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Chapter 208: Drastic Measures

Chapter 208: Drastic Measures

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"Where did this attack come from?"

The players from the Pure Lands guild frantically looked around, but there wasn't a soul in sight.

"Hey stupid! Where are you looking? Your daddy is over here!" A mocking voice drifted from the sky.

Amitabha stared in the direction that the voice came from, seeing two figures standing on a wall. One was a Dark Shaman dressed in green robes, while the other was a Pugilist.

"Who are you guys?" Amitabha stammered.

"I am your grandfather!" The Dark Shaman coldly laughed, point his staff at them as six demons materialised out of this air, madly dashing towards the players caught by [Distortion].

"F*ck off Spring Dog! Do you believe I'll throw you off..." Vainglory angrily shouted.

"Stop making a fuss. We have to settle this quickly, their reinforcements will be arriving soon." Spring Halo calmly replied.

"Hmph!" Vainglory grunted as he leapt off the way, stepping directly on Amitabha's face. But how could a Templar that main focused on defense possibly catch Vainglory?

With the help of Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher, the three men were able to send Amitabha to the respawn point in the blink of an eye.

[Poison Nova] was a terrifyingly powerful skill, coupled with the fact that the poison that Spring Halo used was a rare poison, the players trapped by his [Distortion] were all reduced into brilliant rays of white light.

In a matter of seconds, all the players that were guarding this respawn point had been killed...

"Quickly go to the teleportation formation!" Fearless shouted as he led the others member of the Quan Zhen Sect.

In the next street, Lone Blossom had already received Amitabha's message, leading his men towards the teleportation formation as well. But he was stopped in his tracks by an unexpected opponent, Wang Yu!

"Where is Lone Blossom?" Wang Yu calmly asked. He did not intend to attack just yet. Wang Yu wanted to first find out where Lone Blossom was.

"What are you looking for him for?" Lone Blossom coldly asked.

"To kill him!"

After those words left his mouth, Wang Yu leapt into the air, performing a somersault in midair as he pulled the daggers out of the hands of two Thieves that appeared behind him. Wang Yu masterfully twisted his body, slitting the throats of these two Thieves and sending them back to the respawn point before he had even landed on the ground.

This scene had caused Lone Blossom's heart to tremble in fear.

Lone Blossom had met Wang Yu previously during his mission at the Chevalier Camp. During that time, Wang Yu and Ming Du were like two dying dogs being chased around by their enemies... who would have known that that very same Pugilist had such skills.

Two Thieves were killed even though they were using [Stealth], this fellow was not simple at all...

"Finish him off!" Lone Blossom strenly shouted as arrows and spells filled the air.

The Warriors and Knights among the group lowered their heads, using [Charge] to close the distance between them and Wang Yu.

Wang Yu quickly took out his pole, dispersing the incoming spells and knocking away the arrows while he killed the Warriors and Knights that had charged over to him. Wang Yu slammed the pole into the ground, propelling himself into the air as he graceful landed in front of Lone Blossom.

"Are you Lone Blossom?" Wang Yu coldy asked as he gave a death stare to the man before him.

"Yes, yes I am..." Lone Blossom nodded. How could he afford to act weak in front of his lackeys now?

"Do you know why I want to kill you?" Wang Yu asked.

"Because you are a member of the Quan Zhen Sect?"

"Not entirely!"

"Then why?" Lone Blossom asked.

"Because you are a scumbag!" Wang Yu shouted as he brutally swung his pole, smashing Lone Blossom's head and turning him into a ray of white light.

"..." The other players of the Pure Lands guild had a complicated expression on their faces, if they guild leader was killed in a single blow like that, who could possibly face this monster...

But Wang Yu did not bother with them, he turned around and ran towards the respawn point for Warriors.

"Do you think he's going to continue killing our boss?"

"It looks like it..."

"Ai... I have a bad feeling about this..."

The players from the Ming Du and the other three had taken advantage of the fact that the Pure Lands guild had not redeployed their players to the teleportation formation in the south of the city yet, making a mad dash to the teleportation formation there.

It was obviously very safe within the teleportation formation since their enemies could not attack them, only verbally scolding them. But a shameless and thick skinned man like Ming Du was completely unfazed by that level of insults, arrogantly strutting around as though he had not heard them.

"We're at the teleportation formation, now what?" Ming Du asked.

"Come to the west of the city!" Fearless replied.

"Okay!" A ray of light enveloped the four players as they disappeared from the teleportation formation...

The players of the Pure Lands guild blankly stared at the empty teleportation formation. There was simply too many teleportation formations in the city, it was impossible to guess where they had gone.

"Where should we go? We have to leave soon!" Ming Du impatiently shouted at Fearless once they had met up.

"Relax, we're still waiting for one more person..." Fearless indifferently replied.

Just as Fearless spoke, a petite figure appeared from the corner of the street, quickly running towards them.

This person was Yang Nuo. Because of all the traps that had been laid by the Pure Lands guild, she was the last person to have escaped from the respawn point. Even now there were at least five teams from the Pure Lands guild chasing after her.

"Quickly help her!" Fearless shouted as he casted [Terrify] on the leading man.

Despite the best efforts from the players of the Quan Zhen Sect, due to the sheer number of players chasing her, there were still many Warriors that had charged over and surrounded her.

Yang Nuo Nuo dashed towards one of the Warriors, kicking off his shield as she propelled herself over the Warrior right at the end, choking him with her legs.


Archer were already rather scantily-clad, but Yang Nuo's secy figure accentuated her armour, causing the males of the Quan Zhen Sect to drool with excitement.

Even the Warrior being choked had a smile on his face...

"I want to be attacked too..." Spring Halo mumbled.

"Hmph!" Yang Nuo sighed as she twisted her body, breaking the Warrior's neck and instantly killing him.

"..." Everyone silently gazed at Spring Halo as he instantly regretted his words.

"Well then... since everyone is here, where are we going?" Spring Halo awkwardly laughed.

"Brahman City!"

"What are we going there for?" Everyone asked. Not only was Brahman City in the southernmost regions of the continent, it was four districts away from the district that Twilight City was located.

"Drastic measures!" Fearless smiled.