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Chapter 209: One Still Remains

Chapter 209: One Still Remains

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"What the f*ck! Are you telling me that we can't kill that measly Quan Zhen Sect even with our army of two thousand players? Keep the city on lockdown! Kill any player from the Quan Zhen Sect on sight!" Lone Blossom commanded. He was already extremely depressed with the fact that he had died twice in the same day.

How could a small guild like the Quan Zhen Sect possibly survive now, after all the players from the Pure Lands guild recognised all of them...

Several thousand players wouldn't have a problem against a dozen players in a head on fight. But the problem was that the Quan Zhen Sect repeatedly used guerilla tactics to fight them. And even if they did engage them in a proper fight, a team of several dozen Pure Lands players were still no match for them...

"But boss, the Quan Zhen Sect has already fled!" One of the players guarding the teleportation formation reported.

"They've ran away? Are you serious?" Lone Blossom asked.

"I'm serious, we watched them fly away in an airship... but maybe they'll turn around?" The player continued.

"Ran away..." Lone Blossom's mood improved slightly as he heard this piece of news. Causing them to run away in fear could be considered a victory of sorts...

Since they began chasing the Quan Zhen Sect, this was the first piece of good news that had been reported to Lone Blossom. But Lone Blossom still felt that this entire fiasco was a complete was of effort. Even if they won, it wouldn't bring them much glory, but if they lost, their name would be dragged through the mud.

But since the Pure Lands guild had chased them away, Lone Blossom had taken it to be his victory.

It wasn't just Lone Blossom that felt this way, everyone else that had received this message felt as though the burden on their shoulders had finally lifted.

It was precisely because of this witch hunt for the Quan Zhen Sect that the players from the Pure Lands guild could not join their families for their new years eve dinner. Now that this matter was over, they could finally enjoy a warm meal with their loved ones.

"Those f*ckers were definitely scared away by us!"

"Obviously, how could they not be afraid after seeing so many people chasing them..."

"Who would have thought that the Sanguine Alliance would be afraid of these cowards, I guess their boss Sanguine Warflag really isn't much at all..."

While they were busy celebrating their victory, these players didn't forget to slander the Sanguine Alliance.

"Ha ha ha, hey Warflag, I scared them away! What do you think? You really missed out on a good opportunity..." Lone Blossom sent a message to Sanguine Warflag, bragging about his victory.

Lone Blossom's contentment was obvious. Since he had defeated a guild that had effortlessly crushed the Sanguine Alliance, didn't that prove that the Pure Lands guild was superior to the Sanguine Alliance?

"F*ck! Those bastards from the Quan Zhen Sect! Why did they give up so easily?" Sanguine Warflag shouted.

"Ha ha, you really are something aren't you Blossom. You crushed a tiny guild with overwhelming numbers and here you are boasting to me... oh by the way, I heard you were killed twice today..." Sanguine Warflag replied.

"F*ck you..." Lone Blossom silently cursed as he shameless replied: "All's fair the game of love and war my friend. We defeated a foe that your Sanguine Alliance could not! Ha ha ha..."

"F*ck!" Lone Blossom's reply had nearly caused Sanguine Warflah to vomit blood. Sanguine Warflag stopped replying, clearly this conversation was going nowhere.

"Ha ha, what a great way to start the new year. Since we've crushed the Quan Zhen Sect I'll treat all of you to a round of drinks!" Lone Blossom happily announced.

"What are you so happy about? I'm not done with you yet!" A cold voice whispered into the Lone Blossom's ear in the midst of his celebration.

"It's you!!!" The voice had startled him so badly that he nearly fell off his feet. As he looked up, Lone Blossom saw a Pugilist standing not too far away from him with a cold glare on his face. Wasn't this Wang Yu?

"Ha ha ha! Of course it's me!" Wang Yu laughed as he snapped Lone Blossom's neck, turning him into a ray of white light.

"Everyone! Be on guard! There is still a player from the Quan Zhen Sect left! Hunt him down and kill him!" Lone Blossom ordered the moment he revived in the respawn point.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Just at this moment, this same nightmarish voice whispered into his ears once more.

Since Lone Blossom was previously standing outside the Warrior's respawn point, it didn't take long for Wang Yu to catch up to him again.

"What do you want? Are you going to kill me in the respawn point?" Lone Blossom stammered.

Even though the respawn point was a safe zone that players couldn't be killed in, the mere sight of Wang Yu was easy to cause Lone Blossom to quake in fear. He quickly sent out another message to the guild: "Come to the Warrior's respawn point quickly! He's here!"

"Are you stupid? How could I possibly kill someone in the respawn point?" Wang Yu chuckled.

Lone Blossom heaved a sigh of relief. At least this monster couldn't bend the rules of the system.

But in the next sentence that Wang Yu spoke had driven him to tears...

Wang Yu called over two of the city guard NPC's in the respawn point, giving them very clear instructions: "Drag that f*cker out for me!"

"At once!" The city guards firmly replied, charging over to Lone Blossoms side as they dragged him out of the respawn point.

With a single, fluid motion, Wang Yu had cleanly torn the arms off Lone Blossom, causing him to die once more...

After 20 seconds, Lone Blossom had revived again... stammering as he pointed at Wang Yu and the city guards: "I'm going to report the whole lot of you!"

The city guards looked at Wang Yu, eager to execute his next order.

"This is cheating! You'll definitely be banned for hacking!" Lone Blossom continued.

The thought of NPC's listening to the orders of a player was something that Lone Blossom found inconceivable. The only explanation for this was that Wang Yu was hacking!

"Then why don't you walk out by yourself and fight me like a man!"

"Just you wait!" Lone Blossom shouted as he took two steps forward, pretending to use [Charge]. Wang Yu chuckled as he stretched out his left leg, viciously kicking the space behind him as an Assassin promptly fell onto floor, turning into a ray of white light while Wang Yu rolled into the respawn point…...