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Chapter 176: Boss With A High IQ

Chapter 176: Boss With A High IQ

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The players had been completely blinded by the black fog that David had created.

"F*ck! This fog can actually blind us?"

Everyone started to panic.

Blind was one of the most irritating status effects that could possibly afflicted on a player in a game. Not only would they lose track of their surroundings, but the boss as well.

"Don't panic! The blind will wear off soon! Everyone just calm down and retreat towards a wall!"

As someone that had received martial arts training from a young age, Wang Yu knew how to react in every different type of situation. Wang Yu did not panic like the rest, calmly walking backwards while giving instructions to the rest.

As a boss, David's movements were much faster than the players and he was much stronger as well. The air flow that he generated by simply moving was very different from the players. Wang Yu was able to approximate David's position by feeling the flow of air around himself.

Since the players had lost their nerves, their breathing was very unstable and very easy to tell apart from the calm movements of the boss. Right at this moment, Wang Yu could feel a very heavy flow of air sweep past him, walking towards the rest of the party.

"It's you!" Wang Yu shouted as he reached out, grabbing the person in front of him with both hands.

"What are you doing? It's me..."

A familiar voice rung out in Wang Yu's ears.


Wang Yu froze for a moment, before decisively pinning the figure onto the floor.

Truth be told, Wang Yu did not have much confidence that he had made an entirely correct prediction. And since he did not have completely confidence that the Mu Zi Xian he was pinning down was a fake, he did not dare to attack.

It was only now that the blind had worn off for the other players, chuckling as they looked at the scene before them: "Oh my, you two love birds, can't you wait till you're at home to do this?"

"What are you guys talking about?" Mu Zi Xian mumbled as she walked out from amongst the crowd.

"What the f*ck?"

"Who am I?" Ming Du pointed at himself and asked both the Mu Zi Xian's

"Ming Du!" They replied.

"Then what about Iron Bull?" Ming Du asked as he pointed at Wang Yu.

"My husband..." They replied simultaneously.

"F*ck! This boss' IQ is really high!" The players gasped. It appeared that everything that they had said since they entered this dungeon had only served to increase the IQ of the boss.

"Out of all his wives, which one are you?" Fearless asked.

"Don't waste your time, given how shameless this system is, it probably has all our personal details and gave it to this boss!" Ivory Emperor sighed.

He was right, this game system really was despicable and shameless.

Ming Du's eyes sparkled with an evil grin as he looked at Wang Yu: "Brother Bull, do you remember the server in the Inn yesterday at Sin City? Didn't you say that she had the best pair of breasts you've ever seen?"

"You dare to stare at an NPC? How could you???" The Mu Zi Xian that was standing up walked forward and started pinching Wang Yu's ears as she reprimanded him, while the one of the floor did not have any particular reactions.

"I, I didn't..." Wang Yu pleaded in an attempt to prove his innocence as Ming Du fired a lightning bolt at the Mu Zi Xian on the ground.

"That one's the fake!"

The Mu Zi Xian on the ground immediately rolled backwards, smiling maniacally as it ran away, summoning a cloud of black fog once again.

But the players were prepared this time, quickly retreating towards the wall of the cathedral while they were in their blinded state.

When their blind had ended, they realised that Fearless was the one that the boss had decided to mimic this time.

"You can ask me anything!" Both the Fearless indifferently replied in the same tone at the same time.

As the players deliberated, they realised that the boss was in fact getting smarter, his impersonations had become more and more lifelike, there was no way that this one would fail so easily.

"Alright then, please step forward and do a twirl!" Ming Du instructed.

"What are you trying to achieve?" The others asked Ming Du.

"Nothing really. But why would I give up such a good opportunity to bully him..." Ming Du snickered.

"F*ck you!" Ming Du really was a bastard that was never up to any good.

"Fearless, who is more handsome, the God of Light or yourself?" Ming Du asked as the two Fearless were twirling on the spot.

"Bullshit, of course it's me!" Fearless confidently stated.

"The other one is a fake!" Ming Du declared, shooting the lightning that he had already prepared at the Fearless that did not answer his question. The fake Fearless dodged to the side before running away.

"How did you know he was a fake if he didn't even answer you question?" The others curiously asked.

"He hesitated!"


"Why would a shameless scumbag like Fearless even need time to answer such an easy question?" Ming Du asked.

"Intelligent, you really are intelligent!" The others sighed in praise.

"We can't carry on like this, this boss is obviously toying with us! We need to restrain him!" Fearless angrily said.

"I've already tried, but control skills don't seem to work on him!" Spring Halo sighed.

"What should we do?" Everyone else asked.

As a Dark Shaman type boss, David was able to slowly toy with them until they died, not to mention the fact that he was obviously getting more intelligent as the battle went on, it wouldn't be long before they were unable to deal with him.

"Weren't you able to pin him down just now?" Fearless asked Wang Yu.


"With martial arts or a skill?"

"Skill!" Wang Yu replied.

"It looks like control skills still have some effect, it think it would be best if we could restrain him!"

"I'm afraid that's impossible, that fellow has purposely been avoiding be ever since I pinned him down. The only reason I even managed to pin him down was because he was complacent." Wang Yu sighed.

"What about Vainglory?" Fearless turned around and asked.

"Bossm you can't be serious right? Asking a cute little kid like me to solo the boss?" Vainglory immediately waved his hands in surrender.

"Hmm... that'll really be hard!" Fearless looked at Vainglory and sighed: "How can there be such a gulf of difference between both of our Pugilists? You might as well just delete your character!"

Other than the players of the Quan Zhen Sect who were already used hearing such words from Fearless, the others were shocked by how savage his words were. It was a wonder that the Quan Zhen Sect would last this long with leader like that.

"F*ck off! Is this guy even human?" Vainglory angrily retorted.

"Hey hey hey, watch your words kid." Wang Yu sternly replied.

"Uncle Bull, I didn't mean it that way." Vainglory hurriedly replied.

"I know!" Wang Yu grinned at Vainglory before turning back to face Fearless: "Stop messing with the kid, do you really not have any other ideas?"

"Of course I do! Ming Du, come over here!" Fearless smiled.