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Chapter 194: A Storm Is Approaching

Chapter 194: A Storm Is Approaching

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"Yup, that's right! Primrose saw it herself..." Fearless replied.

"Really?" Wang Yu suspiciously looked over at Sanguine Primrose.

"Yes... I saw her together with Southern Yama from the Pure Lands guild..." Sanguine Primrose sorrowfully recounted.

"Southern Yama? Isn't that..." But before Wang Yu was able to complete his sentence, Boson suddenly stood up and shouted: "Brother Bull, didn't you say that you would help me creating an armour?"

"I did... do you have time now?"

"Of course!" Boson replied.

"Alright then, let's return to our headquarters! I'll make a set of top quality goods for you!" Wang Yu boasted. But in reality, he had never crafted anything before.

"He truly is my brother!" Fearless sighed. He had never been so touched in his life.

"What about us?" The rest unhappily asked.

"You guys are even closer!" Fearless added: "So why don't you guys leave now?"

"Are we still killing the players from the Pure Lands guild?"

"Since we've already acquired the equipment, there's no need to continue, you guys can go now." Fearless replied.

"Since our boss doesn't want to fight anymore we should just leave! We can take advantage of the chaos later and kill some players with high PK points! We'll make a fortune!" Ming Du insidiously laughed.

"Bring me along too!" Everyone chimed in.

Everyone left the Inn along with Ming Du.

"What's the matter? Why did they all leave? Did I say something wrong?" Sanguine Primrose curiously asked as she watched the others leave.

"No... that's the way they are, they don't care about anyone but themselves, other than myself. They really respect me!" Fearless shamelessly explained.

Right at this time, a swarm of well-equipped players had stepped out of the Teleportation formation.

The emblem that these players were wearing on their chests was something that the players in Twilight City recognised, the Pure Lands guild.

"Where are the players of the Sanguine Alliance?" One of the players asked a passerby.

"They're fishing at Dusk Lake!" The player replied.

"Fishing?" The player from the Pure Lands guild glowered. It seemed like the Sanguine Alliance really was carefree, to think that they would go fishing at such a time.

"Where is Dusk Lake?"

"Just walk straight out of the city gates and keep going forward. You'll reach it in no time!" The player replied.

This member of the Pure Lands guild quickly disseminated the information that he had just gathered.

"The Sanguine Alliance is fishing?"

"Nah, I just lied to them!" The player laughed.

"To think that you would dare to lie to the Pure Lands guild! You have guts brother, what's your name? I would like to add you as a friend."

"Rolling Mario!"

Even though the main force of the Pure Lands guild had arrived, the players of the Sanguine Alliance were still oblivious to the current situation. In fact, their leader Sanguine Warflag was still busy watching the recording from the Hell tier dungeon.

"Aiyah, f*ck... what is this skill? What kind of fighting style is that?"

Even after watching the video for the better half of the day, Sanguine Warflag was unable to learn anything from it.

But this wasn't because Sanguine Warflag was an unskilled player, but because the players from the Quan Zhen Sect were simply too skilled! Their tactics and fighting styles were not something anyone could just imitate.

"Boss! This is bad! The Pure Lands guild has arrived in Twilight City and they seem to be looking for us!" Sanguine Warflag suddenly received a message from Sanguine Darkness.

"Did you look closely? Are you sure they're from the Pure Lands guild?"

"I'm 100% sure! I even saw Lone Blossom!"

"F*ck, has Lone Blossom gone mad?" Sanguine Warflag raged.

"It was our men that attacked first. From what I heard, some of our men killed a prominent player from the Pure Lands guild in the Inn previously and they even got a majority of his top-tier equipment... they were even boasting about it in the guild chat earlier." Sanguine Darkness replied.

"Ah..." Sanguine War was on the verge of vomiting blood: "Top tier equipment? Who? Was it Southern Yama?"

"Yes, it was him..." Sanguine Darkness replied: "I think that it had something to do with Sanguine Primrose, people say that they saw her ramming into him with [Charge]."

"Primrose? But isn't she very reasonable?"

"I think it had something to do with Sanguine Rose..." Sanguine Darkness replied

"..." Sanguine Warflag was at a loss for words. Weren't Sanguine Primrose and Sanguine Rose extremely close? Why did Sanguine Primrose end up killing the latter?

"Boss, what should we do? Should we surrender the people that killed him?"

"Surrender? We are the rulers of Twilight City, why should we be afraid of the Pure Lands guild in our own turf? I've already been thinking of paying them back for all the trouble that they've caused in Twilight City. Tell our brothers, they better fight to the last man standing!" Sanguine Warflag instructed.

"But it's still in the early stages of the game..."

Our enemies are already here. We can't just admit defeat like this, otherwise, we'll lose the trust our brothers have in us…...we've already lost a lot of face in Twilight City." Sanguine Warflag replied, reminiscing the defeat that they suffered at the hands of the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Yes boss!" Sanguine Darkness replied, making the arrangements that Sanguine Warflag had asked for.

As for the players from the Quan Zhen Sect, each and every one of them had already found a location that they could use to take advantage of the chaos, other than Fearless of course.

Boson was still with Wang Yu at the guild headquarters.

In the crafting room, Mary was tirelessly training her forging skills.

"Brother Boson, why are you here? Are you here to see me?" Mary put down her tools as she eagerly greeted Boson.

"Do you still have the blueprints you received from fighting the Boss Nian? I can help you craft it..." Mary asked the dazed Boson. It was obvious that Mary's passionate greeting had thrown him off.

"Brother Boson, I can help you craft it, my crafting skill is already at the intermediate level..." Mary urged

"Er..." Boson turned over to look at Wang Yu: "Actually, I've already asked Brother Bull to craft it for me..."

"Aiyah, Mr Landlord, you're here too!" Mary suddenly realised that Wang Yu was here as well.

Wang Yu's face was covered in black lines.

"Yes, Boson has already asked me to help him a long time ago." Wang Yu explained.

"What a shame….. Here I was thinking that I could personally craft something for Brother Boson..." Mary sadly replied.

"You'll have a chance!" Boson blushed.

"Get a room you two!" Wang Yu laughed.

"Get a room? What for?"

"F*ck!" The duo finally understood Wang Yu's hidden meaning, raising their middle fingers towards him.

"Mr Landlord, I've never seen you craft anything before, are you sure you can do it?" Mary asked.

"Che!" Wang Yu took a screenshot of his skill, sending it to Mary as he asked: "What do you think?"

"Oh... ha ha ha!" Mary suddenly burst into laughter as she spoke: "Mr Landlord, you don't use your crafting class so you wouldn't know. But just having a skill is useless in crafting!"