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Chapter 184: The Terrifying Heart Manipulation

Chapter 184: The Terrifying Heart Manipulation

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Kashmir's [Dark Tornado] moved much faster than anyone had expected.No one else had the same kind of reaction speed as Wang Yu so it was virtually impossible to avoid an AOE spell like this one.

When they received Fearless' orders, Crotch Lord immediately lifted his shield and blocked his body.

The other Knights followed suit and the squishier jobs huddled closely behind their bodies.

Spring Halo had added some of his attribute points into vitality and even had his six demons with him. Together with Crotch Lord, and even Fearless, their group was the one with the highest survivability. It wouldn't have been a problem for them to face this skill head-on in the first place.

With the odd formation that they had split into, the spell ended up only grazing Fearless' group as it passed them by without actually hitting them!

After the tornado passed by Fearless group, it charged straight for the rest before they even had the time to react. However, because of the weird formation that they had adopted, the tornado barely even did any damage to any of them before it ended up dissipating.

In a dungeon, knowing how to choose the appropriate formation was a prerequisite. The most basic formation had the players form up into two rows so that the tanks could protect the DPS and the healers. There were also formations that were meant to deal with bosses that had high single target damage. All these formations were the fruit of years of experimentation and were the bread and butter of parties and guilds everywhere.

Although these formations were decent, none of them could deal with a boss that had massive AOE skills.

In traditional games, bosses had very low intelligence and would always have a long wind-up before they unleashed an AOE skill so players never had an issue dodging. However, in <<REBIRTH, the existence of Independent Mode bosses completely smashed all the expectations and strategies that players had developed over the years.

Who would have imagined that such a haphazard and shoddy formation would have been so effective at avoiding Kashmir's [Dark Tornado]?

"Leader Fearless how did you learn this formation?" Darknorth Fisher sent to the guild chat.

"After being hunted down for a few hundred times you'll naturally learn a thing or two!"Fearless snickered.

"Urk..." Fearless' proud tone caused Darknorth Fisher to be at a loss for words.

The way he had said they had been hunted down a few hundred times made it sound like something like that was nothing more than a walk in the park… Just how many enemies did the Quan Zhen Sect even have? Darknoth Fisher had originally thought that being chased for the past few days had been incredibly miserable, but in the eyes of these monsters, such an experience was nothing more than a drop in the ocean…

"Won't those whores from the Sanguine Alliance steal this formation? They're right there you know. And you even guided them to the correct spot!" Darknoth Fisher worriedly asked.

"Heh, they can try! Without being hunted down like us they'll only be sending themselves to an early grave!" Fearless chortled. Without being in the Quan Zhen Sect, no one else would have had their experiences after all.

After surviving Kashmir's [Dark Tornado], the party didn't bother celebrating and immediately started their counter-attack.

When Kashmir had cast his spell, Wang Yu had immediately run up to him and began to attack. Oddly enough, even though Kashmir wasn't particularly fast, not a single one of Wang Yu's attacks had landed on him…

It wasn't that Kashmir had dodged them either. For some reason, every time Wang Yu's fist was about to touch Kashmir's body he would suddenly lose control of himself and end up punching the air. This situation vexed Wang Yu to no end and started building up an uneasy feeling in his chest.

At this time, the skills of the rest of the party had arrived in front of Kashmir as well.

The fastest of all of their attacks was naturally Ming Du's [Lightning Blast]. However, as the lightning bolt was right about to hit Kashmir's head it suddenly lightly swerved to the right and struck the wall.

Wang Yu didn't find anything fishy about this since it wasn't as though Ming Du had perfect accuracy anyway.

The next two attacks to approach were Yang Nuo and Ivory Emperor's arrows. Once again, right as their attacks were about to hit Kashmir, they suddenly veered away from his body. However this time, the arrows flew straight towards Wang Yu!

"The f**k???"

As Wang Yu stretched out his hands and grabbed the two arrows the rest of the attacks flew towards Kashmir.

Once again, right as these spells were about to hit Kashmir they suddenly swerved and flew straight for Wang Yu.

Wang Yu hurriedly twisted his body and dodged in a very unnatural angle. Just as Wang Yu regained his balance, Darknorth Fisher and Frost Blade who were trying to stab Kashmir suddenly stabbed towards Wang Yu as well! The dumbstruck look on their faces made it seem as though their daggers were dragging them forward.

Wang Yu's expressions sank as he grabbed the both of them by the wrist and tossed them back into their formation.

After Vainglory and Boson saw the scene in front of them, they immediately froze in place and ran back towards the rest. However, just like the rest, they ended up losing control of themselves and rushed towards Wang Yu to attack him as well!

In response, Wang Yu gently spread his arms and grabbed the two of them by their belts and tossed them back to the others as well.

All this time, Kashmir had simply been standing there and staring at Wang Yu with a curious expression. Wang Yu, on the other hand, was completely stunned.

Wang Yu had come across numerous bosses since he started the game. However, it was the first time that he had seen such a strange and devilish boss! If all their attacks were useless then how were they supposed to beat him?

The other members of the party all had the same shell-shocked expressions that Wang Yu had. However what shocked them wasn't Kashmir but Wang Yu's Skills.

He had been under attack by so many experts and he had still managed to avoid every one of them and return them perfectly… Exactly which one of them was the real boss here?

"F**k me! This boss really isn't easy to deal with at all!" This was the first time that Wang Yu had ever had difficulty dealing with anything in a fight.

Although the other bosses that Wang Yu had fought before were much stronger he was still able to rely upon his nearly godlike reflexes and martial arts to overcome them. However, against Kashmir, all of these were useless if he couldn't even land an attack!

"I think it's his [Heart Manipulation]! We just need to find it's loophole!" Fearless shouted to Wang Yu.


"Yes! A Lot of bosses have unique crowd control skills like this. Although they're strong, they always have a glaring weakness! As long as we can find it then we can defeat him!" Fearless replied.

Wang Yu was familiar with bosses like that. In fact, Zombie King Jesse was one such boss.

Although his [Stone Gaze] could petrify and instantly kill any players, it would only work on players facing it. However even if Wang Yu knew this, Kashmir's [Heart Manipulation] was on a completely different level…

"Then where's the loophole?" Wang Yu asked Fearless.

"I'm not a f**king GM! Why're you asking me?"

"Where is it then honey?" Wang Yu asked again.

"I don't know… No one ever cleared this boss during beta testing so there's no information on him..." Mu Zi Xian helplessly shook her head.

"Urk..." This bastard really just kept giving them more and more problems…

However, what Wang Yu didn't know was that this was just the tip of the iceberg…

"Foolish mortals your time is up! Taste my wrath!!!"

Seeing that they still dared to attack him Kashmir roared again. With a wave of his hands, dark energy surged forward and formed a sphere that began revolving around Kashmir. Shouting again, Kashmir charged straight for the rest of the party.