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Chapter 182: Hidden Room Under The Church

Chapter 182: Hidden Room Under The Church

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The Quan Zhen Sect already trapped Andrea in a previous run and knew exactly how to deal with her again. Spring Halo summoned his demons again and used them to block Andrea's way out while the other ranged DPS jobs focused on spamming their skills and normal attacks.

Since Andrea had already transformed, she didn't have much health left anyway. With the constant barrage from all these experts Andrea's health soon fell to zero.

"I'll loot this boss!" Spring Halo loudly declared before Andrea's corpse had even cooled.

"And why should we let you?" Fearless, Vainglory and Ming Du angrily demanded.

The opportunity to touch a beauty like Andrea was an incredibly rare one for all these desperate bachelors.

"Heh heh heh… Because all three of the previous bosses were touched by the three of you!" Spring Halo laughed as he put on his most charming smile.

"Urk! Brother Spring you plotted against us?!" When the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect heard Spring Halo's words they finally understood why he had been asking for volunteers to loot the boss corpses!

At the same time the other members of the party were shocked as well. Even this seemingly good natured uncle was capable of plotting against his friends!

[Flaming Barrage]: Uncommon Skill, fires numerous empowered fire arrows at a target. Each arrow costs 50mp.

Job Requirement: Magician.

Everyone present had seen Andrea use this skill before and they all knew how powerful it was. The only problem with it was the mana cost. Even the top Magicians would only have around 2000mp at this point. It was impossible for anyone wanted to imitate Andrea and rain flaming arrows from the sky like an actual storm.

Amongst the party there were only two Magicians. The four girls were completely devoted to their sub classes so the skill naturally fell into Ming Du's hands.

[Poison Nova]: Uncommon skill, uses toxic to attack all surrounding enemies. Mana cost: 150.

Job Requirement: Dark Shaman.

"Holy f**k! I finally got it!!!" Spring Halo teared up. Dark Shaman's were a job that relied heavily on crowd control spells and relied on damage over time to kill their targets. The main issue with this was that the main source of damage for them came from poison related spells and items…

Most of the poisons currently on the market were all crafted by players and dealt abysmal damage. Even though Spring Halo had two skills of his own that allowed him to craft slightly higher quality poisons, they were still far from enough!

Now that the AOE spell [Poison Nova] had finally landed in his hands, Spring Halo finally had a spell that he could use to real reliable damage!

"You're not going to fight with me for this right..." Spring Halo shot Sanguine Azalea a glance and asked.

"No no definitely not! You already gave me a skilbook just now Brother Spring..." Sanguine Azalea furiously shook her head.

"Clever girl!" Spring Halo nodded as he immediately learnt [Poison Nova].

<Knight's Affection (Necklace) (Gold)

Physical Defense: 22-47

Magical Resistance: 31-50


[Tenacity] (Passive): Increases Vitality and Strength by 5%

[Courage] (Passive): Increases effectiveness of all Knight skills by 10%

[Sacrifice] (Active): Use 50% of max HP to raise a comrade's attack by 50%

Item Description:

Andrea's lover was one of the greatest Knights of the Church Of Light. For his faith he sacrificed his life on the battlefield and lead to Andrea's corruption.

Job Requirement: Knight

Level Requirement: 15

As a Knight specific item, the necklace was already counted rather rare.

Mu Zi Xian, Defiant Tiger and Sanguine Primrose all took turns to roll for it. In the end the necklace wound up in the hands of Defiant Tiger.

<Demon Fangs (Quiver): Uncommon item. The quiver stores up to ten arrows that deal 20 points of dark damage. One arrow is regenerated every 5 seconds.

The arrows that Archers used were considered a consumable item and their consumption rate was incredibly high. An item like this that passively regenerated arrows for free and even dealt additional dark damage was guaranteed to fetch a high price in the auction.

Contrary to everyone's expectations, Yang Nuo didn't try to vie with Ivory Emperor for this and directly forfeited her roll.

"I can't use the Silver tier boots from just now so you really don't need to do this." Ivory Emperor tried to reason with Yang Nuo. From this, the others could see that he had some shred of morals in him.

"I can't use this quiver either." Yang Nuo blandly replied.

"Huh? That can't be right..." The others mumbled. There shouldn't have been any restrictions on equipping a quiver.

Instead of replying, Yang Nuo simply sent the others a screenshot of her weapon.

<Sacred Devil's Bow (Bow) (Ancient)

Physical Attack: 100-150

Magical Attack: 80-100

+ 27 Dexterity

+ 22 Strength


[Dragon's Aura] (Passive): Has a suppressive effect on beast monsters.

[Dragon Strike] (Passive): Normal attacks have a 30% chance of crippling enemies, lowering speed by 30%.

[Dragon's Burn] (Passive): Normal attacks apply a burn on the target.

[Purity] (Passive): All attacks deal additional damage to dark type enemies. (Cannot equip any dark type items)

Level Requirement: 15

Job Requirement: Demon Hunter

"An Ancient tier weapon??!!" Everyone froze when they saw the attributes of Yang Nuo's bow.

The game hadn't even been out for a month and there was someone running around with an Ancient tier weapon? What kind of concept was this?

"Wait isn't this the Fire Dragon's Fang I gave you? How come..." Wang yu absent mindedly mumbled.

"My job instructor upgraded it for me! But I really must thank you for the bow since the Sacred Devil stone was a one time use item. If I had used my original Silver tier bow then it would have just ended up as a Gold tier one!" Yang Nuo giggled.

"How nice..." Wang Yu enviously muttered.

"Doesn't your instructor give you equipment too?"

"Heh! The fact that he isn't asking me for them is already good enough..." Wang Yu gnashed his teeth.

Other people's instructors gave them items and equipment to make their quests easier and his just wanted to milk him for more wine… Why was the differences between jobs so large…

Seeing the weapon that Yang Nuo was using, Ivory Emperor lost his last shred of dignity as a top Archer and silently accepted the quiver.

The last two items that dropped were the quest items that Wang Yu needed, the <Fallen Heart Of A Maiden and the <Seed Of Darkness.

In all the previous dungeons, Andrea was the final boss. However in the Hell tier dungeon, even after they had killed her the completion of the dungeon was still stuck at 75%.

What this meant was that there was still a boss after Andrea!

The odd thing was that this was the final area in the Blood-Soaked Church. There were no more paths after the inner sanctum.

"Huh? Is there still a hidden boss somewhere?" Ming Du asked.

"The hidden boss won't be anywhere along the conventional path in a dungeon so it won't be directly after Andrea!" Mu Zi Xian suddenly spoke.

"Oh really? Then do you have any idea where the true final boss of this dungeon is Mrs Bull?" Ming Du asked again. Seeing that Mu Zi Xian knew the answer to his first question, Ming Du decided to try his luck and asked another.

To the members of the Quan Zhen Sect, Mu Zi Xian was nothing more than a calefare that Wang Yu had brought along to get the minimum number of members for them to enter the dungeon. The only thing special about her was that she was Wang Yu's wife…

Even though Wang Yu was a demon Mu Zi Xian was exceedingly average. Hearing her suddenly speak about how hidden bosses worked shocked everyone.

Ming Du had only asked this question as a joke anyway so he wasn't actually expecting an answer from Mu ZI Xian and yet her had replied in such a matter of fact manner.

"According to the map we have already explored all the possible areas since it's completely lit up. And there isn't any portals or anything in the inner sanctum so the hidden boss should be underground!" Mu Zi Xian casually replied.

"Underground? You've got to be kidding..." The others burst into laughter. The entire floor of the inner sanctum was made of one solid piece of marble! How could there be anything beneath them?

"The entrance is underneath that cabinet!" Mu Zi Xian suddenly pointed at a inconspicuous bookshelf and declared.


"I feel like Mrs Bull really has a lot confidence in that bookshelf she pointed at..." Ming Du mumbled.

"Heh heh heh… Honey, can you go move it for me?"

"Ok!" Wang Yu nodded and walked over.

The scene in front of them caused everyone to be at a loss for words. The top expert in the game was at the beck and call of his wife…

When Wang Yu reached the bookshelf, he leaned against it and forcefully pushed it away and uncovered a spiral staircase.

<System Notification: Your party has discovered the hidden chamber. 1000 experience awarded.

"Holy shit! Mrs Bull was right!!!" Ming Du gasped.

"Of course I was!" Mu Zi Xian giggled as she walked down the stairs.

"Does anyone have a mining skill?"

"I do!" Boson raised his hand.

"Ok then. This rock here can be mined for uncommon ores." Mu Zi Xian stated.

"Oh really?" Boson quickly pulled out his pickaxe and viciously swung it down.

<System Notification: You have received the uncommon ore "Dark Crystal".

"F**k me! Mrs Bull is a god as well!!!" Boson emotionally cried out.

"In the background story of this dungeon, this crystal is the reason for Andrea's corruption. When you guys come back in future remember to mine it as well!" Mu Zi Xian laughed.

"Oh? You can learn about rare drops from studying the background story of this game?" Fearless gasped in shock.

"She's a GM guys..." Wang Yu laughingly sent to the guild chat.


So she was a GM… no wonder she seemed to know everything about this dungeon even though it was the first time that any of them had entered…

"The two of you are cheating right..." Vainglory enviously sighed.

"Cheh!" Wang Yu snorted in disdain. Such a baseless accusation didn't even warrant an answer.

The others felt that Vainglory's words were a joke as well.

Everyone here was familiar with Wang Yu's strength and they all knew that it had nothing to do with this being a virtual reality game. Wang Yu's abilities were all genuine. Even if their fathers were the creators of the game, none of them would even come close to Wang Yu's level.

The hidden chamber was roughly the same size as the inner sanctum that they had fought Andrea in. Even the furnishings were the same as it was in Andrea's boss room.

<System Notification: You have received the dungeon quest "Puppetmaster". Eliminate the orchestrator of the church's fall, Nightmare Spirit Kashmir 0/1. Reward: 15% completion.