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Chapter 201: A Safe Place

Chapter 201: A Safe Place

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The martial arts circle was extremely small and they very strict about observing traditions.

In order to protect their bloodlines and their resources, martial artists seldom married people from the outside. This was especially so for those in the four great clans.

In the martial arts circle in china, these four clan stood at the absolute apex. Finding their children a matching partner was of the utmost priority to ensure the purity of the bloodline.

This made them extremely elitist, small sects and clans were not even given a chance. Several hundred years ago, it was decided that descendants of the four clans could only marry members of the four clans.

As the most talented martial artist to ever be born, as well as a member of the Wang family clan, the members of the other three clans had already selected a girl to betrothed to him the moment they discovered his talent.

Everyone wanted some form of connection to the genius known as Wang Yu.

Wang Yu’s existence was the pride of his family, so naturally everything had always been arranged for him by his family, including his marriage. But just as his father was about to force him to choose a bride, Wang Yu fled...

Being someone that was very prideful, Wang Yu’s father could not stand the shame that he had to endure when Wang Yu had ran away, thoughtlessly saying that he would hunt Wang Yu down and kill him.

Knowing his temper, no one in the family even believed for a second that he wanted to kill Wang Yu. Even he himself started making jokes about this matter.

But the other family’s did not see it that way. They had sent their daughters to the Wang clan only to have Wang Yu run off... the shame they had to endure was no less than Wang Yu’s father.

Fortunately the Yang family was more understanding, since Wang Yu’s grandmother was a member of the Yang family in the past. But the other two families were no as tolerant, Wang Yu’s behaviour had completely incited their rage.

"Then, what should we do?" Mu Zi Xian quietly asked Yang Nuo.

"Relax, they aren’t villains so you aren’t in any particular danger. They’ll probably only pull some petty tricks on you guys, nothing too serious. The only thing that you should be afraid of is his father. There aren’t many people in this world that can actually beat him in a fight and most of them are from his family..." Yang Nuo explained.

"Oh… you could have said so earlier, you nearly frightened me to death..." Mu Zi Xian heaved a sigh of relief.

"Ah? You’re sick again?" Wang Yu suddenly walked into the kitchen and asked before pointing his finger at Yang Nuo: "What have you done?"

"It’s alright, stop bullying Nuo Nuo, after all you two still have some familial connections..."

After so many years of inter-marriage, the members of the four families could all be considered to be related to each other.

"Ah? How do you know about this?" Wang Yu asked.

"I told her..." Yang Nuo raised her hand.

"What nonsense did you tell her?" Wang Yu angrily glared at Yang Nuo.

"I was telling her about what happened between our families, so that I could set her heart at ease. Don’t you ever get sick of treating me like this? What, are you going to kill me?" Yang Nuo indifferently replied.

"I..." Wang Yu did not dare to kill anyone... no matter how strong his martial arts were, he could not commit such a crime.

"Alright, as long as you don’t have any designs on me..." Wang Yu finally sighed.


Yang Nuo spat out a mouthful of saliva at his words: "Relax, I would never go for a piece of trash like you even if I was blind! Sister Xian even told me that you had to be taught to put the toilet seat down after you use it..."

"F*ck, I’ll really kill you if you continue spouting nonsense!" Wang Yu murderously glared at Yang Nuo.

"Er, I’ll just continue cutting vegetables then..." Mu Zi Xian hurriedly excused herself from the scene.

"I’ll help you too..." Yang Nuo hurriedly ran after her.

The only one left in the living room was Wang Yu.

"Mr Landlord, I think the toilet is stuck..." Mary shouted from the toilet. It seemed like the four ladies had logged off from the game as well.

"Don’t mention the toilet to me!" Wang Yu hollered.

As angry as he was, Wang Yu was relieved that Mu Zi Xian finally knew the truth, a great burden was finally lifted off his chest.

But the other players in the Quan Zhen Sect could not be as carefree as Wang Yu.

The Pure Lands guild had immediately charged back into Twilight City.

Because of how well known they were, the Pure Lands guild was able to pinpoint Fearless’ location rather quickly.

Lone Blossom had always known that Fearless was a con man, but he never expected that he would be so capable as to get two large guilds to fight each other. He immediately gave the other to his guild members to kill all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect on sight. They were not to waste time talking to them, especially if their opponent was a male Priest.

No matter how skilled he was, Fearless could not fight all the experts of the Pure Lands guild by himself, very quickly being reduced to a ray of white light.

The other players of the Quan Zhen Sect who were hiding and trying to take advantage of the war between the two guilds suddenly received a message from Fearless.

"You guys better find a safe zone and log off now! We’re being hunted down by the players from the Pure Lands guild!"

"Hunted by the players from the Pure Lands guild? Are you alright?" Ming Du immediately replied. But before they even got a chance to see his reply, everyone saw that Fearless had already logged off from the game.

There were only two safe zones in <<REBIRTH, the respawn point and the teleportation formation. The reason that Fearless could log off so quickly was definitely because he had been killed.

"Everyone, let’s go to the respawn point, be careful." Boson instructed.

"We can’t go to those places, we have to find some other safe zone." Spring Halo hurriedly replied.

The players from the Pure Lands guild weren't idiots, they would have predicted the Quan Zhen Sect’s reaction and would have surrounded the safe zones by now. Going there would simply be delivering themselves to the enemy.

"Another safe zone? Where?"

"The guild headquarters!" Spring Halo replied.