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Chapter 180: How Does It Feel?

Chapter 180: How Does It Feel?

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"Look how great I am!" Fearless laughed.

"You already lost that piece of equipment, what does this have to do with you?" Everyone else mocked.

"Look at it this way. Do you think that it's a great achievement for me not only know Ming Du, but to make him acknowledge me as he boss?" Fearless smugly told the other players: "Hand it over."

Ming Du stretched his hand out, passing a skill book to Fearless.

[Resurrection](Active): Uncommon skill. Allows the player to revive a player that has died in the past 1 minute.

Job Requirement: Priest.

No wonder the others were surprised, [Resurrection] was one of the top tier skills that a Priest could learn, this skill meant that everyone else could have an extra life... who would have thought that such a high quality skill would come from simple dungeon like the Blood Soaked Church.

"You guys better watch what you say to me in the future! Otherwise I might not resurrect you in battle!" Fearless laughed after he had learnt the skill.

"F*ck you Old Li!" Everyone shouted at Ming Du. How could he have given away such a precious skill so casually? He should at least have made Fearless pay a steep price for it.

"Looks like I underestimated how shameless he was!" Ming Du sighed.

"Wait a second, don't we just turn into a ray of white light when we die? How do we resurrect?" Wang Yu asked.

"You'll be given two options upon death, you can either revive or wait for a minute... you don't even know this?" Everyone asked.

"I've never even died before..."


Not only was he the number one ecpert in the game, Wang Yu had never even died before... there really wasn't any other way to describe him.

The boss at the back of the cathedral was the final boss, Andrea. Her minions were a bunch of undead monsters.

These types of monsters did not move very fast even though they had extremely high attack, making them very easy to avoid. The presence of a control master like Spring Halo amongst them meant that these monsters would never even get the chance to approach the players before they were killed.

Andrea was not very different from the time that they fought her in the Elite dungeon. Her clothes were as revealing as they were before and her skills were the same as well. The only difference was that she was now a Gold grade elite boss.

Not only was she an elite boss like David, she was significantly stronger than him as well.

Not only did she fill the skies with flames, she even summoned pillars of fire all over the map, continuously forcing the players to retreat.

But regardless of how strong she was, Andrea was ultimately defeated by Wang Yu and his team. If it had been any other party, they would have been roasted to a cinder within seconds if they did not have top class fire resistant armour.

Fortunately, the Quan Zhen Sect had a monster like Wang Yu, making the fight much easier than it would have been otherwise.

Under the disbelieving eyes of the other players, Wang Yu jumped over pillars of fire, dodging the fireballs that were raining from the air as he made his way to Andrea, choking her and then locking her in place.

The level 40 Gold grade Andrea was significantly stronger than she had been previously.

If this had been the Andrea from the Elite dungeon, she would have been helplessly flailing her arms around if she was caught in Wang Yu's [Choke], yet this Gold grade Andrea dared to start a close quarter combat against Wang Yu.

But what could she possibly achieve, when even the Informant could not match up to Wang Yu in a close quarter combat?

Wang Yu repeatedly struck Andrea again and again. But what was most impressive was the fact that Wang Yu's right hand did not leave Andrea's neck even once, firmly locking in place until she transformed into her spider form.

"So how did her body feel?" Spring Halo lecherously asked Wang Yu.

"Not too..."Just as Wang Yu was about to answer his question, he felt an extremely thick killing intent lock on to him from amongst the crowd, hurriedly changing the topic: "What are you talking about Brother Spring?"

"Ha ha ha, what a waste..." Spring Halo sighed as he shook his head.

"Cut the crap, the boss is almost here!" Fearless shouted as he ran behind a pillar in the cathedral.

The players from the Quan Zhen Sect immediately hid behind whatever cover they could find.

Even though the other players had never seen Andrea use [Poison Nova], they could roughly sense that something was amiss from the reactions of the Quan Zhen Sect members. They knew these scoundrels would never do anything unnecessary.

"Shua..." A thick green ring slowly spread out through the back of the cathedral. The players that were seeing this for the first time was completely caught off guard.

"What the f*ck, it was a good thing that we retreated with those guys from the Quan Zhen Sect, otherwise we would be finished!"

This Elite boss Andrea was highly intelligent. She had specifically chosen a location where the players could not see her to release her skill. That way, they would have no means to retaliate against her.

"Not good! She's becoming smarter as well, now she won't even come close to us..." Vainglory whined.

The back of the cathedral was extremely large and had four main pillars in it. The last time they fought her, the players of the Quan Zhen Sect had lured her towards the pillars before finally killing her.

But this Andrea refused to budge, simply hiding and attacking them.

"Iron Bull, can you pull off the same miracle and lure her over?" Fearless asked Wang Yu.

"You must be joking right? It took everything I had the last time, not to mention that this one is a Gold grade elite boss... I do have an method to lure her over, but I'm not sure how much she'll move." Wang Yu replied.

"Can you make her move three metres?" Fearless put on pair of glasses as he asked.

Andrea was currently eleven metres away from them, out of the reach of the Archers. If Wang Yu was able to lure her forward by three metres, she would enter their attack range as well.

"I think I can."

"OK, don't disappoint me." Fearless replied.

Wang Yu chuckled, walking toward the front of the pillar.

"Iron Bull, what are you doing?" Defiant Tiger shouted.

Defiant Tiger had seen Wang Yu in action and knew that he wasn't an ordinary person.

But strength was not enough to take on a boss. Regardless of how fast of strong he was, Defiant Tiger refused to believe that he could single handedly take on a boss that had transformed.

How much could a Pugilist possibly do with their short attack range? Did he really believe that he would get away unscathed from Andrea's [Poison Nova]? Or was he testing the limits of this system?

"Relax, Iron Bull is experienced with dealing with spiders." Frost Blade laughed.