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Chapter 177: Scheming Boss

Chapter 177: Scheming Boss

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"You can't be serious right? You want me to do it?" Ming Du squealed: "I'm just a Magician without a single control skill! Don't be blinded by your hatred for me!"

"You should definitely do it!" Everyone else laughed.

Fearless glanced at Ming Du, not even giving him a chance to defend himself as he pointed at Wang Yu: "Stand beside him later on, I don't need to teach you what to do right?"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! I get!" Ming Du exclaimed: "No problem! But I think I should stand next to this Ivory dog instead!"

"Who wants to stand next to you?" Ivory Emperor growled.

As they were talking, David had once again crept to their vicinity, coldly laughing at them as he summoned ten ghosts with one hand and called forth the black colored fog once again.

Spring Halo summoned his six demons, blocking David's ghosts.

The rest retreated to the wall again after they had been blinded.

Once the blind had worn off, they once again saw two Ivory Emperor's staring at them.

"Why the f*ck is it you again you piece of shit!" Ming Du roared.

"You think I want this to happen to me?" They both grumbled.

Ming Du silently retreated until he reached Wang Yu's side before he spoke.

"Ivory dog, I have a question for you!"

"Ask away you scum!" The two Ivory Emperor's retorted, with the exact same tone.

"Be honest with yourself, who's the superior player between the both of us?"

"Of course it's me!" They both replied.

"They're both fakes! Kill them both!" Ming Du declared as he threw a fire ball in their direction. The Ivory Emperor on the left immediately shouted: "For f*cks sake! You're the superior one! Happy now?"

Ming Du light chuckled as he waved his staff, switching places with the Ivory Emperor on the right.

Wang Yu immediately reached out, locking the Ivory Emperor who had swapped places firmly in his grasps. He immediately used [Flying Knee], ferociously pinning the fake on the ground. The fake Ivory Emperor's face contorted as he returned to his original appearance.

"You really are a piece of shit!!!" Ivory Emperor shouted at Ming Du who was beaming with pride.

No one this bastard wanted to stand next to him, Ming Du wanted nothing more than to send Ivory Emperor to certain doom.

After being pinned down by Wang Yu and receiving his [Flying Knee], David lost roughly 4000 health. He immediately rolled away, running into the darkness once again. Wang Yu gave chase, casting [Savage Maul] and striking him on the head.

[Savage Maul] had the added effect of stunning it's target. David had once again been locked into place by Wang Yu, immediately creating another black colored fog.

Wang Yu tilted his head, dodging the fog as he used [Crushing Blow], viciously smashing David's back.

David twisted his back, yelling in pain as Wang Yu used [Lateral Kick], knocking him into the air.

But unlike normal monsters, David did not fall after he had been knocked into the air. He simply floated into the air, steadily rising higher and higher.

"Grab him! We'll be done for if he gets away!" Fearless shouted.

The longer they fought, the smarter and more cunning David got. If this happened a couple more times, it was unlikely that any of them would be able to see through David's impersonations.

Wang Yu wrapped his arms around David's left leg, pulling him out of the air and slamming him into the ground. David raised his staff as he shot an energy ball towards Wang Yu. Wang Yu dodged to the side, causing the ball to ultimately land on Crotch Lord, causing him to lose 30% of his health.

"What the f*ck! Don't let him retaliate! His attack power is much higher than before!" Fearless worriedly shouted as he healed Crotch Lord.

When they first fought, David's damage to Crotch Lord wasn't as high as it was now. It was obvious that David was getting progressively stronger as he became smarter.

Wang Yu didn't dare to hesitate, using [Flying Knee] on David's chest to pin him to the ground as he twisted both of David's hands, firmly pinning him down.

In martial arts, there were many moves originally created for pinning down opponents, these moves were known as locks.

Russia's combat sambo or Brazilian Jujitsu were both martial arts that focused on locking their opponents and rendering them unable to continue fighting.

But what Wang Yu was using was traditional chinese martial arts.

If David had been a normal boss, he would have tried everything to escape Wang Yu's locks, even at the cost of his health. But elite bosses were different, they behaved rather similarly to normal players. This was especially true for David, who had been getting smarter and smarter throughout their fight.

Looks like his high IQ had become a double-edged sword.

"Attack him!" Fearless shouted. Now that David was pinned down, there was no reason to not attack him.

The other players reacted quickly, throwing all their attacks onto David's body.

David was a boss that did not have much health to begin with. Under the relentless assault of the players, he was quickly forced into his resurrection state.

The first thing that David did after resurrecting was to escape Wang Yu's clutches. But Wang Yu's reaction was too fast. He immediately stood up, running after David and pinning him to the ground once again. Trying to escape the clutches of Wang Yu was simply wishful thinking.

David was powerless to resist any longer, silently enduring the beating from the players until he returned to his lords embrace.

<System Notification: You have completed...

After they had received the system notification, Defiant Tiger and the others heaved a sigh of relief as they mumbled: "I've never fought a boss in such a way before! It's simply inconceivable!"

The thought of pinning a boss to the ground and pounding it to death was not something anyone would even dream of doing.

"Ivory dog, it seems that you've finally realised who is the superior player between the both of us!" Ming Du laughed.

"F*ck off! How shameless can you be?" Ivory Emperor gnashed his teeth as growled at Ming Du. If he didn't admit that Ming Du was the superior player earlier on, he would have been killed by Ming Du and sent out of the dungeon.

"Very!" Ming Du mocked.

"Hmph! That didn't count at all! I'm a shameless person as well!" Ivory Emperor laughed.