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Chapter 174: Unlucky Vainglory

Chapter 174: Unlucky Vainglory

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Whether it was the Independent mode or the assisted mode, attacking and moving were two completely different things.

It wasn't that these two actions could not be completed simultaneously, but that the preparatory movement for a player to attack required them either look downwards or to draw their bows.

It was hard to multi task. Preparing for an attack while moving would mean that you weren't paying attention to your surroundings. It was only natural that players would pay extra attention to the movements of a boss during a fight.

But this lady was simply not looking at the attacks that were coming from Gasol, drawing her bow without a care in the world. But right before Gasol's attack struck her, she would always dodge it by a hair's breath in the last possible second. This lady really was confident in her dodging abilities.

"Iron Bull, where did you find this wench?" Spring Halo curiously asked. Experts did not grow on trees, so Spring Halo definitely didn't believe that Wang Yu had a random encounter with her.

"She's my neighbour!" Wang Yu replied.

"Neighbour? Is she a martial artist as well?" The players from the Quan Zhen Sect inquired.


"No wonder, no wonder!" These words had lifted the spirits of the other experts present...

It was truly an uncomfortable feeling for these experts to see someone that was much more skilled than them, especially since this person was a lady. It was only after hearing that she was a martial artist as well did the other's finally understand why she had such inhuman skills.

"Martial arts?" Ivory Emperor asked, utterly confused.

"F*ck off! This matter is completely unrelated to you!" Ming Du shouted.


"Stop making a fuss, the boss is almost here. Prepare for battle!" Wang Yu said as he gave Ivory Emperor a pat on the back.

At this time, Hell Hound Gasol had already reached the fountain.

Wang Yu would deal with one head while Ivory Emperor and Yang Nuo would deal with the other two. This had greatly reduced the pressure that Yang Nuo was facing, allowing her attacks to become even faster.

Wang Yu rolled and flipped, quickly dodging the attacks from Gasol as he waved his pole, continuously striking Gasol. Regardless of how loud the beast roar and snapped it's vicious maws, it was simply unable to touch Wang Yu.

Ivory Emperor had the easiest task. Regardless of how many heads Gasol had, he only had one body. The cooperation between Wang Yu and Yang Nuo was so perfect that they had drawn the attention of all three of it's heads. All the Ivory Emperor had to do was to attack its body.

With these three players had extremely high DPS amongst the party members, there was no fear that Gasol's aggro would be drawn to someone else.

Given the structure of the fountain, the players were able to hide behind it everytime Gasol tried to cast a skill, completely avoiding it.

Gasol's health quickly fell to critical condition under the relentless attacks from the experts. Gasol loudly roared, attempting to transform. But Wang Yu immediately lashed out, grabbing Gasol by the throat and kicking it with [Thunder God Stomp], stunning it and stopping it's transformation.

By for long, Gasol slumped on the floor, weakly crying out before it died.

<System Notification: You have killed 'Hell Hound Gasol', quest completion 35%. Do you wish to save?

After saving their progress, Wang Yu received another system notification.

<System Notification: You have been enlightened and created the skill [Tumble].

<System Notification: You have gained an uncommon skill book for [Tumble].

What Wang Yu truly hoped for was to create his own attacking skill, only by doing so would Wang Yu's damage output become truly monstrous... did it really matter how Wang Yu wanted to tumble around? Why would they create a skill for this? This system was really being a b*tch, wasting an opportunity to create his own attack skill.

As depressed as he was, Wang Yu still decided to keep this skill book into his inventory.

After everyone else had saved their progress, Spring Halo got Vainglory to search the boss' corpse for loot...

But Vainglory's luck really was disappointing. Other than the quest item Seed of Darkness, all he got was a pair of Silver tier boots and a Silver tier mantle.

Not only were these items merely Silver tier, their stats were extremely mediocre...

"You really don't have any luck at all do you? To think you only got Silver tier equipment from a Gold grade boss..." Frost Blade sighed.

"F*ck off! If you want to blame anyone you should blame Uncle Spring... I already said I didn't want to do this..."

"Heh, then why don't you give these shitty items to Old Fishy here?"

Since this mantle was suitable for Thieves, it was only natural that Frost Blade and the other Thieves would roll for it as well.

But since everyone else already had better equipment, Frost Blade casually tossed the mantle over to Darknorth Fisher.

Darknorth Fisher immediately equipped the mantle, since he currently didn't have a single good piece of equipment.

The pair of boots were given to Yang Nuo. Other than the bow, all the other equipments she had were utterly useless. An expert like Ivory Emperor would naturally not fight with her for such low level equipments.

"F*ck this shit! I'll show you!" Vainglory angrily shouted as he reached out towards Gasol's body again. He had nearly been driven insane by the insults that the others were throwing at him.

"So what did you get this time?" Everyone asked. After pulling so much trash, it was possible that the final piece of loot would be extremely precious!

"Look!" Vainglory smugly said as he presented a pole.

<Martial Artist's Dedication (Pole) (Legendary)

Physical Attack: 1700-1926

Magic Attack: 1700-1926

+42 Strength

+57 Vitality

+46 Dexterity


[Will](Passive): Increases all types of defense by 10% every time the player's health falls by 5%.

[Protect](Active): Blocks 80% of incoming damage. Costs 50MP. 15 second cooldown.

[Precision](Passive): Attacks will never miss.

[Decimate](Passive): Normal attacks deal 5% of the opponents maximum health as magic damage.

[Mortal Wound](Passive): Attacks have a 50% chance to create and explosion that deals 200% damage.

Job Requirement: Pugilist

Level requirement: 1

Quest item, cannot be equipped.

"What!!!" Everyone gasped.

"F*ck! It's a quest item!" Fearless screamed as he read the last line.

"Ha ha ha! I knew it would turn out this way!" Fearless mocked: "Just think about it rationally, how could a level 1 weapon have such insane attributes and skills? Let's be honest, is this your quest item Iron Bull?"

"Yup!" Wang Yu nodded as he took the 'Martial Artist's Dedication from Vainglory's hands.

Vainglory looked utterly crestfallen as he watched the pole being taken away from him.

"Don't be too upset, don't you have a piece of equipment from a set? Uncle Bull will help you find it later!" Wang Yu comforted Vainglory.

"Ok!" Vainglory nodded: "Can I loot the next boss? I don't believe that my luck is so poor!"

"Kick him out of the party Iron Bull!" Everyone shouted.

"Forget it! This kid is pitiful enough!" Wang Yu laughed as he rubbed Vainglory's head.

"Then about the nest boss..." Vainglory asked again.

"I'll really kick you out if you mention this again." Wang Yu warned.