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Chapter 185: Would You Believe Me If I Told You I Taught Myself?

Chapter 185: Would You Believe Me If I Told You I Taught Myself?

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"What the f**k? This shameless motherf**ker!"

No matter how adept the Quan Zhen Sect's formation was at avoiding AOE skills, they wouldn't have been able to use it to avoid a suicidal attack like this!

"Get out of the way!!!" Fearless shouted. Out of everyone, he was obviously the first to split off from the party. When the others heard this they immediately dispersed in all directions.

Since Kashmir's speed wasn't very high, the first target he went for was naturally Fearless. Although Fearless was the first to run, he was still a Priest. As a Priest, he was one of the slowest in the entire party and yet he had been standing the nearest to Kashmir.

"F**k your mother!!!!" Fearless pitifully cried out as he ran away. However since he was still a support at the end of the day, Kashmir caught up to him in no time...

Since Fearless didn't have the same godly reflexes as Wang Yu, he ended up being hit by both of the revolving spheres and his health rapidly plummeted. Fortunately it had been Fearless how was struck. Even though he was being hunted down like this, Fearless was still able to calmly decide which spells to use to adequately heal himself. Right as his health was about to hit zero, he suddenly activated [Recovery] and pulled himself back from the brink of death.

Spring Halo then summoned his demons behind Fearless to block him from any more attacks from Kashmir. Without pausing, he then casted [Distortion] in front of Kashmir. Fearless then immediately took advantage of this and desperately rolled away from Kashmir.

Although Spring Halo's demons were rather tanky, they weren't able to last more than a few rounds against a boss like Kashmir.

After killing all six of the demons in his way, Kashmir avoided the [Distortion] on the ground in front of him and closed in on Fearless again.

"How the f**k did I even offend you??" Fearless grudgingly cried out as he ran.

"You didn't. I just feel like you're really fun to bully..." Kashmir chuckled.

"F**k you father!!!" Fearless cried out again as Kashmir arrived right behind him.

"Motherf**ker!" As the spheres hit Fearless again, he desperately casted several healing spells on himself and barely managed to survive. Suddenly, a white vortex swirled around Fearless and pulled him in front of Wang Yu.

"Iron Bull, you really are the most reliable..." Fearless emotionally hugged Wang Yu's arm.

"F**k off!" Wang Yu shouted as he used [Thunder God's Stomp] to send Fearless flying back to the rest of the party.

The knockback that [Thunder God's Stomp] had was enough to send a massive boss like Andrea back two to three meters so naturally it wouldn't have been a problem to knock Fearless back by over eight meters.

In spite of all his efforts, Kashmir still had designs on Fearless and immediately turned to charge towards him again.

Wang Yu swapped to his pole and swung it towards Kashmir to block his path.

Kashmir had counted spell orbs flying around his body so he naturally didn't fear Wang Yu at all. Without even batting an eyelid, he continued his mad charge towards Fearless.

Even though Kashmir's body was surrounded with spell orbs, there were still openings between them. Wang Yu very expertly weaved through all of the incoming orbs and managed to get close enough to Kashmir to swing the pole at his face.

Although Kashmir had froze in shock when he saw Wang Yu actually reach him unscathed, Wang Yu's pole had still missed Kashmir yet again at the last moment.

In the time that Wang Yu had taken to try and launch an attack on Kashmir, the orbs had made a full revolution and come back to him. Wang Yu hurriedly pulled the pole back and violent crushed two of the orbs with a single sweep. Then, Wang Yu let go of his right hand and used it to launch a [Rippling Wave] behind him to borrow the recoil to escape from Kashmir's attack range.

While he was in mid air, Wang Yu suddenly noticed that Kashmir's head actually had a number floating above it.


"Huh? [Rippling Wave] managed to damage him? Could it be that attacks from behind you can damage him?" Wang Yu mumbled to himself.

Thinking of this, Wang Yu charged towards Kashmir again.

After giving Wang Yu a light glance, Kashmir immediately turned around and tried to go after Fearless again. However, Wang Yu suddenly appeared right in front of him and thrusted his pole backwards into Kashmir's chest.



As he was hit, Kashmir casted [Dark Tornado] behind him in a panicked attempt to shake Wang Yu off.

This one skill ended up activating Wang Yu's [Spirit Guard]...

"Old Bull, can you hold him off for 30 seconds?" Defiant Tiger suddenly shouted.

"30 seconds? I'll give it a try!" Wang yu replied while he rolled away from Kashmir again.

Defiant Tiger then took out a golden box from his inventory and pulled out one of his mystic snares and began setting it up in an open area.

Normal traps could have been set up by simply throwing the trap onto the floor. Only this mystic snare required players to actually spend 30 seconds to set it up. If the player was disturbed in the 30 seconds, the mystic snare would automatically explode and become useless. Hence, it was very difficult to actually use this item in a combat situation.

Kashmir was a high grade NPC so he could sense the danger from the item that Defiant Tiger was setting up.

Seeing that Kashmir wanted to interfere with Defiant tiger, Wang Yu grit his teeth and charged towards Kashmir head on.

With Wang Yu's current attributes, it was exceedingly difficult for him to distract Kashmir for 30 seconds unless he used a specialised evasive martial art…

With no other option left, Wang Yu's movements suddenly became increasingly complex and mysterious. Although it seemed familiar, no one could exactly say where they had seen it before.

"This… Sister Clear Snow, are you and Uncle Bull from the same sect?" Vainglory suddenly asked.

When the other's heard what Vainglory had said, they suddenly realised that Wang Yu's moves were exactly the same as what Yang Nuo had used to deal with Gasol…

Although none of them knew any martial arts, they were still experts in their own right so they eyesight were particularly keen.

Yang Nuo on the other hand, had a incredibly ugly expression on her face.

This was the seven star steps! Forget about outsiders, even their own clansmen had limits to what they could learn. Yang Nuo herself had only learnt a portion of it since she was a girl. How could she have remained calm when seeing Wang Yu demonstrate it so casually?

What shocked Yang Nuo even more was how skilled Wang Yu was at it. Even Yang Nuo wouldn't have been able to survive under such an onslaught for more than a few seconds and yet Wang Yu looked so relaxed at the moment.

"Brother Spring, it's all yours!" Wang Yu shouted. He had been mentally counting down to the end of [Distortion]'s cooldown so he knew that Spring Halo could activate it again. With a wave of his staff, Spring Halo summoned the six demons again and casted [Distortion] in front of Kashmir.

"Aren't you going to explain what just happened?" Yang Nuo growled at Wang Yu.

"He he he… The seven star steps really are amazing huh..." Wang YU awkwardly laughed.

"How did you learn it?" Yang Nuo narrowed her eyes. At this moment, Wang Yu felt a dense killing intent radiating from Yang Nuo.

"This..." Wang Yun didn't know how to explain himself. It was one of the greatest taboos in the martial arts world to steal martial arts from another clan or sect. If he had been found out, the punishment that he risked was incredibly severe. Even his entire clan would have been implicated.

"Would you believe me if I told you I taught myself?"