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Chapter 188: Perfect Clear

Chapter 188: Perfect Clear

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"That's mine!! Give it to me!!!" The moment that Wang Yu sent a screenshot of the ring to the party, Ming Du immediately shouted. Although he was currently being pinned to the ground by Vainglory, he still desperately struggled and tried to crawl towards Wang Yu.

This was the first Obsidian Tier item that had dropped in the entire dungeon after all. Furthermore, it was an item specific to Magicians so how could Ming Du remain calm?

What's more, the attributes and the effects the ring had were all beyond monstrous. Even the others couldn't keep themselves from drooling when they saw it.

High magic attack, magic resistance reduction, cooldown reduction and cast time reduction… Every single ability of the ring was what every Magician dreamt of and they were all on this one ring! To top it all off, the final effect was the teleport that Ming Du had been dreaming of ever since he saw the Sunset Warboots.

Everyone knew that Magicians learnt [Flash] at level 30, they wouldn't have a single movement skill. Even though Ming Du possessed [Protective Switch], it was only something he could use to save himself and not actually escape with.

[Protective Switch] needed Ming Du to have a player to switch with… If he was surrounded from all sides then even if he used it he would just be throwing himself into the hands of the enemy…

If he had the Nebulous Ring then Ming Du would finally have a life saving measure!"

"Yours? Who said it's yours?" Fearless coldly glared at Ming Du and continued: "You already took the skill book just now and you still want to monopolise this item? Don't act like you're the only Magician in the party!"

A he spoke, Fearless turned around and pointed at the nearby Meng Meng.

Meng Meng had always been a shy girl so she was naturally hiding at the back of the party. She knew that the four of them barely even contributed anything in the entire dungeon so she hadn't had any hopes of obtaining anything worthwhile. For Fearless to suddenly offer her a chance to roll for the ring came as a massive shock.

"No no no Brother Fearless. I'm already happy enough just leeching the experience from everyone… How could I dare to compete for such an item… Just let Brother Ming Du have it..." Meng Meng frantically shook her head.

"Heh heh heh… I guess the girls in our Quan Zhen Sect are really sensible!" Ming Du wildly cackled.

Watching this scene, Fearless could only sigh: "Since Meng Men doesn't want it then I guess the Nebulous Ring will go to Ming Du! If you girls ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask. We are one guild after all!"

"Yes, thank you leader..." Meng Meng nodded.

Hearing her reply, Wang Yu lightly chuckled and tossed the ring over to Ming Du.

Looking at the expression of the faces of the four girls, Wang Yu silently thought to himself: "Trying to win them over? What a sly bastard..."

The final item that Kashmir dropped was an uncommon ore called Star Point Ore. It was a material that was meant to be used in crafting equipment.

In <<REBIRTH, all equipment that could be crafted all required a blueprint. Although players could add in their own materials on top of the minimum requirements, using such a precious resource to craft ordinary equipment was definitely a waste.

The attributes of crafted items in this game tended to be slightly higher than items of the same level that were dropped by monsters. Hence, the price of the blueprint for high grade items were always exorbitantly high.

The only one in the entire guild that had a full set of blueprints so Wang Yu just tossed the ores to him.

"I just need a few more uncommon materials and I'll be able to craft the entire set!" Boson excitedly laughed.

"My engineering was upgraded recently so I can help you craft it when the time comes!" Wang Yu smiled.

"Thank you brother bull..." Boson emotionally bowed.

"A minor matter. I'll help you after I turn in my quest later!"

After they finished distributing all of the loot, Defiant Tiger, Ivory Emperor and the two girls bade farewell to Wang Yu and left eh party and the dungeon.

After they exited, the four of them received a large amount of experience points and a gold grade treasure chest as a reward for being the first ones to clear the dungeon.

Right as the Quan Zhen Sect were about to leave as well, Mu Zi Xian suddenly spoke up: "Don't go yet! The dungeon isn't complete!"

"Huh? What do you mean Mrs Bull?" The others asked.

"Haven't any of you noticed? Our completion is only at 90% now. Don't you find it weird that there's still 10% missing?" Mu Zi Xian asked.

When they heard her words, the others realised that what she said was right. Although they had killed all five bosses in the dungeon their completion was only at 90%...

"Could there be another boss?" Fearless suggested.

"No, that's not possible… There must have been something else that we missed..."

"Huh? Is there something we didn't kill?"

"No it's different. It's something like like a quest item but we can't pick it up or even bring it out of the dungeon… In the game design, there's a few hidden quests in the dungeon like that." Mu Zi Xian explained.

"Ah! Clinton! It definitely has something to do with him!" Mu Zi Xian suddenly shouted.

"What about him?"

"When he died his sword and scepter weren't quest items but they didn't turn ino equipment drops either! They just remained on his corpse!" Mu Zi Xian explained.

"Oh right… That's true… We better go back and check it then!" Fearless replied.

When they returned to the courtyard, Clinton's weapons were still just lying on the ground.

"So what do we do now?" Wang Yu asked. Even when he had both of the weapons in his hands, he still didn't receive any system notifications.

"Don't you find that small fountain over there a little out of place?" Mu Zi Xian pointed a small fountain and asked.

"The fountain… Huh? Why's it emitting holy lights?"

Something like holy radiance was practically impossible to miss in a dark and demonic dungeon like this one.

"Throw the sword and sceptre in then!" Mu Zi Xian instructed.

"Alright!" Wang Yu nodded.

After throwing both the weapons into the fountain, everyone received a system notification.

<System Notification: You party has completed the hidden quest "Purification". 10% completion awarded.

<System Notification: Completion has reached 100% Do you want to exit the dungeon now?

After choosing yes, the entire party was transported out of the dungeon in a flash.

<System Notification: Congratulations on the perfect clear of the Hell tier dungeon Blood-Soaked Church. As the first party to clear it, you have been awarded: 2 000 000 experience points and one Obsidian tier treasure chest!

The received two million experience points… This amount was sufficient for a level 20 player to fill up 80% of his entire experience bar… Those who were level 15 managed to increase more than 2 levels!

"Mrs Bull we must really thank you for your help this time!" Fearless respectfully said.

From his conversation with Sanguine Primrose, Fearless had learnt that the experience awarded for the full clear of the dungeon had been twice of a 90% completion clear.Even the treasure chest awarded was a full tier higher!

"It was nothing really. If you want to thank someone then thank my husband!" Mu Zi Xian giggled.

"Brother Bull is really too fortunate… By the way won't the company come after us for receiving insider info from you?" Spring Halo asked.

"Well whatever I told you guys in all public information on the website anyway. So there's no need to worry that we cheated or anything!" Mu Zi Xian laughed.

"Public information?" She found out all of the intricacies of the dungeon from reading the website? This lady's judgement and inference abilities were truly on another level...