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Chapter 200: Unreliable Father

Chapter 200: Unreliable Father

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"Yang Nuo? Why do we have to invite her?" Wang Yu asked with a long face.

This lady was nothing but a menace. Having dinner with Li Xue and the other three was a given since they stayed in the same house, but Yang Nuo was the young mistress of a large family, she could just go home for the holiday, why did she have to join them for a meal?

"Hey, why do you have to say it like that? It's not like she provoked you or something... be a good boy and do as I say or there won't be food for you." Mu Zi Xian chuckled.

"You don't understand, she..." Just as Wang Yu was about to explain himself, the doorbell rang.

"I'm cutting the vegetables, go answer the door please."

Wang Yu gloomily opened the door, only to see Yang Nuo's beaming smile.

"What's the matter Brother Yu? Are you not happy that I'm here for dinner as well..." Yang Nuo mocked.

"Just come in, not like I have a say about this..."

"How can you say such a thing honey? Help me pour the dirty water away and get me a fresh pail of water." Mu Zi Xian instructed.

"..." Wang Yu silently glowered as he did as he was instructed.

"Don't mind him Nuo Nuo. he's not usually like this..." Mu Zi Xian whispered to Yang Nuo.

"I know, he only behaves this way to me." Yang Nuo pouted.

"Ah?" Mu Zi Xian's woman intuition told her something was off, probing her to question Yang Nuo further: "Did you guess know each other before?"

"No..." Yang Nuo shook her head.

"Then why do I feel as though there are some pre-existing tensions between the two of you?" Mu Zi Xian asked.

"This..." Yang Nuo sighed, giving into Mu Zi Xian: "It's a long story, I rather not talk about it during this festive season."

"You know martial arts as well?" Mu Zi Xian continued to ask.

"Yes." Yang Nuo nodded.

"Yang family clan?"


Mu Zi Xian's face paled when she heard Yang Nuo's confirmation. Even the hand that she held the vegetables with started trembling from over-exertion.

"His... fiance?" Mu Zi Xian finally mustered the courage to ask.

He was already her husband, yet now a woman that was apparently his fiance had appeared...

"You can say that... but it's not totally like that." Yang Nuo explained.

"I guessed as much..."

Yang Nuo's confirmation did not make Mu Zi Xian angrier, it actually calmed her down/

From the start, Wang Yu had already told Mu Zi Xian that Yang Nuo was from the Yang family clan, but Mu Zi Xian had never thought much about this fact.

Mu Zi Xian had always assumed that martial artists were all big burly men like her husband. The thought of the dainty and delicate Yang Nuo being a martial artist had never crossed her mind.

Earlier on when the two ladies had gone out shopping together, Mu Zi Xian realised that Yang Nuo was an extremely well brought up lady, worlds apart from her own husband who seemed to know nothing about societal norms.

Who would have thought that Yang Nuo did not even conceal the fact, but blatantly admitted it to Mu Zi Xian, this was what had truly surprised her.

"Then what are you going to do? Kill me?" Mu Zi Xian solemnly asked.

"How could I... Sister Xian, it's a crime to kill people in today's society. At the very most I'll just take him away..." Yang Nuo meekly replied.

"Then you might as well kill me first!" Mu Zi Xian angrily shouted, not backing down in the slightest.

"Ai, I really don't understand you. What do you see in him? The only thing he knows is martial arts, nothing else! What do you even like about him?"

"I don't really know..." Mu Zi Xian shook her head.

"Then why would you die for him?" Yang Nuo asked.

"You're still young so you don't understand. Why do you need to know what I love about him? That doesn't prove anything, all you have to know is that I would willingly give my life up for him." Mu Zi Xian answered.

"Love... but I don't even see the both of you acting all lovey-dovey..." Yang Nuo laughed. The love that Yang Nuo knew was like the ones that you would see in dramas, passionate and fierce, the complete opposite of what Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian were like.

"There are two kinds of love in this world. One is like water and the other is like fire. Fire burns strong and bright but dies very quickly. But the one that is slow and steady like a flowing river will last forever. It's not about loving him in the best of times, but being willing to pull through thick and thin with him." Mu Zi Xian smiled.

Mu Zi Xian could tell that Yang Nuo was not interested in taking Wang Yu from her, but was merely curious about the relationship between the two of them.

"I understand. You don't have to worry Sister Xian, I didn't come here to take your husband, I just wanted to see what kind of person could captivate him so deeply. If I were him, I might have ended up in the same predicament..." Yang Nuo replied.

"Thank you..." Mu Zi Xian replied.

"But it's still too early to celebrate. Even though the Yang Family clan and I can accept this, it doesn't mean that others will allow it..." Yang Nuo sighed.

"Others?" You mean the Wang family clan?"

"No, no... the other family clans. This idiot's identity isn't as simple as you think it is..." Yang Nuo hesitantly explained.

"Ah? How many fiances does he have?" Mu Zi Xian gasped.

"Three... that's why I said you weren't completely right." Yang Nuo shook her head as he explained.

"Did the country grant martial arts special privileges regarding marriage for the sole purpose of helping martial arts flourish?" Mu Zi Xian asked.

Mu Zi Xian blushed, perhaps she really was thinking too far ahead...

Martial artists were a rare breed in the world. Perhaps the country noticed that their numbers were dwindling and decided to grant them special privileges. A martial artist was strong and had virtually inexhaustible stamina...

"What are you think? What special privileges? We're normal citizens too, we can only have one husband and wife in a marriage..." Yang Nuo gloomily replied.

"Then why does he have three fiances?" Mu Zi Xian asked.

"Because of the rules of the martial arts world and because his father is an unreliable piece of shit!" Yang Nuo answered with a heart full of resentment.