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Chapter 181: Gentlemen Fearless???

Chapter 181: Gentlemen Fearless???

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In a traditional computer game, dodging only involved horizontal movements to avoid enemy attacks. No one had ever considered the idea of vertical movements to evade. Because of this, players usually assumed that there was absolutely no way to avoid Andrea's [Poison Nova] unless they had terrain to hide behind.

After he jumped in front of the pillar, Wang Yu used [Crushing Blow] and shot towards Andrea. Seeing that her target was headed towards her, Andrea immediately used [Poison Nova].

Right as Wang Yu was about to be hit by Andrea's skill, he fluidly cancelled his own before swapping to his pole. With one swift motion, Wang Yu stabbed the pole towards the ground an vaulted right next to Andrea.

"Holy f**k you can do that???" Defiant Tiger gasped in shock. Though he had seen Wang Yu fight briefly before, this was the first time he had seen anyone dodge like this.

After Wang Yu landed next to Andrea, she immediately twisted her body and tried to claw him. However, Wang Yu was already one step ahead of her and directly grabbed her arm and forcibly slammed her to his chest. Immediately afterwards, Wang Yu leapt backwards and used [Savage Maul] to strike at her again. Because of this, Wang Yu managed to pull Andrea another half a meter towards the rest. Before Andrea even had the chance to respond, Wang Yu used [Sunset Shift] to teleport behind her and delivered a [Thunder God's Stomp] right on her back.

Out of the three skills that Wang Yu had used, two of them were grabs and one had a knockback. Because of this, Wang Yu had succeeded in moving Andrea into the attack range of the Magicians in the party even if they were behind the pillars.

"F**k! F**k! F**k! Is he lee sin???" Defiant Tiger and even Ivory Emperor cried out in unison.

In League of Legends, there was a champion called lee sin that had a combo that was completely similar to Wang Yu's last attack. This combo involved flashing behind an opponent and then using his ultimate to knock the target into the player's team to finish off.

"Ming Du do it now!!!" Fearless shouted as he dodged behind another pillar.

The moment Ming Du heard Fearless' command he immediately waved his staff and used his [Protective Switch] to trap Andrea in between four pillars.

The Quan Zhen Sect knew what Fearless' plan was so they were already in position the moment Wang Yu had kicked her towards them.

The moment Andrea finally landed on the ground she immediately cast [Poison Nova] again.

Since Knights and Archers all had movement skills of their own Yang Nuo and the others quickly escaped behind a pillar to avoid Andrea's spell.

The only two who couldn't escape in time were Sanguine Rose and Sanguine Azalea. The moment the both of them were hit by [Poison Nova], their health bars almost immediately dropped to zero.

"Shua..." A ray of white light suddenly flashed and filled Sanguine Azalea's health bar right as she was about to perish. Fearless had used [Recovery] on her right before her health had run out and managed to save her at the last second. Following this, Fearless continuously cast a few more healing spells on Sanguine Azalea and brought her back to full health.


Since they had entered the dungeon, no one had seen Fearless perform such a feat before. He had always been hiding behind the other tanks and occasionally healing them if they needed it. This scene had finally showcased Fearless' true abilities.

Andrea was a level 40 boss so her skills were definitely capable of one-shotting any of the non-tank players on the party. Yet Fearless had been able to bring someone back from the brink of death the split second before their health ran out! This was a clear demonstration of his incredible timing and accuracy when he actually acted.

Although Sanguine Azalea had been saved, Sanguine Rose wasn't as fortunate. While the others were watching Fearless in amazement, she had already dissolved into a ray of light.

"I really do apologise but I don't have any AOE healing spells..." Fearless slightly bowed towards Sanguine Primrose and Azalea.

"N… No please it… it's really fine… Thank you so much..." Sanguine Primrose numbly replied. She had yet to recover from her shock and now Fearless was apologising to her??

In fact, if Fearless hadn't been able to save either of them it would still have been within everyone's expectations. The fact that he had been able to save Sanguine Azalea was already nothing short of a miracle in itself.

However, no one had imagined that Fearless would actually have saved one of the girls of the Primrose Militia on his own accord and even apologised to them! Even Wang Yu and the others couldn't understand what he was scheming.

"Did we misjudge him? Is Fearless actually a very understanding person??" The two girls couldn't help but stare at Fearless with a soft gaze. Sanguine Azalea even had a slight blush on her face. Fearless had saved her life after all.

"The f**k are you doing? Did your brain fry cause their girls??" Boson angrily cursed in the guild chat.

"Why did you save those whores? Just let them die!!!"

"Heh! What do you guys know? This is all part my plan!" Fearless snickered.

"Now what? Do we attack?" Defiant Tiger asked Fearless. Andrea was currently in their attack range and even trapped in between a few pillars. If they didn't take advantage of this opportunity then they might not have such a good opening later on.

"There's no rush! Let me revive our team mate first!" Fearless laughed as he selected Sanguine Rose's name in the party list and waved his staff. Following this, a bright white light filled the room and landed on the area where Sanguine Rose had died.

After she had died, Sanguine Rose was just about to return to town when she suddenly received a notification.

<System Notification: Your teammate is trying to revive you. Accept?


However, the moment that Sanguine Rose had revived she found herself face to face with Andrea.

With a casual swipe, Andrea immediately sent Sanguine Primrose back to the respawn point again…

"F**k! Doesn't she know how to dodge? I f**king used [Resurrect] to save her!" Fearless cursed.

Fearless' act was really too convincing. Even the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect would have believed his intentions were pure if he didn't send in the guild chat: "That's weird, how come she didn't drop anything even though she died twice?"

"Urk… S… Sorry…" The other two girls profusely apologised.

"Using kindness to repay her transgressions… Leader Fearless is truly magnanimous!" Defiant Tiger blurted out.

"F**k man she already died twice and still nothing! What shitty luck..." Fearless grumbled in the guild chat.

"The chance for an item to drop when it's not equipped is much lower. I think you should kill her a few more times and it'll come out!" Ming Du spoke from experience.

"F**k you! The cooldown for [Resurrect] is an hour! And if I kill her too many times they'll start suspecting me!" Fearless replied.

"Well then don't waste your effort. When we get out of this dungeon we can just camp her until she drops it!" Darknorth Fisher suggested. As a professional mercenary, he had met all sorts of players and the kind he despised the most were Sanguine Rose's kind. The ones that repaid kindness with evil were the worst type of scum.

"Heh, there's no need for that Old Fishy. If we just kill her a few times then we'd be letting her off too lightly! Oh right, Frost Blade do you know any level 20 casher that's a Priest? Maybe even from Pure Lands ideally. Even if he's not as long as it's a large guild then it's fine too." Fearless suddenly asked.

As a regular in the auction house as well as various other third-party sites, Frost Blade was the one with the broadest connections.

'Hmm… I think I do actually. He's called Southern Yama and he's one of the core members of the Pure Lands. We met him back in Desolate City!' Frost Blade replied.

"How's your relationship with him?"

"Not bad actually. He's one of my regulars and he's always asking if I have any good equipment..."

"Alright then go tell him that Sanguine Rose has a top-tier Priest robe that she's trying to sell! And tell him to come to Twilight City." Fearless chuckled.

"How do you know she wants to sell it?" The others asked.

"It's f**king obvious right? She offended the Quan Zhen Sect for it so she definitely wouldn't dare to wear it! As long as she has even a sliver of intelligence she'll try to get rid of it..."

"... Can you at least tell us what you're scheming this time?" The others uneasily asked. This plan of his involved two of the top guilds in the country so everyone had a sense of impending doom.

"You'll all find out when the time comes!" Fearless cackled.


Having died twice in a row without even a chance to retaliate made Sanguine Rose feel incredibly depressed. Although she wasn't exceedingly bright she was an incredibly selfish person. Hence she knew how to scheme against others to a certain degree as well. She had a hunch that Fearless was the one pulling the strings behind the entire battle. However, after remembering how Fearless had seemingly given his all to save the two of them, she started having second thoughts.

"Was it really those guys from the Quan Zhen Sect that were messing with us..." The more Sanguine Rose thought about it the more unsure she became.

After dying twice Sanguine Rose had ended up dropping by one level. This fact alone made her even more paranoid than usual.

"No… This won't do! They're definitely plotting against me! I need to sell this robe away before things get worse!" Sanguine Rose thought to herself.

Thinking of this, Sanguine Rose steeled her heart and made her way to the auction house.

<System Notification: Southern Yama has sent you a friend request.

"Southern Yama? What's he trying to add me for?" Sanguine Rose froze.

Southern Yama was a rather well-known expert since he was one of the rare Priests that were level 20. As a Priest herself, there was no way that Sanguine Rose wouldn't know of him.

"Sanguine Rose?" The moment she accepted the friend request Southern Yama immediately sent her a message.

"Yes, I am. Why did you add me for?" Sanguine Rose asked in confusion.

"I heard that you have a Gold tier Priest robe that you're trying to sell?"

"Y… How did you know about this?" Sanguine Rose gulped. This incident had just happened and someone already knew about it? How did word travel so fast?

"That's a trade secret so I'm afraid I can't tell you. So are you willing to sell or not?" Southern Yama asked.

"Yes! Definitely!" However just as Sanguine Rose replied him she immediately regretted her decision. She knew that Southern Yama definitely didn't lack money but her eagerness would make it difficult for her to negotiate a better price now.

When he heard how excited Sanguine Rose was to sell the robe Southern Yama heaved a sigh of relief and casually threw out a price: "500 gold! Take it or leave it!"

"..." When she heard his reply Sanguine Rose could barely contain her excitement. This wasn't even a weapon! 500 gold was equivalent to 500 000!! Sanguine Rose had only been aiming to sell the robe for at most 300 gold so this figure wildly exceeded her expectations.

"This..." Sanguine Rose didn't know how to reply. On one hand, she wanted to raise the price, on the other she was afraid that she might end up scaring Southern Yama away.

Although Southern Yama was rich, he wasn't a fool. Seeing Sanguine Rose's hesitation he sighed: "Lady the price I named you definitely isn't low. At the very least I'm sure it's more than what you wanted. I like quick deals so if you want to think about it then forget it..."

Hearing this Sanguine Rose immediately panicked and yelped: "N... No! Please! 500 then! Where are you? I can send it over to you!"

"No need for that. I prefer to meet in person when I do business anyway. Especially if it's with a beauty like yourself! I'm about to board the airship to Twilight CIty so just wait for me!"

"Ok. I'll be waiting at Han's Inn!" Sanguine Rose replied.

"Ok, sure! See you soon!"