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Chapter 179: I Won’t Let Them Live It Down

Chapter 179: I Won’t Let Them Live It Down

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"Miss, I don't think your behaviour is very appropriate. Didn't we already say that we there would be benefits for everyone at the end of this? Why must you act this way?"Fearless unhappily asked.

"It's not like we even begged to tag along with you guys..." Sanguine Rose mumbled.

"Rose... don't act this way..." Sanguine Primrose advised, as she meekly looked over at Wang Yu, the one who invited her. It was ok to offend Fearless, after all, what could a Priest possibly do to them?

But Wang Yu was different, this man had the ability to wipe out an entire guild if he really wanted to.

"Don't bother me Primrose. I'm already fed up with these people from the Quan Zhen Sect. Even though they asked us to come challenge a dungeon together, they've been taking every single piece of loot that we received! Why are you guys just letting them bully us like this?" Sanguine Rose asked as she looked at Defiant Tiger and the other players.

"Ke ke..." Defiant Tiger cleared his throat.

When they fought the first boss, Defiant Tiger and Sanguine Rose almost got the entire team killed, there was no need to discuss their contribution…...

The second boss didn't even give any good loot.

"Are you trying to drag me down with you you stupid woman?" Defiant Tiger silently cursed as he ignored her question.

Sanguine Rose was someone that Wang Yu had invited, so naturally he could not avoid the responsibility to dealing with her, stepping forward as he spoke: "Why don't you look at your contribution in this battle before you speak?"

"What's the matter? You think you can bully me since you're the number one expert here?" Sanguine Rose continued to spout nonsense.

"What are you even saying... exactly what is he doing to bull you?" Mu Zi Xian unhappily interjected when she saying Sanguine Rose wrongly accusing Wang Yu.

"So the two of you are ganging up on me now?"


This girl really was insane...

"I'll just kill this b*tch!" Yang Nuo creased her brows, aiming her arrow at Sanguine Rose.

"No, don't..." Wang Yu gently pushed Yang Nuo's bow down. Was this woman insane? Why would she try to kill someone before they had even completed the dungeon?

The players of the Quan Zhen Sect looked at Fearless. All they needed was a single word from their leader and they would kill this brazen girl.

"Ok, then we'll just roll for it! It's just a piece of equipment after all!" Fearless amicably laughed.

Fearless rolled the dice as he spoke.


"Oh..." The other's look at Fearless with pity in their eyes.

"F*ck this! Just kick this damn b*tch out of the party!" Crotch Lord urged in the guild chat/

As long as they kicked Sanguine Rose out of the party, they could surely claim this gown as their own.

"No need!" Fearless laughed, turning towards Sanguine Rose as he spoke: "The gown is yours!"

Sanguine Rose reached out, keeping the gown into her inventory without a shred of hesitation.

"F*ck, so we're just going to be cheated by her?" The players from the Quan Zhen Sect furiously messaged the guild chat. This was the first time in their lives that the players from the Quan Zhen Sect had ever taken the short end of the stick.

"She's just a girl, it won't be a pretty side if she starts spreading rumors about us... ha ha!" Fearless laughed as he spoke to Sanguine Primrose: "Guild leader Primrose, the Quan Zhen Sect has always had an extremely good relationship with the Sanguine Alliance, I hope it won't be affected by today's incident?"

"Ah... no, no it won't. I'm really sorry about this matter..." Sanguine Primrose meekly replied.

It wasn't wise to look down on Fearless simply because he was a Priest, this man was the leader of all the hoodlums in the Quan Zhen Sect. If they had really offended him, they would have to taste the wrath of the entire Quan Zhen Sect.

"What's there to apologise about? I was just wondering, given the good relationship we have between our guilds, why would something like that even occur? Are you trying to tell us something?" Fearless asked as he smiled at Sanguine Primrose.

"Oh..." The other players from the Quan Zhen Sect immediately calmed down when they heard his words. He was already trying to sow discord between the girls.

"Definitely not! Rose is one of my sisters, it's just that her temper can be rather explosive! Let's not allow the relations between our guilds sour over such a small matter!" Sanguine Primrose hurriedly replied.

"Really now... I heard that the Pure Lands guild was recently seen around Twilight City... and I heard that they are immensely rich..."

"What are you trying to say? Rose would never do such a despicable thing!" Sanguine Azalea shouted at Fearless.

"People nowadays really don't understand their friends at all, let alone a friend that you met online. Can you really vouch for her character? Anyone with half a brain can see the truth..."

"Stop slandering me!" Sanguine Rose angrily squealed.

"Ha ha ha! Alright then, why don't we continue clearing this dungeon... oh but leader Primrose, I remember that previously in a game called <<Creation Myth, your Primrose Milita was still known as Spear and Primrose." Fearless laughed as he turned around, walking towards the depths of the cathedral.

Sanguine Primrose froze up... as though Fearless had touched her achilles heel.

"Big sis, you don't believe those scoundrels right?" Sanguine Rose worriedly asked Sanguine Primrose.

"How could I?" Sanguine Primrose laughed.

"That's right! Everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect are nothing more than a bunch of lying scumbags!" Sanguine Azalea added: "Alright, let's catch up to them!"

"Mm!" Sanguine Primrose nodded, still thinking about the words that Fearless had uttered: "Spear and Primrose... ha ha the spear is already broken but the Primrose lives on... I wonder how that guy even knows about this?"

"Did that girl really accept bribes?" Crotch Lord asked.

"They're a bunch of dumb sl*ts! What do you think?" Fearless angrily replied: "How dare they take my items? I won't let them live it down!"

"Oh... I actually believed you there." Crotch Lord replied.

"Spear and Primrose, this was something that they probably fought over right... ai, money really reigns supreme in this dog eat dog world…. Loyalty is truly a thing of the past..." Darknorth Fisher sighed.

"Olg Fishy, don't be so sad... cheer up, I managed to get something good just now!" Ming Du chuckled.

"What did you do to Ivory Emperor?" Everyone gasped.

"Che, stop mentioning that disgusting guy! Look at this instead, this is something a hundred times better that they piece of equipment!" Ming Du laughed as he sent a screenshot to the guild chat.

"F*ck!" Everyone exclaimed. Even a video game noob like Wang Yu was greatly shocked by the image that Ming Du had sent.