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Chapter 195: Blacksmith Wang Yu

Chapter 195: Blacksmith Wang Yu

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"Just having the skill isn't enough?" Wang Yu gasped.

"That's right. A crafting class and your normal job's are pretty similar. Even though the system will give you some help, you still need to your own skills. A skill can have vastly different effects in the hands of a noob and a pro." Mary explained.

It was only after Mary had explained everything to Wang Yu did he finally understand how crafting worked.

For example, there were four basic steps to crafting a blade. Melting the metal, casting the metal, tempering and then finally assembling the blade.

The system would give a grade to the weapon that a player had crafted based on the their performance in these four steps.

The higher the completion rate, the easier it would be for a player to craft a top class equipment and the higher the experience they would get for their crafting class.

The more a player crafted, the more familiar they would be with crafting. Thus increasing the chances of crafting a top-tier equipment.

Even with the help of the system, crafting wasn't such a simple task. It required the player to put in immense time and effort to hone their skills.

Even though they both had crafting classes, a seasoned crafter like Mary was leagues ahead of Wang Yu in terms of forging a weapon.

But of course, there was still a matter of talent. The more talented an individual was, the easier it would be for them to pick up forging.

Boson grew increasingly conflicted after hearing Mary's explanation. The blueprint for a piece of equipment from a set was very different from one that you could buy in a shop.

Blueprints from the shop could be used over and over again. But blueprints for set equipments had limited uses. Boson's blueprint in particular could only be used three times.

"Then you should do it..." Wang Yu told Mary.

Wang Yu did not dare to try his luck with this blueprint. After all, Boson had regarded it as a priceless treasure and did not dare to let see it.

"Ok!" Mary happily replied before turning to Boson: "Brother Boson, pass the blueprint to me! I'll forge it for you!"

"This..." If Boson could not trust Wang Yu, then how could he trust Mary?

"Don't worry Brother Boson. You might not believe me, but I'm one of the top crafters in the game. There aren't many players that have reached an intermediate level for crafting." Mary laughed.

"Alright then..." Boson did not have the heart to reject her since Mary looked so eager to help him, handing the blueprint over to her.

Mary received the blueprint, immediately trying to learn it, but a gloomy expression appeared on her face.

"No way, this is a rare blueprint, it requires the player to have Advanced crafting to learn it..." Mary sighed.

"Advanced crafting?" Boson gasped.

Even craftsmen in the large guilds would require one to two months to reach that level. But by that time, this piece of equipment would already be worthless.

"You can't learn it?" Wang Yu asked, picking up the blueprint to try. Surprisingly, the blueprint turned into a ray of white light, disappearing before their eyes.

"I can learn it..." Wang Yu excitedly cheered.

"Ah? Brother Bull you've learnt it?" Boson and Mary gasped.

"Yup! What's the problem? Since you can't learn it anyway..." Wang Yu meekly replied.

"No, no... since you've already learnt it then you can craft it for me..." Boson sighed.

There was no use flogging a dead horse. Since Wang Yu had already learnt the blueprint, there was no harm letting him try his hand at crafting it, what if he could really do it?

"Ok!" Wang Yu nodded: "But you can't blame me if I don't manage to craft a top tier piece of equipment understand?"

"Relax, I'm not that kind of person..."

"Ok! Then I'll start..."

Wang Yu said as he walked over to the forging table, opening the refining tab in his menu.

There were three options in the refining tab.

Christopher's Fury (Weapon) 0/3

Christopher's Conviction (Armour) 0/3

Christopher's Spirit (Armlet) 0/3

After choosing Christopher's Fury, a forging interface appeared before Wang Yu's eyes.

<System Notification: Please insert 5 Elite Iron, 5 Wind Copper and 1 Magic Stone.

After Boson had placed the materials on the table, Wang Yu chose five pieces of Elite Iron, through them into the furnace as he operated the machine, pumping air into the furnace.

Wang Yu followed the instructions from the system, raising the temperature of the recommended level before he stopped pumping more air in.

<System Notification: 100% completion for melting.

"Huh? Mr Landlord is pretty capable... it's really hard to grasp the temperature necessary for melting the components. Even I have never managed to achieve more than 95% completion, but he managed to achieve 100% on his first try. Is there some sort of bug?" Mary mumbled.

"Bug? All you need to do is to look at the temperature gauge right?" Wang Yu curiously asked.

"Temperature gauge? What's that?" Mary dejectedly asked.

Looking at her expression, Wang Yu realised that this was the difference between their skills, laughing as he replied: "Your crafting level is too low, it doesn't have this capability..."

"You're definitely not the landlord I know! He isn't just a loathsome individual!" mary shouted.

"Ha ha ha!" Wang Yu laughed as he poured the melted metals into the mould.

"You f*cked up!" Mary shouted as she watched Wang Yu's actions.

Precision was the most important thing in this step. Wang Yu's crude act of senselessly pouring the melted metal into the mold was hardly desirable.

<System Notification: Casting completion rate 56%.

Boson's jaw nearly dropped to the ground as he looked at this number.

Boson had still had faith that Wang Yu would be able to craft a top tier piece of equipment after his previous performance. But his hopes had now been dashed.

Even though Boson did not have anymore faith in Wang Yu's abilities, but the forging process had already started, there was no way to reserve it, otherwise they would lose the crafting materials. Wang Yu had no choice but to press on.

"Mr Landlord, tempering the metal is the hardest step! Don't be rash!" Mary advised.

"I got it." Wang Yu nodded as he began the third step in the forging process.