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Chapter 178: Someone Even More Shameless Than The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 178: Someone Even More Shameless Than The Quan Zhen Sect

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"Stop arguing, let's loot the boss." Fearless declared: "Who wants to do it?"

"Ming Du!" Spring Halo suggested: "Anyone has any opinions about this?"

Everyone shook their heads, agreeing with Spring Halo.

Looting the boss was a very glorious thing that everyone wanted to do, it meant that the player had made a significant contribution to the battle. It was only right to allow Ming Du to loot this boss, after all he had seen through David's deception several times.

But what made them really made them not want to offend Ming Du was the ability that he had displayed... anyone who offended him might have their positions swapped with him and find themselves at the mercy of a boss.

"No way! I don't trust this scoundrel!" Ivory Emperor protested.

"Then who should do it? Vainglory?" Spring Halo asked.

"Are you serious!" Vainglory excitedly asked.

"..." Ivory Emperor remained silent for a moment before sighing: "Fine, let the scoundrel do it. Let me warn you guys, I'll shoot him to death if all he get is a bunch of trash!"

"Che! Who do you think you are?" Ming Du mocked as he reached out towards David's corpse.

[Fog of Darkness](Active): Uncommon skill. Creates a poisonous fog in a five metre radius, blinding all opponents affected. Costs 200MP, cooldown 30 seconds.

Job requirement: Dark Shaman.

Even though this was an uncommon skill, it was rather lackluster.

Even though this could be considered a control skill, blinds were considered a soft control skill and were hardly comparable to hardcontrol skills that could knock up the enemy or stun them.

It wasn't to say that soft control skills were useless, but Dark Shaman's already had [Distortion], there was simply no need for [Fog of Darkness]. Not only were its effects weaker, but the cooldown for the skill was three times greater as well! Not to mention that its insane MP consumption made it un-viable to use in a prolonged fight.

"Roll then!" Since were only two Dark Shamans in the party, it was only fair that the two of them rolled for it, after all Spring Halo got the previous skill without even having to roll for it.

Sanguine Azalea surprised everyone with her insane luck, rolling a hundred on the dice...

Spring Halo immediately tossed the skill book to her, not wasting a second of everyone's time.

The next item looted was a special piece of equipment.

<Camouflage Veil (Special Accessory) (Silver)

Physical Defense: 17-26

Magic Resistance: 8-16


[Camouflage](Active): Allows the user to transform into anything within a three metre radius. Effects lasts for 30 seconds.

[Growth](Passive): If the player is discovered by the target that the player tried to transform into, the player will take extra damage from the target. If the players manages to successfully impersonate it's target, the player's attack will increase by 5% for the duration of the camouflage.

Job Requirement: Any job.

Level Requirement: 1

Not only could this equipement allow them to camouflage themselves, it gave them the potential to insta-kill anyone.

Not only were it's attributes rather decent, the skills that this accessory provided made it worth more that most Gold tier equipments.

"So who wants this thing..." Ming Du asked as he raised it up.

"Me!" Everyone raised their hands, other than Wang Yu and Sanguine Azalea who had just received [Fog of Darkness].

It was a special accessory after all. Since Wang Yu already had the mask, there was no need of him to compete for this item.

"What's the matter? Is this thing not good enough for you?" Ming Du laughed as he looked at Wang Yu.

"A noble and righteous player like me doesn't need such a despicable item!" Wang Yu scoffed.

"Hmph!" Yang Nuo coldly snorted. She was the only one that knew the real reason that Wang Yu was not competing for this veil, coldly asking: "Will you die of you don't put on a show?"


After everyone had rolled their dice, Darknorth Fisher had rolled the highest number, happily receiving the viel.

Seed of Darkness, quest item.

This belonged to Wang Yu...

The last loot was the Holy Gown

<Holy Gown (Armour) (Gold)

Physical Defense: 14-27

Magic Resistance: 37-65

+12 Intelligence

+15 Spirit


[Holy Protection](Passive): Increases the user's holy damage by 30%.

[Grace of God](Passive): Increases the effectiveness of healing magic by 30%.

[Descent of God](Active): Heals the target by 30% of it's maximum health.

Job Requirement: Priest, Magician.

Level requirement: 20

This was a piece of equipment that was useful for both Priests and Magicians alike.

There was currently a Priest, a Demon Shaman and two Magicians in the party.

Sanguine Azalea already got a skill book this round so she decided to sit out of this. Meng Meng knew that there was no point for her getting such a powerful piece of equipment, so she willingly gave up.

Just as Fearless was about to roll for this gown, Sanguine Rose suddenly stepped forward, rolling the dice.


"You... what's the meaning of this?" Fearless stammered.

Everyone else stared at Sanguine Rose in disbelief.

"Rolling for the equipment of course! Do you think that every piece of equipment belongs to the Quan Zhen Sect? Didn't we help out as well?" Sanguine Rose righteously declared.

Sanguine Rose's words had stupefied Fearless. Even after being the guild leader of the Quan Zhen Sect for three years, this was the first time that he had met anyone more shameless than the players from the Quan Zhen Sect!

Sanguine Rose had been hiding at the back of the party from the very moment they had entered the dungeon. She had dealt even less damage than Meng Meng. It was obvious to everyone in the party that this girl was completely useless. Her self-righteous declaration that all everyone should have a fair chance at getting the loot had stunned everyone present.

"Look's like you guys finally met your match..." Wang Yu messaged the guild chat.

"You say it as though you already knew how shameless she was!" Ming Du retorted.

"Of course! I've always known this for a fact!" Wang Yu replied.

During their first encounter, even though Wang Yu had saved these three girls from being killed by a boss, it was exactly this Sanguine Rose that had accused Wang Yu of stealing their boss and demanded that Wang Yu give the drops to her...

Ivory Emperor and Defiant Tiger knew that since they were outsiders, it would be best if they didn't interfere with in this argument, simply standing at the side and watching how this argument played out.

Mu Zi Xian's team did not contribute much and therefore did not have much authority to make a decision.

Yang Nuo simply chose not to concern herself with such trival matters.

They players had unexpectedly reached a deadlock.