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Chapter 186: Reversed Martial Arts

Chapter 186: Reversed Martial Arts

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"Y… You taught yourself??? Do you think I'm an idiot? Martial arts aren't groceries that you can just pick up from anywhere!!" Yang Nuo glared at Wang Yu and shouted.

The seven star steps was the core movement technique of the Yang clan.It had seven basic movements that could be used as the basis for twenty eight different patterns and one hundred and eight different transformations. All in all, when fully mastered there were several tens of thousands of moves that one could choose. Even the old monsters in her clan might not have completely mastered them all. To say that Wang Yu had learnt it by himself was a slap to the Yang clan's face.

"What's so hard about it? I just saw you using it a few times and I learnt it!" Wang Yu shrugged.

"Y… You..." Although Yang Nuo wanted to scream at Wang Yu from boasting, she realised that the moves that Wang Yu had just used really didn't exceed the ones that she had learnt…

"You really learnt it by watching me?" Yang Nuo gulped in terror.

"No shit! I know the punishment for stealing martial arts!" Wang Yu indignant;y replied.

"H… How is this possible..." Yang Nuo numbly muttered.

Yang Nuo had only learnt half of the full set of the seven star steps and it had taken her twenty years to reach the level of small success. Wang Yu, on the other hand, had only seen her use it a few times and he was already more adept at it than she was… The difference in talent was overwhelmingly obvious…

"It still counts as stealing our skills! You're lucky that I'm the only one that's seen it. If it had been anyone else I'm sure you know what will happen to you!" Yang Nuo scoffed.

"It's not like I wanted to use it… I just really don't have any other choice..." Wang Yu awkwardly scratched his head.

"Hmph! You're already married so if you don't want to die you better not use it again understand?"

"Che! Of course I know!" Wang Yu grumbled.

In the martial arts world the punishment for stealing martial arts was to be publicly shamed first and then have their cultivation wasted… Of course there were exceptions . If it was a man, he could marry into the family and the martial arts he stole would have been considered his dowry…

If Wang Yu had really wanted to obtain all of the seven star steps then he wouldn't have eloped with Mu Zi Xian in the first place!

In the time that the two of them had been arguing, Ming Du and Spring Halo had almost managed to force Kashmir into the mystic snare.

Because of Kashmir's high magic resistance, they weren't able to do much damage to him even with all their skills. However, that wasn't their intention.

Even though [Heart Manipulation] was powerful, there were still some skills that it wouldn't be able to divert.

Naturally, it couldn't possible redirect and AOE skills like [Poison Nova] or skills that targeted a fixed area on the ground like [DIstortion] or [Hell Inferno].

With Ming Du and Spring Halo's teamwork, they took turns to use their skills and managed to chain it long enough to redirect Kashmir where they wanted.


With a mechanical snap, the mystic snare activated and all the spell orbs around Kashmir dissipated at once.

"Ignorant sinners! Did you really think you'd be able to defeat me with something like that?" Kashmir coldly chuckled.

Ming Du had always prided himself in his high magic damage. However since his spells didn't have a light element to them, their damage against Kashmir was severely limited. Spring Halo's skills were all related to poison or dark elements so his damage was even worse off than Ming Du's.

"Heh this bastard is really strong!" Wang Yu laughed as he charged forward with the pole in hand.

"Oh? Is Old Bull going to solo the boss again?"

"Can Uncle Bull even hit Kashmir?" Vainglory asked.

Though everyone believed in Wang Yu, they were unable to gain any sort of advantage when they had all ganged up on Kashmir previously so it was difficult to visualise Wang Yu actually winning.

"I feel like he can!" Spring Halo nodded. "What Do you guys think?"

"I feel like he can do it too!" the others nodded in unison. Everyone knew that SPring Halo wanted to take advantage of this situation to start a betting pool so no one wanted to disagree with him anyway.

"Che! You guys are so boring!"

"We can do anything to you? Do you really believe you're invincible?" Wang YU mocked Kashmir when he approached.

Glancing at Wang Yu, Kashmir merely chuckled: "You were just lucky just now cause I wasn't prepared! Don't think that you can recreate that miracle again!"

"I guess we'll just have to see!" Wang Yu laughed as he turned around and shot a [Rippling Wave] at Kashmir.

"F**k! What's Uncle Bull doing?" Vainglory nearly threw up blood at the sight of Wang Yu fighting. He actually dared to turn his back on a high grade NPC like this and attack? Was he suicidal?

However in the next instant, what they saw caused everyone's jaws to drop.

Since Wang Yu had trash talked Kashmir so much, the restraining effect of the mystic snare had already run out. When Wang Yu turned around, Kashmir immediately tried to escape…

"Oh? It looks like Iron Bull managed to find Kashmir's loophole!" Fearless ribbed his chin and chuckled.

When Wang Yu had engaged Kashmir before, he had realised that the key to this fight was himself! If he faced Kashmir while attacking then he would never be able to land a hit. He had to have his back facing Kashmir! Normal players could only rely on AOE skills or high level light spells to slowly whittle Kashmir down.

Wang Yu however was no normal player. Wasn't it just fighting with his back turned? It was but a trifling parlour trick to him!

Wang Yu had always used [Rippling Wave] as a movement skill instead of an attack so he want very experienced with using it to hit a moving target. When he turned around, Kashmir had already escaped from it's attack range.

Suddenly, Wang Yu swung the pole backwards and struck Kashmir's leg, briefly stunning him.

Afterwards, Wang Yu thrusted the pole into the ground and kicked both his legs back towards Kashmir whilst using [Thunder God's Stomp].


Wang Yu's attack caused Kashmir to almost fall to the ground. However before Kashmir even had the chance to stabilise himself Wang Yu delivered another ferocious kick to his back.

After being struck twice without being able to react, Kashmir immediately turned and tried to flee. However Wang Yu was already prepared for this and used [Savage Maul] to pull him back before sending another kick to his solar plexus.

Following this, Wang Yu sent a [Crushing Blow] to Kashmir's face followed by another four kicks to his abdomen, dealing over ten thousand damage!