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Chapter 215: Event Reward

Chapter 215: Event Reward

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But only Wang Yu and the other seven main members were able to amass more that 40000 points. The others that just tagged along to soak experience like Li Xue were only able to get 10000 points or so. But even that was considered not bad.

Because of her late start to the gane and the sheer number of quests that she had to complete, Yang Nuo only had several hundred points.

Darknorth Fisher was in an even worst state, zero points... he had been continuously hunted down for the past few days...

Forget about Mu Zi Xian, not only was she a Knight with no damage, even her gaming skills were mediocre. She had been spending most of her time training in the wild since now one wanted to bring her along to kill the Boss Nian's.

It was now a quarter past noon, there was still another 15 minutes before the end of the quest. There were many players that were frantically killing Nian's before the end. The only people who weren't even trying to increase their points were monsters like Wang Yu with over 40000 points or losers like Darknorth Fisher who didn't even have any points.

The moment the clock struck 1230hrs, the event ended...

According to the system notification, the rewards would be delivered in 10 minutes and it advised the players to make some space in their inventories.

After the points had been calculated, it was announced that the top three players were Ming Du, Fearless and Spring Halo.

Because of the quest that Wang Yu had which prevented him from gaining experience points until it was completed, Wang Yu did not bother to train, which caused him to fall to the eighth place...

But Fearless being in the top three was something that surprised Wang Yu. Spring Halo had his poison skills and Ming Du had a disgusting amount of damage. But a feeble little Priest like Fearless had somehow squeezed his way into the top three...

Right behind Wang Yu was Sanguine Warflag and 2012... Li Xue and the rest were ranked just outside the top ten.

To everyone's shock, they realised that the first fourteen ranks were dominated by players from Twilight City. The fifteenth ranked player was several thousand points short of the player in front of him.

This was understandable. Once firecrackers were thrown at the Nian's they would not only do an incredible amount of damage to them, but they would scare them as well, causing the Nian's to recklessly trash about. The Quan Zhen Sect was the only guild in the entire game that could kill a Boss Nian with slightly over a dozen players, allowing them to earn points much more easily than the others.

"Of course Fearless can do it, all he had to do is to give it the killing blow... what reward did you get?" Ming Du asked.

In <>, even if the entire team made the same amount of contribution during the fight, the one that dealt the killing blow would earn 50% more points... and who would even dare to offend their only healer just for the sake of a few more points...

"I got some sort of quest..." Fearless grumbled: "What about you?"

"I got a quest too, I think it's a hidden quest..." Ming Du displayed the quest description.

"Hah! What kind of bullshit is that! Look at mine, now that's a real hidden job!" Spring Halo mocked.

Spring Halo pulled out jet black token.

"Job change token?" Wang Yu and Yang Nuo gasped.

<> was an extremely advanced game with highly advanced AI's for it's NPC's. There were many hidden jobs in the game, so long as the player had the skill and luck required to find them.

For example, Li Xue's Alchemist Job or Wang Yu's Refiner job were both hidden crafting classes.

The Compound Magician job that Ming Du could become was considered a Hidden Branch Job, which required players to meet certain criteria before it would be unlocked.

Other jobs like Dark Assassins, Heavy Bowman or even Berserkers were Hidden Branch Jobs as well. They would have the skills from their original job as well as the skill tree from their Hidden Branch Job as well.

Amongst all the hidden jobs, the hardest to acquire were the seven that were related to the seven heroes in the past.

Other than the Martial Artist, the job instructors for the other six jobs were the six heroes themselves, hence they were known as the hero jobs.

The seven hero jobs required the players to own a special job chance token...

Since Wang Yu and Yang Nuo were both playing hero jobs, they naturally recognised this token.

"Yeap!" Spring Halo laughed as he displayed the item description for the token.

"What the f*ck!" Ming Du shouted: "This isn't fair! I was the first place in the event, but why is your reward better than mine!"

"You should be able to easily complete your B rank quest given your current strength... its hard to safe if Brother Spring can even complete his job change quest given how brutal the requirements for the hero jobs are." Wang Yu explained.

"Oh... but at the end of the day, the fact still remains that he got a hero job. Old Bull, what did you get?" Ming Du dejectedly asked.

"I don't know either..." Wang Yu replied as he pulled a skill book out of his inventory.

[Assemble]: Rare skill. Player is required to know the skill [Low Grade Engineering].

"God damn, this system really is f*cking with you... why do you always get this sort of nonsense." Ming Du sighed as he looked at Wang Yu's event reward.

At least he still got a quest for a hidden branch job, but Wang Yu's reward was utterly bullshit.

Frost Blade got a skill as well, [Second Stealth]. This skill allowed him to ignore to cooldown of stealth and immediately use it again several seconds after he first revealed himself. It was an extremely useful skill.

Crotch Lord got a skill called [Strengthened Shield Wall]. It was an enhancement for the level 20 Guardian skill [Shield Wall], increasing it's defense by 100%.

Boson got a special accessory called 'Heart of Battle', which increased the duration of Tornado Slash.

Vainglory, who always had the worst luck, had somehow managed to acquire a piece of a weapon. A piece of Despair's Stinger!

Vainglory had be scowering the marketplace and the auction houses in search of the other piece's of Despair's Sting and had even managed to buy a piece of it. As of today, he already had four pieces of it. It seemed like the day that he would finally be able to complete this weapon was just around the corner.

After the rewards had been delivered, the system reminded the players that their points could be used to exchange for items with their job instructors. But the points had to be used to roll for the items, what you got was completely up to your luck.

This announcement had enraged every player in the game. Given how sadistic and unfair they system was, there was practically no chance that anyone would get anything good out of this exchange.

After leaving the guild headquarters, Wang Yu headed straight for the informant. He was curious whether the 40000 points he had could even be exchanged for anything worthwhile.