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Chapter 192: The True Villain

Chapter 192: The True Villain

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Sanguine Primrose was a very mild-tempered individual. Despite having been a part of the Sanguine Alliance for such a long time, this was the first time that she had personally given the orders to attack another player, her very own friend.

Fearless took out a handkerchief as he looked at Sanguine Primrose's face, handing it to her as he comforted her: "With a temper like that, she's bound to bring you trouble sooner or later..."

Fearless words were not wrong. Sanguine Rose had already offended the entire Quan Zhen Sect for a single piece of equipment.


Sanguine Primrose thanked Fearless as she took the handkerchief from him.

"No problem..." Fearless smiled.

This man was the true villain. Not only did he set Sanguine Rose up, he still wanted to appear as a knight in shining armour to Sanguine Primrose.

Southern Yama was one of the top players in his guild, not to mention one of the few players that had completed their level 20 job advancement quest. He was also a super casher as well.

His equipment and skills were on par with Frost Blade's...

Despite being a Priest with low damage, Southern Yama had managed to hold up four experts from the Sanguine Alliance. A combination of his attacks and self-healing ensured that he survived despite the brutal attacks that he was facing.

The players from the Sanguine Alliance were getting increasingly frantic, a casher really had an unfair advantage...

Regardless of how stubborn he was, Southern Yama could not compete with the sheer numbers that the Sanguine Alliance had. Under their relentless attacks, his health began to steadily decrease...

Southern Yama quickly retreated, pulling a scroll out of his inventory.

"Teleportation scroll?"

Even though the players from the Sanguine Alliance didn't recognise it, Fearless did. This was a rare item that could allow players to teleport away regardless of their location.

But just as he was about to activate his scroll, a figure appeared behind his back, stabbing him with a dagger. The last bits of Southern Yama's health vanished as he turned into a ray of white light.

Because of the many players that he had previously killed, Southern Yama had accumulated a massive amount of PK points, making him extremely susceptible to dropping his own equipments when he died.

As a crazy casher, the items that most bosses dropped could not compare to the items that he dropped upon death.

Bronze, Silver and even Gold tier items were dropped. The players from the Sanguine Alliance were driven insane with their greed, hurriedly rushing forward to pick up the equipments.

Within the Quan Zhen Sect guild chat.

"F*ck yeah, I've finally gotten my revenge! F*cking Pure Lands guild!" Darknorth Fisher happily said.

"Your revenge would have been completed sooner or later, what about the equipment?" Fearless asked.

"It's still on him, it didn't drop..." Darknorth Fisher replied.

"Time for plan B, Brother Spring, Brother Spring, you guys are up next!" Fearless shouted.

"Got it."

Southern Yama was feeling extremely vexed about this situation. He had come to Twilight City to buy a piece of equipment, yet he was killed by the Sanguine Alliance... what the f*ck was wrong with them?

Southern Yama was an immensely prideful individual, after all he had spent so much money to buy in-game items just to show off.

"I've been killed by the Sanguine Alliance in Twilight City..." Southern Yama angrily messaged in his guild chat.

"What? Is Sanguine Warflag that brave?" The guild leader of the Pure Lands guild, Lone Blossom, replied.

It was an unspoken agreement between the guild leaders in <<REBIRTH that they would not start any wars between each other during the early stages of the game. Even though Sanguine Warflag was a pretty rash individual, but he wasn't one that would ignore such rules.

"I was tricked by two girls from the Sanguine Alliance!" Southern Yama replied.

What the f*ck, did you sustain any other losses?" Lone Blossom asked.

"I killed a few of their lackeys during the battle, which caused my PK points to soar. I dropped all my equipment..." Southern Yama dejectedly replied.

Southern Yama's equipments were amongst the very best that was available in the game, not to mention the several special equipments that he had in his inventory at the time. He really did suffer a great loss from that single death alone.

Southern Yama had an exceedingly good reputation amongst the players in the Pure Lands guild. Not only was he one of the top players, he was generous and kind to the others as well. Not forgetting that he was a personal friend of their leader Lone Blossom in real life. Attacking Southern Yama was as good as attacking the entire guild. The fact that Southern Yama had lost all his equipment today had greatly angered the other players of the Pure Lands guild.

"Since the Sanguine Alliance aren't honoring their promise, then we don't have to either. Brothers, we're going to teach the idiots from Twilight City a lesson!" Lone Blossom coldy stated.

"Then what should I do now?" Southern Yama asked.

"I'll pick you up from the church in Twilight City." Lone Blossom instructed.

"Mm, I'll wait for you them."

Spring Halo and the rest were already lying in wait outside the church, but they had seen Southern Yama despite having been here for a few hours.

Right at this moment, a whole group of players rushed into the church.

"That's Amitabha!!!" Darknorth Fisher glared at the group entering. There was no way that he would not recognise them after they had continuously terrorised him for days.

"Old Fishy, you youngsters are really too rash. We'll kill them later when they are further away from the respawn point. I'll definitely let you kill Amitabha." Spring Halo said as he gave Darknorth Fisher a pat on his back.

"Really?" Darknorth Fisher emotionally asked.

This was the first time that Darknorth Fisher had been embarrassed after so many years of gaming, this was a grudge that he would pay any price to repay! Despite being an expert himself, Amitabha still brought a group of several dozen players along with him wherever he went. Thus Darknorth Fisher could never find an opportunity to kill him.

"Just wait and see!" Ming Du chuckled.

"Did you guys see any enemies on the way here..." Southern Yama asked when he saw fellow members of his guild walking towards him.

The arrival Amitabha and his group had set Southern Yama at ease, after all, these were the elite players from their guild. The ragtag bunch of players from the Sanguine Alliance would never be able to defeat them.

"Nope, it's pretty quiet out there..." Amitabha replied.

"That's strange..." Southern Yama mumbled to himself.

"There's nothing strange at all. Those players from the Sanguine Alliance are just cowards. All they know how to do is to oppress the weak while avoiding the strong. The way I see it, Sanguine Warflag is finished." Amitabha answered.

"That's true." Southern Yama indifferently replied: "Let's go, we have to find a place to wait for our boss."

"Of course! Let's go to our office, it's safe there."

Office's in <<REBIRTH were very strange existences. Despite having a single door as their defense, it was something that no one could breach at all. In some respects, it was much safer than the respawn point.

"They're coming... everyone get ready!" The players of the Quan Zhen Sect excitedly told one another as they peered into the church.