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Chapter 211: A Present For Pure Lands

Chapter 211: A Present For Pure Lands

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It was the last day of the year on the lunar calendar and most families were having their reunion dinners now. However, not a single one of the players in Twilight City had logged off as they knew that the battle in the city was definitely more exciting than anything on tv now.

The street where the respawn point was located was currently overflowing with players from Pure Lands and even ordinary Twilight City players. Since the Pure Lands players had set up a blockade at the respawn point and even the teleportation array, the players in Twilight City couldn't even play normally even if they wanted to!

Although the top guild in Twilight City was under attack, the two other large guilds seemed like they didn't dare to take action. This situation angered the Twilight City players to no end. However, no one dared to say anything since they all lacked the strength.

Hence, when these players heard that the Pure Lands' guild leader had been killed more than once in a row they suddenly exploded with joy. In their excitement, all the players ran towards the respawn point to watch the excitement. Although there were over two thousand Pure Lands players, they were nothing compared to the number of spectators.

A few players had just logged in after their reunion dinner and were shocked to see so many other gathered so they quickly started asking around to understand the situation.

"The Pure Lands guild is fighting someone and now they're trapped at the respawn point!" Someone explained.

"Seriously? Who's strong enough to do such a thing? Is it Peerless Heavens?"

In the opinion of most players, the only guild that could suppress Pure Lands to such a degree was Peerless Heavens.

"No, it's the Quan Zhen Sect!"

"F**k! You're kidding right? Where the hell do they even find their players? You're telling me that they're suppressing Pure Lands with just eight players?" One of the players cried out in disbelief.

To the players in Twilight City, the Quan Zhen Sect were existences on the level of gods. If they could even force Peerless Heavens to retreat then suppressing the Pure lands was naturally a minor matter.

"Nah man it's just one person!" A player laughed as he pointed to Wang Yu who was currently dangling from a pillar.

"Shit is that Great God Iron Bull??? What a beast!!!"

The fact that a single person could suppress an entire guild of over two thousand and keep them trapped in one place was nothing less than a miracle. Although it was happening right in front of their eyes, most of the players still had trouble believing it.

The feeling of being watched by so many players was extremely uncomfortable for anyone. However, even though the Pure Lands players wanted to log off, doing so would be a severe blow to their reputation since it would look like they were frightened off by a lone player! Hence, the players had no other choice but to grit their teeth and lower their heads.

On top of the building, Wang Yu glanced at the hoards of Pure Lands players and knew that there was no way he could jump down to escape. The only thing he could do was constantly shout: "Why're you guys just standing there for? Don't you dare to come and fight me?"

However, the Pure Lands players simply continued to stand there and pretend that they didn't hear Wang Yu's taunts.

This further reinforced the strength of Wang Yu in the Twilight City players' eyes. How terrifying was he that a large guild like this didn't even dare to face him head on?

Meanwhile, Sanguine Warflag who was watching from within the crowd couldn't help but feel some sympathy for Lone Blossom. This whole situation was something that Sanguine Warflag had personally experienced before after all…

After waiting atop the building for a few more minutes, Wang Yu impatiently shouted: "It's already almost midnight! Are you still just going to wait there?"

"That's not for you to worry about!" Lone Blossom shouted.

"Fine then! You guys can just keep waiting here then! I'm going to log off!" Wang Yu shrugged his shoulders and leapt of the building.

Seeing this, the Pure Lands players were about to disperse as well when Lone Blossom stopped them: "Don't go yet! He's definitely just trying to f**k with us! Just wait for awhile!"

Just as Lone Blossom had predicted, Wang Yu returned after a mere five minutes.

"Why the f**k did you come back for?" Lone Blossom cursed.

"Oh don't worry about it! I'm not here to kill you again. My leader just instructed me to come back and inform you that he has a present for your guild!" Wang Yu laughed. After he finished speaking, Wang Yu leapt off the building and disappeared again, leaving behind a confused crowd of players.

"A present? What present is he even talking about?"

The Pure Lands players really didn't understand what was going on. Did the Quan Zhen Sect go crazy from being hunted down the whole night?


Brahman City, the largest city in district 14 and the home turf of Pure Lands.

Since Brahman City didn't have a group of monsters like the Quan Zhen Sect, a large guild like Pure Lands naturally didn't have any competitors and was one of the few guilds with a headquarters.

Fearless had brought the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect to the CIty Lord's manor in Brahman city and waited until exactly midnight to exact his scheme. In <<REBIRTH, the system would send out a world announcement at midnight to wish all players a happy new year. At the same time, there was a second announcement that shocked the entire game.

<World Announcement: The Quan Zhen Sect guild has challenged the Pure Lands guild to a guild war! Let's find out who has the right to rule!

As the announcement flashed, all the players who saw it froze in the tracks.

"The Quan Zhen Sect? Aren't they from Twilight City? Why're they all the way in Brahman City?"

"I heard that there's some commotion in Twilight City now so maybe it's related to that? Supposedly the Pure Lands started attacking the Sanguine Alliance then suddenly switched their targets to the Quan Zhen Sect… No matter how strong they are, there's no way they can defeat the Pure Lands!"

A few players who enjoyed lurking on the forums naturally knew a thing or two of matters outside of their own home city.

"Heh, the Quan Zhen Sect barely even has ten members! They're definitely going to lose this war!"

Guild wars could only be initiated if both parties had guild headquarters. Once it began, the guilds would have to lay siege on their opponent's headquarters. No matter how mostrous the Quan Zhen Sect was, there was no way they could win against a few thousand players in a head on fight!

"Well it's just like those mad men to pull something like this..."

When Sanguine Warflag saw this announcement, he silently thanked his lucky stars that he had pulled out of the fight before the Quan Zhen Sect had gotten involved.

Sanguine Warflag had dealt with the Quan Zhen Sect on a few occasions so he had some understanding of what they were capable of. However, he would never have imagined that they would have issued a guild war challenge against the Pure Lands!

The Pure Lands was one of the ten strongest guilds in the entire china with several thousand members… The Quan Zhen Sect on the other had only had slightly more than ten members...