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Chapter 212: Blackmail

Chapter 212: Blackmail

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While the players across the world were discussing the Quan Zhen Sect's actions, the Pure Lands players were completely devastated. They had forgotten that the Quan Zhen Sect had a guild headquarters as well…

These bastards were truly too sly…

Right now, there wasn't a single Pure Lands player in Brahman City! With the distance between the two cities, it would take them at least 40 minutes before they could even return to their home city, let alone their guild headquarters!

Without anyone defending their headquarters, 40 minutes was more than enough for the Quan Zhen Sect to destroy it…

Even Lone Blossom didn't know what to do anymore…

Leaning against a wall, he didn't know how to expression the emotional turmoil he was going through at the moment.

He had thought that the Quan Zhen Sect had disappeared because they were fleeing in fear of the Pure Lands' overwhelming superiority. Who could have imagined that they were actually launching an attack on the headquarters!

They had spent the 40 minutes foolishly standing at the respawn point guarding against Wang Yu while the Quan Zhen Sect was travelling. This time was more than enough for them to completely annihilate the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect or even attack their headquarters.

"Boss what do we do now?" The Pure Lands players frantically asked Lone Blossom.

Although Lone Blossom was depressed, he was still the head of the guild. If he couldn't make the right choice now then he didn't have the qualifications to lead this guild.

"We surrender..." Lone Blossom sighed.


"Old Yama, you know one of the members of the Quan Zhen Sect right? Contact them for me..." Lone Blossom continued.

"Alright then..." Although they had fallen prey to the Quan Zhen Sect's schemes, Southern Yama was still the one who had unintentionally caused this whole fiasco in the first place, making him feel the worst out of everyone in the guild.

In Brahman City, the Quan Zhen Sect had already destroyed the conference room of the Pure Lands guild and were currently wildy hacking away at the crystal in the respawn point.

As they were attacking crystal, Frost Blade suddenly said: "Fearless, Lone Blossom wants to surrender..."

"Then tell him to show some sincerity!" Fearless chuckled as he continued to hit the crystal with his staff.

"Sincerity?" Seeing Frost Blade's reply, Southern Yama was at a loss for words…

"Tell them I'll offer 5000 gold!" Lone Blossom gnashed his teeth and sighed.

5000 gold was definitely a large sum. If the fifteen of them shared it, each person would receive more than 300 gold each!

"20 000! And tell Lone Blossom to send me a friend request! We'll discuss this ourselves!" Fearless coldly laughed.

"20 000? Are you trying to rob us?" After Fearless accepted the friend request, Lone Blossom immediately asked.

"So you feel that your guild headquarters isn't worth this amount? Oh and by the way, this is called blackmail!" Fearless replied.

"But that's almost 2 000 000 dollars!" Lone Blossom cried out.

"Heh with the number of members you have it's just 10 gold each! Our losses this time aren't small either! Think of all the recovery items we used!"

"But that's not worth 20 000 gold!" Lone Blossom raged. No matter how valuable recovery medicines were, they were at most only 50 silver a bottle. No matter how many they used, it still wouldn't be anywhere close to 20 000 gold!

"Well you can consider it our travel expenses and reparations for the mental trauma we suffered! Alright then since I'm so generous, 15 000 will be enough. This is the lowest I'll go ok? So if you refuse then we'll just finish off the crystal!" Fearless cackled.

"Mental trauma??? Only two of your members died! I got killed by that demon of yours four times already! What the f**k are you even demanding???"

"Old Blossom with an attitude like yours I think we'll just finish off the crystal then! It's only one hit away anyway..."

"No! No please don't do it! It's just 15 000 gold right? I'll send it to you tomorrow so please leave the crystal alone..." Lone Blossom begged.

"Tomorrow? Don't tell me a large guild like yours can't gather so little money? What if we abandon the attack and then you guys go back on your word? Send it to me in 10 minutes or the crystal dies!" Fearless scowled.

"I'll get it for you now!" Lone Blossom hurriedly replied.

With a total of three thousand players, as long as each one gave 5 gold then 15 000 was not a difficult number to reach. Within a few minutes, Lone Blossom had really gathered all 15 000.

Looking at the money in his hands, Lone Blossom couldn't help but feel his heart bleed.

After he gathered the gold, Lone Blossom immediately sent a message to Fearless.

"One of my men will be coming to pick it up so just stay at the respawn point." Fearless cooly replied.

The moment Fearless finished speaking, Wang Yu leapt off the building and strolled towards Lone Blossom…

It was at this moment that Lone Blossom realised that Wang Yu had been camping there the whole time to wait for this.

As Wang Yu approached, the Pure Lands players unconsciously retreated a few steps. With Wang Yu's strength, it was only natural that he would leave a shadow in the hearts of ordinary players that faced him.

"Hand it over!" Wang Yu stretched out his hand and lazily yawned.

As Lone Blossom handed the bag of gold to Wang Yu, he desperately fought back his tears and thought: "Motherf**kers, when this lord goes back I'll definitely issue you a challenge and f**k you all up!"

As though he was a mind reader, Fearless sent a message to Lone Blossom right at that moment: "Old Blossom I'd advise you not to have any ideas of revenge. You guys will never be able to take our headquarters down anyway. Although you might not believe this, the man in front of you is Evil Rampage's older brother..."

The moment he heard this Lone Blossom immediately froze. Wasn't Evil Rampage the leader of the number one guild in <>? Didn't that mean he just kicked an iron board?

Thinking of this Lone Blossom sheepishly asked Wang Yu: "How're you related to Evil Rampage?"

"He's my younger brother!" Wang Yu chuckled.

At this point, Lone Blossom really wanted to smash his head into a wall. How the hell did he even get tangled with such a demon?

"Bull God I've given you the money. Shouldn't leader Fearless end the siege now?" Lone Blossom asked.

"Yep, he already has!" Wang Yu nodded.

"So we can leave now?" Lone Blossom weakly asked.

"Yes yes go home and enjoy your new year! Shoo!" Wang Yu impatiently replied.

"Urk…" Lone Blossom hurriedly gave the order to retreat to the other members…

"You guys actually went to attack their headquarters?"

"Yea we did. Why?"

"Weren't you afraid they'd attack ours?"

"It's all calculated ok? As long as I threw your brother's name out they definitely wouldn't have any funny ideas!" Fearless nonchalantly replied.

"But what if they really went all in to attack us?"

"Then we take down as many as we can and then flee!"