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Chapter 204: Requesting Help

Chapter 204: Requesting Help

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"Oh, alright then!" Boson and Crotch Lord immediately agreed when they heard the words Iron Bull.

Since there were only about a hundred players in this alleyway, it wouldn't be hard for Wang Yu to break apart their encirclement even if he couldn't kill all of them.

Lone Blossom gnashed his teeth as he commanded his men to climb onto other buildings as well, their ultimate goal was kill the three players from the Quan Zhen Sect.

But the presence of those three alone made climbing the building very difficult indeed...

Anyone that even tried to come close was met with a fireball, a shield or even a blade to their face...

The Warriors from the Pure Lands guild that tried to climb the building were methodically knocked off... they were being toyed with.

The very thought that they were being toyed with on the eve of the new year was extremely infuriating/

"Increase our firepower!" Lone Blossom suddenly commanded.

The Magicians from the Pure Lands guild immediately stepped forward, raising their staffs as they began to attack...

"Ha ha ha! Are you guys pretending to be stupid or are you actually stupid?" Ming Du mocked as he stepped forward, raising his staff to cast [Hell's Inferno] and [Flaming Barrage], instantly killing all the Magicians.

It was fortunate that the players from the Quan Zhen Sect had amassed a terrifying amount of Twilight City merit points during their Headquarters Defense Quest, otherwise the city guards would have already come for them...

"F*ck! Archer's, shoot them!" Lone Blossom quickly gave the command for the remaining Magicians to retreat, choosing to deploy the Archers instead.

Crotch Lord immediately raised his shield, skillfully protecting all three of them behind in.

An Archer's [Pierce] could only penetrate armour, not shields. Crotch Lord's shield was able to perfectly shield them from all incoming damage.

Even though Crotch Lord's giant shield had extremely low damage and didn't even have very high magic resistance, its physical defense attributes were disgustingly high. No matter how many arrows or skills the Archer's used, they were simply unable to penetrate his defenses.

Even though they could not penetrate his shield, the residual shockwaves from the Archer's attacks would still slowly whittle away Crotch Lord's health.

After several dozen minutes had passed, the Archers were finally able to drop Crotch Lord's health to 50%. But before they even had the chance to celebrate this achievement, Crotch Lord had already consumed a medium grade recovery medicine.

The Archer's boiled with rage, nearly throwing down their bows in frustration.

"Boss, my mom is calling for me to join the family for our new year's eve dinner..." An Archer meekly told Lone Blossom.

"Relax, medium grade recovery medicines are hard to come by. They can't possibly have more than a few!" Lone Blossom confidently replied.

As though he knew what Lone Blossom was thinking, Ming Du suddenly threw a few medium grade recovery medicines off the rooftop as he mocked them: "It's just a few medium grade recovery potions anyway, not like we're short of it... here, you guys can have some!"

"Don't go! It's a trap!" Lone Blossom shouted.

"Holy shit, it really is a medium grade recovery potion!"

A few players had already dashed forward, ignoring Lone Blossom's warning while they were blinded by greed.

A pillar of fire rose from the ground, burning all the players to a crisp...

"Oops, my hand slipped... I'm sorry, you guys can carry on..." Ming Du laughed.

The other players that were not caught in the pillar of fire quickly ran out of Ming Du's attack range. The sight of their friends being burnt alive was an extremely strong deterrent…

The three players from the Quan Zhen Sect laughed at the visible fear in the eyes of the players from Pure Land's guild as they sat down and chatted.

"When do you think Iron Bull will come, he won't take the whole night right... will your mom ask you to join her for dinner?" Crotch Lord asked.

"No, Fearless would definitely have already called to inform my mom..." Boson shook his head: "What about you? Won't anyone from your family call for you?"

"I don't have a family..." Crotch Lord miserably replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry... what about you Old Li?"

"I'm a professional gamer, no one would care if I didn't go home..." Ming Du replied.

Lone Blossom was nearly driven insane with anger as he watched the three of them comfortably chatting on the rooftop. Warriors could get up, Magician's couldn't get close and even the Archer's couldn't harm them... how could they be struggling with just three players from the Quan Zhen Sect?

"Everyone assemble at the alley in the southern part of the city, I don't believe we can't kill them..." Lone Blossom messaged in the guild chat.

The players from the respawn point, teleportation formation and even the city gates immediately ran toward the south of the city after receiving Lone Blossom's commands.

Since it was the eve of the new year, there weren't many players online. Watching as thousands of players ran towards the south of the city had aroused the curiosity of the players in Twilight City.

"Is there some sort of quest in the south?" A player asked.

"Don't be stupid, apparently there is a fight going on between the Sanguine Alliance and the Pure Land's guild."

"Bullshit, I'm from the Sanguine Alliance. The Pure Lands guild is surrounding the Quan Zhen Sect..."

"Surrounding the Quan Zhen Sect? Oh my, are those outsiders crazy..."

"Who knows..."

The players from Twilight City were already used to seeing the incredible stunts that the Quan Zhen Sect pulled off. A large guild surrounding a small guild like the Quan Zhen Sect was not something they hadn't seen before.

Of the 2987 players in the Pure Lands guild, there were currently 2400 present and surround the three men from the Quan Zhen Sect...

There were currently over five hundred Archer's present…...

The rain of arrows from that many Archer's was not something to be trifled with. All it took was three volleys of arrows from all the Archer's to drop Crotch Lord's health below 50%, forcing him to consume a medium grade recovered medicine.

Even though the players of the Quan Zhen Sect had an ample supply of these medium grader recovery medicines, it wasn't an infinite supply. It didn't take long for Crotch Lord to finish all the recovery medicines in his inventory. Even with the addition of the supply that Ming Du and Boson carried, they would probably not last more than 10 minutes.

At this time, Wang Yu who had just finished his dinner and was helping to clean up the table received a called.

"Brother Yu, it's from you." Li Xue picked up the phone first and passed it over to Wang Yu.

"Mm, mm!" Wang Yu answered the call, grunting a few times before putting it down.

"Brother Yu, why did guild leader Fearless call you so early for? Was it to wish you a happy new year?"

"Oh please, they started a fight in the game and they need my help..." Wang Yu sighed as he walked straight towards his room.