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Chapter 213: We Are The Law

Chapter 213: We Are The Law

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All the players who were watching the battle only lamented how small a scale it was on. If the entire Quan Zhen Sect had been here it would have been so much more interesting! When they saw the world announcement that the Quan Zhen Sect had challenged the Pure Lands to a guild war, their excitement shot through the roof.

Of course, there was no doubt in their minds on the outcome of this fight. They just wanted to see if the Quan Zhen Sect could create yet another miracle.

Sadly, the Quan Zhen Sect had to let them down this time. 30 minutes after the original announcement, they received another message stating that the Quan Zhen Sect had given up in the guild war.

Since these players were accustomed the the Quan Zhen Sect's unbridled way of doing things, they hadn't expected that they would simply give up the guild war.

"Che that's all they could do? Look at these Quan Zhen Sect clowns boasting all the time on the forums and now they can't even defeat the Pure Lands while their not even in their own headquarters?" After they gave up, many players who had a grudge against the Quan Zhen Sect took to the forums to flame them.

However, out of all the players observing the battle, the ones that watched it the closest, were probably those in the other top guilds.

Ever since the game had been released, the Quan Zhen Sect had been creating miracle after miracle. Most of the first clears and achievements in the game had been snapped up by them… The worst of all, they had never failed in any of their attempts before!

The might of the Quan Zhen Sect caused all the other of the other top guilds' leaders to feel a sense of dread in their hearts when facing them.

After all, the Quan Zhen Sect had once caused the top guild in china, Termination Manor, to disband because of their antics. This was something that every one of the top players knew. What's more, two out of three of the guilds that Termination Manor split into were part of the top ten guilds in china now!

Although Termination Manor already had some internal conflicts before the Quan Zhen Sect started targeting them, the fact remained that the six of them had caused a guild with several thousand players to disband!

When these guild leaders saw that the Quan Zhen Sect had challenged the Pure Lands to a guild war, they believed that the Quan Zhen Sect was going to create a miracle yet again.

When they finally received the news that the Quan Zhen Sect had given up the guild war, these leaders finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"It looks like under the suppression of a superior force even a group of monsters like that must still surrender..."

For the players in the Pure Lands who knew the truth of the matter, weren't happy at all. If the shameful truth ever got out, their guild's reputation would never be able to recover.

With the Quan Zhen Sect around, they could forget about ever getting a footing in Twilight City… They weren't as open minded as the Sanguine Alliance and they still had to worry about their main base. Even though the Quan Zhen Sect might have left Brahman City already, there was no guarantee that the other guilds wouldn't try to launch an attack while they were gone.

Although the Pure Lands players were depressed, the players from Twilight City were extremely excited. None of them thought that they would have been able to watch such beautiful "new year's fireworks" today.

When they reached the teleportation formation, the Pure Lands players were met with the arrival of the Quan Zhen Sect.

However, at this time, the Pure Lands players could only lower their heads and shuffle by the Quan Zhen Sect. Before they had dispersed, Lone Blossom had ordered them not to touch anyone of the Quan Zhen Sect anymore after all.

As the Quan Zhen Sect reached the end of the road, Darknorth Fisher's smile suddenly froze.

Following his gaze, their eyes landed on a woman standing next to Amitabha and staring back at Darknorth Fisher.

That woman had an incredibly complicated expression.Originally, she had chosen to follow Amitabha since he was from a large guild and she would have been able to lead an easy life. How would have thought that her ex would have been recruited by the Quan Zhen Sect and ended up soaring like a phoenix…

"Ai ya! It looks like we're going to have a good show boys! What do you think that hoe is thinking now?" Ming Du grinned.

"I think she probably regrets her choice… And hates the fact that she can't jump back into his arms..." Vainglory suggested.

"Heh you're too naive boy! She's definitely pinning all the blame on the Quan Zhen Sect for helping Darknorth Fisher get a new lease of life!" Spring Halo wisely replied.

"That can't be man! No one can be that f**king shameless!" Crotch Lord gasped.

"This isn't called shameless, it's just being a woman! No matter what, they'll never believe that they're in the wrong..." Spring Halo sighed.

"Hmph!" Right at this moment, all the girls in the Quan Zhen Sect were giving Spring Halo death glares, causing him to stop speaking.

"Are you done looking yet? If you wanna take revenge then just go for it! They're about to leave!" Boson slapped Darknorth Fisher on the back and pushed him forward.

"Can I even do that?" Darknorth Fisher immediately asked. The enemy had already surrendered and paid reparations so he thought they weren't allowed to attack anymore.

"Lone Blossom won't care about one person..." Fearless smiled.

"Forget it… it's just..."

Before Darknorth Fisher had even finished speaking, Yang Nuo shot an arrow at the woman's face and instantly killed her. Right as Amitabha was about to retaliate, Yang Nuo dodged to his back and shot another arrow into his head and killed him on the spot.

After killing the both of them, Yang Nuo walked back to the others and disdainfully scoffed: "Hesitating so much and you still call yourself a man? No wonder you ended up like this!"


When Lone Blossom received word of this incident, he immediately ran back and glared at Fearless: "Guild leader Fearless what is the meaning of this? Isn't the matter between our guilds already over?"

"My guys have a grudge to settle! We leaders shouldn't meddle in their affairs" Fearless nonchalantly replied."

"You're going too far!" Lone Blossom growled as he drew his sword.

"Taking things too far? Who's doing that?"

The moment Lone Blossom heard this voice, he instantly lost all his nerves and nearly knelt to the ground.

"Gre… Great God Iron Bull… The battle is already over so don't you think it's a little too much that your guys are still killing mine..." Lone Blossom weakly asked.

A little… These two words fully expressed how afraid of Wang Yu Lone Blossom was.

"Is there any rule like that?" Wang Yu asked as he walked over to Mu Zi Xian's side and glared at Lone Blossom.

"Nope! We are the law around here!" Fearless guffawed.