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Chapter 191: I’m An Actor

Chapter 191: I’m An Actor

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After their final discussion, it was agreed that Crotch Lord would take the skill for 50 gold.

A guild had to grow in strength, that was only natural. After all even though they had different starting points, it was only logical that they'd help each other improve. Since his damage was low and his movement was slow, Crotch Lord would definitely die if he was targeted by others.

Since he was also one of the front line players of the guild, it made alot of sense to give him a skill to help him preserve his life.

"Speak, what are you guys doing? Why are you all acting so suspiciously?" Wang Yu asked.

"He he he, we're waiting for the show that Fearless is going to put on later in the Inn..."


During this time in the Inn.

Sanguine Rose had already agreed to meet Southern Yama in the Inn in order to carry out the trade. Just as they were in the midst of exchanging the goods and gold, Fearless and Sanguine Primrose suddenly strolled in through the door.

Southern Yama had an extremely prominent appearance, making the duo extremely eye-catching.

"Hmm? Isn't that..." Fearless pretended as if he had forgotten Sanguine Rose's name as he looked towards the duo, his words trailing off.

"Hello, is this your boyfriend? He's rather handsome, why don't you introduce him to us..." Fearless excitedly waved at Sanguine Rose as he shouted across the Inn.

"Rose, what is the meaning of this?" Sanguine Primrose squealed when she saw the emblem on Southern Yama's chest.

Sanguine Primrose pointed at Sanguine Rose, the former seething with uncontrollable rage.

Sanguine Rose held the bag of gold in her hand, blankly staring at Fearless and Sanguine Primrose.

Sanguine Rose already had a bad premonition the moment Fearless had called out to her.

Twilight City was the turf of the Sanguine Alliance. And because of the Pure Lands guild's recents attempts to expand into this city, the relations between the two guilds were less than harmonious.

After being caught red-handed dealing with their enemies, there was simply nothing Sanguine Rose could say to prove her innocence.

She didn't accept anyone's money? But she was already holding a bag of cash in her hands.

Could she say she was selling the equipmeet? But why couldn't she have sold it to anyone else? Why did it have to be their enemy?

"Aiyah, so it was the famous Southern Yama! I say Primrose, your sister over here is rather capable! To think that she would find such a powerful backer!" Fearless laughed before Sanguine Rose even had the opportunity to explain herself.

Who was Southern Yama and why was he buying this piece of equipment from her? Why did he come personally? Didn't she just obtain this piece of equipment? How did news spread so quickly?

A thousand questions flashed through Sanguine Primrose's mind as she started at Sanguine Rose.

Sanguine Rose glared at Fearless, resentment filled her eyes. But Fearless only smiled at her, as though he was taunting her.

The softness in Sanguine Primrose's eyes faded as a hatred replaced it.

Betrayal. This was Sanguine Primrose's sore spot. She had once been the leader of a large and prominent guild. But she was betrayed by the player that she trusted the most. For the sake of money, this player took all the strongest players from her guild and defected, leaving Sanguine Primrose to slowly watch her guild decline, to the point that she was forced to seek the Sanguine Alliance for protection.

"I..." Sanguine Rose looked at the anger in Sanguine Primrose's eyes, at a loss for words.

"Guild leader Primrose, I think you are mistaken, actually..." Southern Yama said.

"F*ck you mom! How dare you try to poach a player from the Sanguine Alliance in Twilight City!!!" A few players suddenly shouted, brandishing their weapons as they charged towards Southern Yama.

"Ah? You can't be serious right? Why am I being dragged into this?" Fearless asked Sanguine Primrose.

Even though Southern Yama was just a Priest, He was still a serious casher. His attack was not lower than the average Magician. He was masterfully killed all the players that attacked him within a matter of seconds.

The players in the Inn heard the commotion and immediately ran over to see what had happened.

What the f*ck, the Sanguine Alliance and the Pure Lands guild are fighting!"


Southern Yama's expression hardened when he heard those words. No matter how strong he was, offending the Sanguine Alliance in Twilight City was pure suicide. He immediately decided to call for back up.

"I've been ambushed by the Sanguine Alliance in Twilight City! Send help!"

Southern Yama turned tail and fled after sending this message.

"Primrose! Don't let him leave!" Fearless urged as he raised his staff and casted [Fear] on Southern Yama. Sanguine Primrose reacted immediately, using [Charge] as she knocked into him.

A Priest was still a very fragile job, Sanguine Primrose's attack had sent Southern Yama flying, causing him to crash into a pillar in the Inn.

Right at this moment, the players from the Sanguine Alliance had arrived.

"Sister Primrose, what's the matter?"

"I think she betrayed you guys, but her treachery was discovered by Sanguine Primrose..." Fearless shouted as he pointed at Sanguine Rose.

"F*ck! I'll kill you!" Sanguine Rose shouted as she ran towards Fearless.

"Look at this! She's chasing me down because I exposed her lies..." Fearless continued to shout as he ran away.

"Is this true?" The players from the Sanguine Alliance asked as they stared at Sanguine Primrose.

By this time, Southern Yama had already climbed up from the ground, raising his staff as he continually attacked Sanguine Primrose.

Sanguine Primrose would have been killed by the skillful attacks from Southern Yama, if it weren't for the timely heals that she received from Fearless.

"Yes, everything that Leader Fearless said is true!" Sanguine Primrose shouted before turning her attention back towards Southern Yama: "Kill this f*cker!"

The players from the Sanguine Alliance reacted very quickly, first cutting down Sanguine Rose before surrounding Southern Yama. The Inn had descended into utter chaos.

Outside the respawn point, Frost Blade was currently paying a few level 10 players some money.

"What do you think boss? My acting is pretty good right!"

"Your acting wasn't bad, but I think it was slightly too exaggerated..." Frost Blade chuckled as he paid each player 1 gold coin.

"Thanks boss! Be sure to call on us again!" The players laughed as they ran off.

"Sure, sure, have a safe trip!" Frost Blade smiled as his figure disappeared.