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Chapter 175: Foreboding

Chapter 175: Foreboding

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After killing Gasol who was guarding the door, the players composed themselves before entering the cathedral of the Blood Soaked Church.

Everyone felt as though they were walking on eggshells as they entered the cathedral.

Unlike the first two bosses that would only appear after the players had killed their minions, Fallen Priest David would spawn right at the start with his minions.

There wasn't anything different about the cathedral, other than the fact that they already irritating Blood Sucking Bats would become even stronger and it would be even harder to breach the defenses of the Gargoyles.

After evading David's line of sight, the two Archer's began to lure his minions towards the party.

The Blood Sucking Bats did not have much health and their defenses were weak, the only thing difficult to deal with was their skill, [Hemophile]. But with a skilled Magician like Ming Du and two elite Archers, these bats could hardly get near to them before they were shot down.

The Gargoyles on the other hand were much harder to deal with.

The Gargoyles not only had strong defenses, but it had alot of health as well. It's stone skin made it completetly impervious to physical damage. It was only after they had expended a significant amount of effort did the party finally manage to kill the whole bunch of them. Wang Yu even managed to collect five 'Feather of Evil' from them.

The only thing left to kill in the hall was Fallen Priest David.

Truth be told, most players didn't even place this boss in their eyes. Not only was he a humanoid boss, he was even a frail old Magician. Other than his ability to revive things, he didn't really pose much of a threat.

It was a common consensus amongst all the players that had challenged the Blood Soaked Church dungeon that David was the weakest boss, even weaker than the guard dog outside...

"Ivory Emperor, attack!"

Before Fearless had even finished giving his instructions, Ivory Emperor had already taken a step forward and shot an arrow straight at David's forehead. David turned around, positively livid.

<Fallen Priest David (LV40) (Gold) (Elite)

HP: 300000

MP: 300000

Skills: [Summon], [Umbra Shroud], [Origin of Darkness], [Fog of Darkness], [Rebirth]

<System Notification: Dungeon quest 'Redemption'. Killing David to redeem his soul and free it from the bondage of darkness. Completing this quest will grant 20% completion for this dungeon.

<Boss introduction: David was once a pious and righteous believer of the lord who was corrupted by the darkness when it spread across the lands.

Everyone immediately got into their battle formation when they saw that David had turned around. He was an Elite boss after all, thus it was only wise for them to have the weaker players hiding in the back lines.

However, David did not charge into their ranks like they expected. Instead, he raised his staff, summoning ten ghosts to defend him as he flung fireballs at the players.

The David could summon ghosts in a eight metre radius around him and these ghosts had an attack range of five metres. David could attack the players without even moving from his original location.

Even after fighting David so many times, this was the first time any of these players had seen him use such a strategy.

They immediately switched up their formation, charging straight towards David.

The ghosts created from [Summon] could hardly compare to the monsters in this dungeon with hundreds of thousands of health. They quickly fell under the combined attack of twenty players.

"This is bad!" Someone suddenly shouted: "This boss can camouflage itself! Everyone, cover each other's back! Don't let it surprise you!"

Most bosses in <<REBIRTH that had the ability to camouflage itself would gain 50% additional damage from attack players from the back. An attack level 40 boss was already something that these players would not be able to survive from, if they had really be struck from the back, even the tanks were unlikely to survive.

Hence the solution was the stand together, with their backs against each other. This was, not only would they not be attacked from the back, they could even attempt to detect where David had disappeared to.

The players reacted quickly, forming seven groups, staring at the suspiciously calm surroundings...


After clumping together, the players immediately realised something was amiss.

If there were only twenty of them, how did they manage to form seven groups of three? Why was there an extra person here?

"What the f*ck? Why is there another Ivory dog over here!" Ming Du angrily howled.

"F*ck!" Everyone turned around only to find that there was two Ivory Emperor's that looked exactly the fame.

This boss was really despicable, to think that it would even resort to such tactics!

"Which one of these two shouted that we should clump together with our backs facing each other? Who was it!" Fearless shouted at Defiant Tiger.

"I, I don't know..." Defiant Tiger was sweating bullets as he stared at the two Ivory Emperor's.

"What the f*ck are we asking so many questions for? I rather be safe than sorry! We should just kill these two f*ckers!" Ming Du shouted as he raised he staff, preparing to fire lightning at the both of them.

"You're just using this chance to take revenge on him!" Everyone shouted.

"So what? I'm just protecting you guys! I'm doing this so that our party can suceed!" Ming Du retaliated.

"F*ck off!" Fearless shouted at Ming Du, pointing his staff at the two Ivroy Emperors as he asked: "What's my name?"

"Fearless!" They both replied instantly

"What about him?" Fearless pointed at Ming Du.

"Ming Du!" The Ivory Emperor on the left replied.

"Li Dog!" The Ivory Emperor on the right shouted.


"The one on the left is a fake." Fearless confidently told the rest.

Defiant Tiger charged out using [Charge], knocking the fake Ivory Emperor into the air as everyone else began to attack it.

The fake Ivory Emperor lightly chuckled, returning to his original appearance, David, as he bathed himself in a black light.


Fallen Priest David raised his right hand, summoning a cloud of black fog, trapping the players within it.