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Chapter 196: Chasing Perfection

Chapter 196: Chasing Perfection

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Wang Yu took out the raw metal that had just cooled, and placed it on the anvil as he prepared to hammer it. A small number '0/18' appeared beside the anvil, indicating that Wang Yu had to strike it eighteen times to finish this step of the forging.

When Wang Yu raised the hammer, he noticed that there were eighteen green circles on the sword, showing him exactly where he had to strike.

Like the temperature indicator previously, these green circles were a special indicator that came as a result of the refining skill that Wang Yu possesed, normal players wouldn't have this luxury.

Wang Yu tapped one of the green cirlces with the hammer, causing the circle to turn green, showing that this point had already been struck.

<System notification: Not enough strength applied. Completion rate 72%.

Wang Yu raised the hammer, striking at a different circle this time.

<System notification: Sufficient strength applied. Completion rate 100%.

Mary remained silent as she watched Wang Yu striking the sword. It was already pretty good that Wang Yu could achieve this for a beginner.

But what Mary saw next had completely shocked her...

100%, 100%, 100%... Wang Yu had actually managed to achieve 100% seventeen times in a row! This allowed him to achieve 97% completion for the third step in the forging process!

A normal player would face two challenges when they were doing the third step. Where they should strike and how much strength to use.

The places that one should strike with a hammer to temper their item they were forging was something that could be learnt with experience. But how hard they should strike was something that required talent. Not only was it hard to control the strength of their strikes, each different point required a different amount of strength and every weapon or armour they forged would require a different amount of strength.

Mary had probably forged a blade over eighty different times, but she had only managed to get 100% completion consecutively once in her life.

According to rumours, the number one blacksmith in <<REBIRTH was only able to achieve about 95% with every strike. There would be endless amounts of people trying to scout him as their blacksmith if word of Wang Yu's forging spread out.

But how was Wang Yu's forging so good, mary wondered.

Even though it was said that talent was very important in forging, ho was it possible that Wang Yu was performing so well on his first attempt? It was because Wang Yu had the aid of the system, which told him where to strike and how many times to strike.

For a simple task like striking the metal to temper it, Wang Yu only needed a little guidance as to where to apply his strength.

After tempering the blade, all that was left was to assemble it.

The hand guard, the hilt and several other smaller components. These were all things that could be purchased from the store. After all, the blueprints did not have these items either.

With the help of his refining skill, Wang Yu was able to expertly assemble the blade, achieving 100% completion in the assembly process.

<Christopher's Fury (Set)

Physical Attack: 25-27

Magical Attack: 25-27

+15 Strength

+15 Vitality

Christopher's set 1/3

Christopher's Fury (Weapon) 1/1

Christopher's Conviction (Armour) 0/1

Christopher's Spirit (Armlet) 0/1

Set bonus:

[Fury]: Increases the effectiveness of [Tornado Slash] by 15% (Already active).

[Conviction]: Increase physical defense and magic resistance by 20%

[Spirit]: Increase the damage of the player by 20% if his health falls below 50%

Its attribute bonus was not bad, but the damage it had was complete garbage... but what was the most difficult to accept was the fact that this blade was extremely ugly! Wang Yu would have nowhere to find his shame if anyone else saw this blade and Boson would rather go into battle bare handed than to carry something so hideous onto the battlefield.

"Brother Bull, this..." Boson hesitantly spoke...

Wang Yu wordlessly kept the blade in his own inventory as he spoke to Boson: "That didn't count, how about I make another one for you? Do you have enough materials?"

"Yeah I do..." Boson sighed in relief as he took the some materials out. Fortunately he had prepared enough materials to craft this set a few times over.

"Ok!" Wang Yu chirped, starting the forging process all over again.

This time, Wang Yu was extremely careful when he was casting the blade, slowly pouring the melted metals into the mold, achieving 100% completion.

With his previous experience in tempering the blade, Wang Yu was able to easily achieve 100% completion with each strike of his hammer. But somehow, he had only managed to achieve 99% completion for the tempering process.

After he had finished forging the weapon, the base attributes of the weapon had greatly increased compared to his first try.

Boson happily received the blade from Wang Yu under the unhappy stare from Mary.

Regardless if he was receiving the help of the system or not through his refining skill, it was no mean feat to achieve 100% completion with each strike of the hammer in the tempering process. There was no way that Wang Yu could achieve this if he himself did not have a monstrous amount of talent. Mary secretly sighed, resigning to the fact that she would never beat Wang Yu in this lifetime.

"Brother Bull... you really are the best! How can I ever repay you?" Boson emotionally asked.

"Let me forge it again..." Wang Yu honestly replied.

"Forge it again??? But why? This weapon is already perfect!" Boson asked in confusion.

A forged weapon was already stronger than most weapons that could be acquired from the boss. The weapon that Wang Yu had created from the second time that he forged was comparable to most top-tier Gold tier-ed weapons. It was already more than satisfactory for Boson.

"It isn't, I only managed to achieve 99% completion during the tempering process. There is still room for improvement..."

As a martial artist, Wang Yu had always chased perfection. He felt incredibly uncomfortable with the fact that he had almost forged the perfect weapon.

"Er... about that." Boson awkwardly replied.

"What's the matter? Is there some problem? Do you not have enough materials?" Wang Yu asked.

"Yea, I only had six pieces of Stardite and they've all been used up." Boson nodded.

Crafting high-level equipment required magic stones and stardite was a type of magic stone. Wang Yu required three stardite's each time forged Christopher's Fury, completely using up the magic stones that Boson had.

"How about this? Will this do?" Wang Yu asked as he pulled three red crystals out of his inventory.