage every second.

[Mortal Wound](Passive): 50% chance to cause an explosion dealing 200% physical damage to the opponent.

[Conviction](Active): Negates 30% of incoming attacks, costs MP60

Job requirement: Warrior, Knight

Level Requirement: 20

Logically speaking, it was extremely rare of dungeons to give out Gold tier equipments as loot. But this was a Hell tier dungeon and it was the first time that anyone had challenged it. Thus it was not too far-fetched that a Gold tier piece of equipment was something that the players got from Clinton.

The great part of dungeon boss was that the equipments that players got from them as loot was scaled to the players levels.

Not only was the damage on the the Blade of the Fallen Knight high, the skill it had was a god send for tanks. Such a high quality piece of equipment was hard to come by.

"Boson, Crotch Lord, you guys roll for it!" Fearless turned around and instructed.

During their fight with the boss, these two men had indeed contributed a lot. The other two knights in the party did not utter a word of complaint as they knew that their contribution could not be compared to the former.

"I want a piece of armour instead!" Boson laughed, voluntarily giving up before rolling the dice.

"Then I won't hold back! Crotch Lord laughed as he equipped the warblade.

The third piece of loot was the Seed of Darkness, a quest item that Wang Yu happily received.

The next boss after Clinton was the Hellhound Gasol.

In the centre of the large courtyard of the Blood Soaked church was a fountain, which was heavily guarded by Skeleton Warriors. Once they had passed the front courtyard they would arrive at turf of the Dark Demon Hounds.

There wasn't much a difference between the level 20 Dark Demon Hounds and their level 35 counterparts, other than the increase in their health.

The level 20 Dark Demon Hounds only had 10000 HP while the level 35 ones had 150000 HP.

There really was a huge difference between the Hell tier dungeon and the elite tier.

The battle proceeded as it usually did, with Spring Halo tanking the monsters.

Spring Halo had assimilated the skills [Orphans of War] and [Call of the Abyss] to create the skill [Demons of War].

Spring Halo no longer summoned his usual ghosts but ash-grey demons instead. These demons wore a full set of bone armour and were at least 50% stronger than the ghosts that he previously summoned.

The coordination between the party had significantly improved since their first better together. It was not longer just the Quan Zhen Sect fighting, the other players were actively chipping in to help, not a single person was idly standing around.

After having seen the generous rewards from the Clinton, everyone was putting in their best effort to earn their right to fight for the loot that they would get from the next boss.

Everyone was looking for a way to contribute to the battle, this was the way that the Quan Zhen Sect liked to operate, after all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were all extremely proud and refused to obey the commands of anyone. Regardless if it was challenging a dungeon or just day to day training, these proud men would simply depend on their chemistry rather than obeying someone's commands.

After having played with each other for such a long period of time, they didn't even need to use words to communicate. A simple glance with the other party was more than enough.

Of course, such a playstyle was only suitable for a small guild like theirs. The more players there were, the messier it would be and the harder it would be to fight this way. Thus the Quan Zhen Sect was extremely selective in choosing new members for the guild.

The roar of Gasol resounded through the courtyard as the scenery instantly changed when the players had killed the last of the Dark Demon Hounds.

The players were thoroughly shocked as they looked at the boss that had appeared.

Not only was it significantly larger than the one in the Elite tier dungeon, it looked even more aggressive and arrogant.

The appearance of this boss was even more shocking than Clinton. The beast had rows of sharp canines, piercing and intense eyes and even a serpent instead of a tail. The most eye catching part of it were it's three heads.

The head in the centre was a deep jet-black, while the head on the left was a deep crimson and the head on the right was a dark olive green.

<Hell Hound Gasol (LV40) (Gold)

HP: 500000

MP: 50000

Skills: [Dark Corrosion], [Hemophile], [Infernal Roar], [Toxic Breath].

"Fortunately this is a normal boss." Wang Yu heaved a sigh of relief as he glanced over Gasol's attributes.

Even though this dog was a Gold grade boss, it did not have the word 'Elite' in its name, meaning it was a normal boss. This sort of boss was significantly easier for Wang Yu to deal with with his current fighting style.

"That may not be true!" Fearless knitted his brows and replied.

"Why not?" Wang Yu dejectedly asked, it was only natural that a video game noob like Wang Yu did not understand the intricacies of the gaming world.

"Because he has three heads! His attacks will not be so predictable and one dimensional! Each of the heads will have their own aggro system!" Fearless replied.

A normal boss will only lock on to one target. As long as the tanks and the healers cooperated, it would be very easy for the tanks to maintain the aggro of the boss throughout the fight.

Even though Clinton was an Independent mode boss, he would still only target one player at any given point in time, which made it extremely easy to predict his actions and to counter them.

But this boss could be aggro-ed by three different players, making it very easy for the boss to switch targets during the fight. This made it extremely hard to predict who it was currently targeting. This was an immense headache for the tanks.

"What's the problem? We just need three people to draw it's attention then!" Wang Yu chuckled.

"Stop talking nonsense. We wouldn't be so worried if it was just you alone, but is there anyone here that could possibly keep up with you?" Fearless asked.

"How about Crotch Lord and Old Li?" Wang Yu asked. Crotch Lord was a tank and Ming Du had extremely high attack. They were the most ideal players to draw the boss' attention.

"This f*cker has extremely high magic resistance! I can't do anything against it!" Ming Du whined.

"The slowing effect from [Dark Corrosion] is too terrifying... let's not forget that it has [Hemophile] as well. I'll just be a walking medicine if I go near it!" Crotch Lord replied.

"Oh, so you mean that we have to deal with it using long ranged physical attacks?"

"That's right!" Fearless laughed.

"Don't we have two archers over?" Wang Yu pointed to Yang Nuo and Ivory Emperor.

"These two? Are you sure?" Fearless hesitantly asked.

Fearless subconsciously stared at Yang Nuo even though he had mentioned the both of them.

Ivory Emperor was an expert on par with Ming Du, he had strength that even Fearless did not doubt. But Yang Nuo was different. Even though this lady was someone that had been invited by Wang Yu, Fearless still did not understand the limits of her strength. Of the nine ladies that Wang Yu brought along, five were utterly useless and three of them had very mediocre skills, how strong could this Archer possibly be?