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Chapter 183: The Quan Zhen Sect’s Special Formation

Chapter 183: The Quan Zhen Sect’s Special Formation

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<Character Description: Kashmir was originally the chairman of the Twilight City Merchant Guild and one of the most distinguished leaders in Twilight City. His desire for wealth and power made him a prime target for the forces of darkness. When darkness fell, Kashmir colluded with the forces of darkness to corrupt and conquer the holiest location in Twilight City.

The hidden chamber didn't have a single monster inside of it. All it had was an empty desk and bookshelf. When the party arrived, Kashmir was currently scribbling away at a document on his desk.

"Oh you're finally here?" Kashmir lightly spoke without even glancing up from his work.

"It's a high-grade NPC!"

When they heard Kashmir speak everyone immediately came to the same conclusion.

In <<REBIRTH, there were several different kinds of NPCs, those that worked in shops or gave out basic quests were generally known as low level NPCs. These NPCs all had very basic programming and were practically robots.

Independent Mode bosses all had their own individual characteristics but could only have very basic interactions with the players.

The so-called high grade NPCs were almost exactly like a normal player and could freely converse with them and even try to scam them!

Not only did these kinds of NPCs have incredibly high intelligence, they were often impossible to see through. NPCs like the informant or the Twilight City Lord were capable of distorting the truth and even withholding the rewards that players were supposed to receive!

None of them had imagined that the final boss of the Blood-Soaked Church was such an existence.

Aside from Wang Yu and Yang Nuo who barely even had any knowledge of games, the others all began to harbour thoughts of retreating. Even if they retreated now the outcome was still manageable. At the very most they would simply fail this quest and not lose a level or their items.

"This isn't good… This is a high grade NPC we're talking about… We definitely can't fight it as we are right now..." Sanguine Primrose shakily muttered.

"High grade NPC? Does that mean he's strong?" Wang Yu asked.

"Yes, disgustingly so!" The others nodded.

"Is he as strong as Zeus?"

"Are you f**king serious right now???" The others angrily cursed. Zeus was the leader of the entire titan race! He was an existence on the level of the Divine Dragon King!

"I'm not joking guys… When I was doing my job advancement I had to fight a weakened version of Zeus! So by my estimations, this boss is something that we should be able to handle!" Wang Yu explained.

"That is true..." The others muttered as they began checking Kashmir's attributes.

<Nightmare Spirit Kashmir (LV 40) (Gold) (Boss) (Elite)

HP: 500 000

MP: 50 000

Skills: [Dark Calamity], [Dark Tornado].

Talents: [Heart Manipulation].

"Huh? His attributes looks really average… What's going on here?" Sanguine Primrose muttered. After everyone saw Kashmir's attributes they slowly began to ease up. Even though Kashmir was a high grade NPC, his attributes weren't even comparable to Andrea's.

"This isn't somewhere the likes of you can enter! Leave now while you still can!" Kashmir boomed when he realised that the entire party was ignoring him.

"Leave? You have no idea how hard it was for us to even get here!" Wang Yu confidently chuckled.

"Foolish mortals. You don't know the true powers of the denizens of the dark!" Kashmir coldly laughed as he put down his book and walked over to the party.

The moment Kashmir had put his book down, the Quan Zhen Sect members had already split up into groups of three and spread out.

After looking at Kashmir's attributes,everyone knew that his base job was a Magician. Since all of this bastard's skills were AOE spells, an ordinary formation was definitely insufficient to deal with him. Only by spreading themselves out so much would they be able to minimize the amount of damage he could deal to the party as a whole.

Since the Quan Zhen Sect had spent years being hunted down by hordes of other players on every game that they played, they had already long mastered the art of formations that was completely their own.

"What are you guys doing?" Defiant Tiger cried out. Everyone else including Darknorth Fisher and Crotch Lord weren't able to understand what the main members of the Quan Zhen Sect were doing.

"Not now! Little crotchy quickly go stand next to Brother Spring at 456.337, Old Fishy you stand on Ming Du's right at 411.286..." Fearless chanted in a very seasoned manner.

"What about me?" Seeing that everyone expect him had a position, Wang Yu couldn't help but ask.

"You go fight the boss!" Fearless irresponsibly snickered. If it were before, everyone would have thought that Fearless bore some kind of grudge against Wang Yu. However after they had seen Wang Yu's strength for themselves, they knew that this was completely possible.

"Alright! You guys take care ok? Don't end up dying!" Wang Yu sincerely replied.

"F**k off!"

With a light chuckle Wang Yu turned around and leapt towards Kashmir with his pole.

"Oh? A martial Artist? No wonder you dare to fight me alone!" Kashmir laughed when he saw Wang Yu running towards him.

"Heh so what if I'm not a Martial Artist? I would still fight you anyway!" Wang Yu replied.

"Urk… Although that's true you don't need to be so direct… You could have left me some face..." Kashmir awkwardly muttered.

"For what?" Wang Yu didn't have any sympathy or patience for these high grade NPCs. In his eyes, they were all shameless bastards who were out to scam everyone!

"Then I guess I'll have to see how strong you really are!" Kashmir growled as he raised his hand and summoned a black vortex around Wang Yu.

Truly worthy of being called a high grade NPC. He didn't even bother to end the conversation before he launched the first attack.

Wang Yu had always found it difficult to deal with spells. These weren't things that he could actually block with his hands or even dodge sometimes.

If it was [Fireball] or [Ice Needle] then maybe he could still have dissipated it with his weapon. However, for an AOE spell like this then forget about blocking it, if he didn't have any movement skills then he was as good as dead!

Wang Yu was only a few steps away from Kashmir and his [Dark Tornado] still had a cast time. Just before it activated, Wang Yu immediately used [Crushing Blow] to dash out of [Dark Tornado]'s range.

Without batting an eyelid, Kashmir sent his skill forward towards the rest of the party.

This bastard wasn't even aiming from the start! He knew Wang Yu would have dodged his skill so he had been aiming at the rest of them!

Then again this was within reason. The one similarity that all Independent Mode bosses shared was that they preferred to target the weakest players first.

Fortunately they were all prepared for this attack. With a command by Fearless, the tanks held up their shield and prepared to soak up Kashmir's [Dark Tornado.]