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Chapter 202: The Slippery Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 202: The Slippery Quan Zhen Sect

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The guild headquarters were the same as the guild office, they were safe zones that were designated by the system.

The main difference between the two was that you had to pay rent for the guild office, but the guild headquarters was a piece of private property. Once a player issued as challenge for a guild war, the guild headquarters would turn into a place that could be attacked.

There were very little members in the Quan Zhen Sect so it did not make sense to rent an office. They would normally just gather in the Inn. The only private safe zone they had was their headquarters.

But because of how lazy they were, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect did not visit their headquarters very often. If it weren’t for Spring Halo’s reminder, they would all have forgotten about it completely.

There were two ways to get to the guild headquarters. The first was through the teleportation formation and the second was to run there.

Everyone in the game knew that the Quan Zhen Sect had a guild headquarters outside the city, so the Pure Lands guild had already deployed men to guard the city gates.

Twilight City could not be considered a large city, having only seven respawn points, ten teleportation formations and four city gates. Lone Blossom had already predicted that the Quan Zhen Sect would not try to use the teleportation formation and hence deployed the bulk of his forces at the four city gates.

The Pure Lands guild that was deployed all over the city had already discovered the Quan Zhen Sect’s route of advancement. Lone Blossom had immediately sent a team to hunt them down.

Lone Blossom firmly believed that there was no way that they Quan Zhen Sect would escape his clutches.

But was the Quan Zhen Sect that dared to try a guild headquarters quest with eight men, and even challenge a hell tier dungeon at level 20, truly so simple? Would they really just quietly try to run away?

Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher had still attempted to use [Stealth] to enter the respawn point or the teleportation formation.

But when they saw how heavily guarded those places were, they ultimately took advantage of their [Stealth], going to a quiet corner in the city and logging off.

Not only could Spring Halo fly, but he even had several godlike control skills. He had lured many players from the Pure Lands guild into chasing him, throwing control spells as he fled. Even though they were able to corner him in an alleyway, Spring Halo simply turned into a puff of black smoke as he flew out of the city.

Vainglory was able to find a building that was short enough for him to climb, allowing his to shake off his pursuers as he leapt from building to building, escaping the city.

But Ming Du and the rest did not have the skills that Vainglory and Spring Halo possessed.

Ming Du was a simple Lightning Wizard with extremely high damage output. He had cheekily lured the players from the Pure Lands guild into an alleyway before using both his AOE skills simultaneously, sending them all to the respawn point. The only ones who managed to survive his attack were the tanks, but these slow, short ranged players were hardly enough to take him down. Ming Du used his movement skill, appearing on the top of a short wall and he sniped them with lightning.

Boson and Crotch Lord knew the limitations to their abilities, quickly teaming up with each other when they saw that Fearless had gone offline.

They were able to complement each other, one with exceedingly high attack and the other with high defenses. Equipped with their new armour, the players from the Pure Lands guild were completely unable to harm them at all.

They were reckless using [Charge] to knock their opponents away. Even though they could not kill their pursuers, but neither could the players from the Pure Lands guild harm them.

An hour had passed...

Lone Blossom, who was standing guard by the respawn point, grew increasingly worried when he realised that his guild members had not caught anyone yet.

"What are you guys doing? The few hundred of you can’t kill seven of them even after an hour?" Lone Blossom angrily asked in the guild chat.

"The two Thieves have [Stealth]... we can’t find them..." A few players replied.

"What about the Dark Shaman? You guys can’t capture a useless player like him?" Lone Blossom continued asking.

"His skills are too scary... and he has insane control mechanics! But We’ve managed to corner him in an alleyway!"

"So where is he now?"

"He flew away..." The players chasing Spring Halo honestly answered.

"Flew away... are you lying to me?" Lone Blossom angrily shouted.

"I’m serious, he turned into a cloud of black smoke and drifted away..."

"F*ck, then what about the rest of them?" Did they fly away as well?"

"They didn’t fly away, but that Pugilist managed to climb onto a building... and he managed to escape..." The players chasing Vainglory replied.

"F*ck! What about the rest?" Lone Blossom was starting to get worried.

"That Magician is on a roof top as well... he even killed several of our brothers... can we request for some back up"

"The two Warriors are too sturdy! We can’t kill them at all! Requesting more firepower!"

"Send in your coordinates!" Lone Blossom commanded.

They had lost half of their targets even with several hundred players hunting them... and they couldn’t even deal with the remaining three.

"The second alleyway in the south of the city, that’s where the magician is!"

"The Warriors are in the southern commerce street!"

"Hold them there and don’t let them get away!" Lone Blossom commanded as he led his men towards the southern part of the city/

"Crotchy, Boson, they’re definitely going to bring reinforcements to deal with us. We can’t waste anymore time, otherwise they’ll overwhelm us with superior firepower! We have to cooperate!" Ming Du messaged the two Warriors.

The two most cunning players in the Quan Zhen Sect were Fearless and Spring Halo. But since both of them had already logged off, it was up to Ming Du to come up with a plan.

"What should we do?"

"Meet me in the second alleyway in the south of the city, I found a very good location..."