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Chapter 206: Mrs Bull“s Convenience Store

Chapter 206: Mrs Bull's Convenience Store

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The place where Mu Zi Xian and Yang Nuo had logged off was at the southern city gate, which was relatively close to the shop. They were able to arrive at the alley way very quickly.

But seeing two thousand players gathered at an alleyway truly a breathtaking sight. They could even flood an entire street with that number.

This was precisely the reason that Wang Yu was not willing to charge in alone... he would immediately be surrounded with no chance of escaping.

In order to maximum the attack range of the Archers, most of the Archers from the Pure Lands guild were stationed outside the alleyway. Any player from Twilight City that walked by immediately knew that a large guild was bullying a small one.

"Ladies, we are currently attending to some matters over here, you can't pass through..." A player from the Pure Lands guild smiled sweetly as he explained to Mu Zi Xian and Yang Nuo.

"Ah?" Mu Zi Xian revealed a frightened expression as she spoke: "But my shop is over there..."

"Your should? Where is it?" The player politely asked.

"Over there..." Mu Zi Xian pointed at a building in the alleyway: "The Southern Convenience Store, that's my shop."

"This..." The player scratched his head, looking at the two beautiful ladies as he sent a message to lone blossom: "There two ladies that want to enter..."

"Ladies? Are they people from the Quan Zhen Sect? I heard that they have four female players..."

"No. I think they're residents of Twilight City. I've met those four ladies before and there isn't an Archer and Knight amongst them." The player replied.

"Ok! Let them through." Lone Blossom agreed.

After all, many male players wanted to give a good impression to the female gamers in the community. Lone Blossom was not an exception.

With the approval of Lone Blossom, the two ladies were able to enter the alleyway.

Mu Zi Xian's eyes widened as she looked at the sheer number of players here. Five hundred Archer's shooting at a single target was truly a terrifying sight.

But Yang Nuo remained unfazed. For a martial artist, something of this level was insufficient to scare them.

Yang Nuo's expression caused Lone Blossom to feel uneasy.

"Hold it!" Lone Blossom shouted when the two ladies were not more than ten metres away from their shop.

"What's the matter?" Mu Zi Xian squealed.

"I heard that there is an NPC that can change a players appearance. I fear that there might be people trying to sneak in, so I just want to check..." Lone Blossom replied.

"What do you want to check?" Mu Zi Xian meekly replied.

"I heard that a player cannot be touched after they've changed their appearance, otherwise it'll revert to their original self. I just want to touch your face!" Lone Blossom stared at Mu Zi Xian.

"What the f*ck, are you serious? I can't believe our boss is pulling such a move..."

Lone Blossom's words were not only heard by the ladies, but by the other players as well.

"This is sexual harassment!" Mu Zi Xian shrieked.

"I have no other choice. But if you are unwilling to, then you should leave!" Lone Blossom shouted as he reached his hand out...


Just as he was about to touch her, an arrow flew towards Lone Blossom's face, knocking him back.

Lone Blossom was greatly startled. A Knight like him had actually be blown back by an arrow from a random girl on the streets? He didn't know many players capable of this feat and the only ones capable of doing so in Twilight City was the Quan Zhen Sect!

"They're from the Quan Zhen Sect! Kill them!" Lone Blossom commanded.

"Sister Xian, you should open the door first, I'll stop them!" Yang Nuo shouted as she dodged Lone Blossom's blade while simultaneously killing the Archer standing in front of Mu Zi Xian.

There were only Archer's in this alleyway. As long as one got close to them, Archer's were practically useless... no matter how lousy Mu Zi Xian was, she was still a Knight. She quickly lowered her head as she used [Charge] to clear the path forward.

Since charge had an effective range of five metres, Mu Zi Xian still had another five metres to go before she reached the shop...

Yang Nuo followed closely behind, effortlessly shooting down the Archer's that blocked the duo's path, allowing Mu Zi Xian to proceed forwards.

But Yang Nuo could not withstand the attacks from over a hundred Archers and was quickly killed...

Mu Zi Xian still have three metres to go...

The faces of the Quan Zhen Sect players darkened when they received news that Yang Nuo had been killed.

From a gaming perspective, Yang Nuo and Mu Zi Xian wouldn't suffer very heavy losses if they were killed.

But if they were unsuccessful in reaching the shop, then Ming Du and the other two were done for...

These three fellows had killed countless players by this point, even if the city guard wouldn't touch them, they had still amassed an exorbitant amount of PK points.

Not only would they risk losing all their items upon death, they might even drop to level 15 because of the penalties imposed on players with extremely high PK points.


When the Archers were all focused on Mu Zi Xian, the Ming Du jumped off the rooftop, running towards Mu Zi Xian with all their might as Crotch Lord raised his shield, blocking all the arrows flying towards here.

"Sister in law! Open the door!" Crotch Lord shouted as he used [Charge] knocking away the Archers in front of him.

There were usually NPC's in front of the store to open the door for you. But for an abandoned store like the Southern Convenience Store, the player had to personally do it.

As Crotch Lord steadied himself, Boson had charged over with [Tornado Slash] while Ming Du continuously casted [Hell's Inferno] and [Flaming Barrage].

Boson ran through the pillar of fire, setting himself ablaze as he knocked into the Archers with [Charge], causing both physical and burn damage.

With how densely packed these Archers were in the tiny alleyway, Boson and Ming Du's attacks had killed over eighty of them in an instant.

Lone Blossom quickly called the other players into the alleyway as he got the remaining Archer's to pullback.

Just as they were preparing to fight the new enemies that had poured into the alleyway, the trio suddenly received a system notification.

<System notification: 'Mrs Bull's convenience store' had invited you in.

The trio made a mad dash into the store as Mu Zi Xian closed the door, shield them from all incoming attacks.

"F*ck! It's finally over!" Ming Du cried out in joy, thanking his lucky stars that Wang Yu had chosen this run down store, otherwise they would all have died today.

"It's not over yet!" Fearless coldly replied: "We have to exact our revenge of these idiots for daring to offend the Quan Zhen Sect!"