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Chapter 193: The Formal Agreement

Chapter 193: The Formal Agreement

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"What're are you guys up to? Are you fighting? Why didn't you bring me along?" Wang Yu realised something was amiss when he saw the commotion in the guild chat. These bastards must have gone to PK without him! Making him feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Martial artists really were just itching for a good fight...

"Fearless already has the equipment, we're just drinking some wine now! There's no fight, go do something else..." Ming Du hurriedly replied.

"But why? Why don't we invite Old Bull? Isn't he very strong?" Darknorth Fisher curiously asked, not understanding the reason behind Ming Du's actions.

After being hunted down by the players from the Pure Lands guild for so long, Darknorth Fisher knew that these men were very skilled. Even though he knew that the players from the Quan Zhen Sect were no pushovers, bringing Wang Yu along would give him some assurance.

"Bullshit, how strong can a brute like Iron Bull be? We won't know what will happen if we bring him along..."

"But!" Darknorth Fisher protested.

"But what? Don't you want to personally avenge yourself?"

"Of course I do!"

"Then just shut up! Don't breath a word about this matter to him. You got it?"

"I got it..." Darknorth Fisher obediently nodded his head.

"They've fallen for our trap! Let's go!" Spring Halo suddenly shouted, raising his staff as he castrated [Distortion], locking several players from the Pure Lands guild into place. Ming Du casted [Hell's Inferno] and [Flaming Barrage] one after the other, laughing maniacally as white lights danced before his very eyes.

There were very few players who could resist the attacks from Ming Du, even if there were, they were just tanks...

But given that Amitabha was hell-bent on hunting Darknorth Fisher the Assassin, he had only brought four tanks amongst the dozens of players that came...

Boson, Frost Blade and Vainglory dashed into the fire, killing three of the remaining tanks.

Just as Amitabha has regained his senses, Crotch Lord had already appeared beside him, using [Charge] to stun him as he shouted to Darknoth Fisher: "Kill this f*cker!"

Even though Darknorth Fisher did not have many good equipments on him, the fact remained that he was a top class expert. He raised his blade, viciously slashing down onto Amitabha's neck.

"You shameless bunch of trash! I can even hear you guys killing people from two streets away... I'm coming over to find you!" Wang Yu shouted in the guild chat.

"We got the equipment, it's time to leave….." Fearless shouted, signalling to the rest to retreat.

At the respawn point, the players from the Pure Lands guild were in a state of utter disbelief.

They were all top class players from their guild, yet they were cleanly massacred within a single round without any chance of retaliation.

But what truly enraged them was the fact that they were unable to see the faces of the people that had killed them.

"Quickly! Go to the respawn point! They're probably still roaming the streets!" Southern Yama shouted as he donned a random piece of equipment in his inventory.

Since all the respawn points in Twilight City were along the same street, it was not long before the players from the Pure Lands guild were able to regroup themselves.

All the other players were busy killing the event monster Nian, thus there weren't many players roaming the streets.

After looking over all the players on the streets, they realised that these were all low levelled players who were unable to do any harm to them at all.

There was only one suspicious character, a tall and menacing Pugilist who seemed to be looking around for something...

This player was someone who had previously insta killed Hollow Law, the number one expert of the Quan Zhen Sect, Iron Bull.

"Hey, you there, I'm talking to you. Did you see anyone killing other players over here?" Southern Yama asked Wang Yu. The reason that they didn't recognise Wang Yu was that he was wearing the Mask of Concealment the last time they met.

"F*ck you, stop looking for trouble Yama..." Amitabha advised.

"What's the matter? You recognise him?" Southern Yama asked as he pointed at Wang Yu.

"No, no I don't…...just go ahead then..." Amitabha hurriedly lowered his head as he spoke. How could he possibly tell Southern Yama that the whole lot of them were scared away by Wang Yu alone.

"Hey I'm talking to you... speak!"

"I'm looking for them too... who are you anyway?" Wang Yu shrugged.

"I'm called Southern Yama and I'm a player from the Pure Lands guild. If you have any news on them you can tell me, I'll help you kill them." Southern Yama righteously declared.

"Do you guys know someone called Southern Yama? He seems to be looking for you." Wang Yu said in the guild chat.

"Nope, not at all. He's definitely not looking for us. We're all in the Inn! Why don't you join us for a round or two?" They replied.

"Did I get it wrong?"

Wang Yu hesitated for a moment, pondering if his mind was playing tricks on him or not before turning around to leave.

"What the f*ck, these players from Twilight City really don't have any manners at all! I would have taught them all a lesson if I wasn't robbed of all my equipments." Southern Yama grumbled as he watched Wang yu walked away.

"Most definitely!" Amitabha agreed, secretly thinking to himself: "Fortunately you don't have any equipments, otherwise we'll all have to pay the price for your brashness."

Wang Yu strolled into the Inn, only to see that amongst the entire group of rowdy men sitting around a table and drinking, there sat a girl, bawling her eyes out.

"It's alright, just forget about it. Friends like that really aren't considered friends at all! Just look at my friends. Even though they're all ugly and despicable, they would never think of betraying me!" Fearless comforted the girl.

"Ha ha!" The others snickered.

"But it seems as though someone here orchestrated the whole matter? I wonder if I should expose the truth or not?" Spring Halo messaged the guild chat.

"Brother Spring, don't be that way. I'll treat you to any girl you want the next time we go to the health spa! Anyone that doesn't charge more than 60 dollars." Fearless hurriedly spoke.

"What a good brother you are!" Spring Halo laughed.

"We want in on this too!" The rest chimed in.

"Alright alright, I'll making a booking for the entire Quan Zhen Sect then!" Fearless chuckled.

"Ah, Iron Bull is here..." Everyone quietened down when they saw that Wang Yu had arrived, quickly making way for him and giving him a seat. Vainglory even poured him a glass of wine

"What's the matter Primrose?" Wang Yu asked Sanguine Primrose who was still sobbing uncontrollably as he furrowed his brows.

"Her sisters betrayed her and left... don't ask about it anymore." Fearless sighed.


"Sanguine Rose" Fearless replied.

"Sanguine Rose?" Wang Yu might not have been there, but he definitely wasn't stupid. Sanguine Rose had offended Fearless less than an hour ago... why did this matter seem so fishy?