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Chapter 217: This Is Not How You Advertise

Chapter 217: This Is Not How You Advertise

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"Huh?" Wang Yu mumbled as he took the item out of his inventory.

It was a single edged sword. It was love at first sight for Wang Yu as he inspected the design of the sword.

Being a westernised game, <<REBIRTH mainly had double-edged swords and warblades, there were hardly any traditional chinese weapons like this single edged sword.

The sword was roughly three and a half feet long, the blade itself was long and narrow, with a long handle. The hand guard of the sword was about an inch thicker than the blade itself. It greatly resembled a traditional weapon for the Tang Dynasty.

<Universe Sword (Two handed sword) (OBsidian) (Failed item)

Physical Damage: 17-26

Magic Damage: 5-17

+1 Dexterity

+6 Strength


[Rapid Switch]: The player can rapidly change to other weapons.

[Restrain]: Attacking nearby enemies will cause [Sudden Strike]

[Long Edge]: Attack speed is decreased by 50% but attack damage is increased by 100%.

[Short Edge]:Attack damage is decreased by 50% but attack speed is increased by 100%.

Job Requirement: Any job

Level Requirement: 1

Item description: This sword was crafted by Blacksmith Symba during his youth when he discovered the ruin of an ancient civilisation that mainly used this type of weapons. Despite his best efforts, this sword is but an imitation of the swords crafted by this civilisation. It is similar only in form but not in essence. It is a failure.

Failure, a true blue failure... anyone else would immediately scrap this weapon when they looked at its attributes.

It's base attack range was utter trash and even the additional attributes it granted was worthless. It really was a failure.

The sword's only saving grace was it's physical design. But regardless of how special or nice it's design was, a weapon that had lousy attributes would never be used by any player.

But Wang Yu on the other hand was looking at the sword as though he had struck gold...

As a martial artist, Wang Yu chose his weapons based on their balance and their shape. Only after he had considered these two factors would he look at their attributes.

The balance of the Universe Sword was much to Wang Yu's liking and Wang Yu especially liked it's design. Even it's effects were suitable for Wang Yu.

[Restrain] was great for sneak attacks while [Long Edge] could increase his damage output. Simply having a sword would increase the measly attack range of a Pugilist while [Short Edge] could be used to enhance his close range combat. All in all, Wang Yu was very pleased with this sword.

Wang Yu happily strolled out of the alleyway that the Informant resided in after keeping the Universe Sword. He was in no rush to complete the quest 'Forgotten Knowledge' since he didn't even like guns to begin with. Not to mention the fact that Elf City was at least half a day's journey away from Twilight City. He mentally made a note to visit that city one day if it was convenient.

After leaving the Informant, Wang Yu headed straight for the convenience store.

Mu Zi Xian was currently busy at work in the convenience store... she was frantically trying to display all the items that they had to sell.

There really were too many things to sell. There were Li Xue's medicines, the equipments that Mary forged and even some random things that the others wanted to sell.

Even though the system had an option to sort everything out automatically, it still required the owner to personally set the price for all these items. It was rather troublesome indeed.

"You're here..." Mu Zi Xian stopped what she was doing when she saw Wang Yu, smiling sweetly as she spoke.

"Yes, are you tired? I'll help you." Wang Yu walked over as he began to help Mu Zi Xian.

"Maybe you should just take a break at the side, it'll just get messier if you try to help me..." Mu Zi Xian hurriedly replied.

Wang Yu sighed as he moved said. It seemed that he would always be a child that needed to be taken care of in the eyes of Mu Zi Xian. He had long grown accustomed to such a feeling. Maybe it was because he was a young master of a large family that he was so used to the maternal love from his wife.

Wang Yu patiently sat by as he watched his virtuous wife slowly sort each an every item in the store. It had taken her a full 30 minutes to finish arranging everything.

"Why are there no customers..." Wang Yu thought out loud. Wang Yu knew that the shop was not situated too far away from the city gate which was supposed to be great from a business point of view. But there hadn't been a single customer even after half an hour had passed.

"I'm not too sure, maybe it because we didn't do any advertising so no one know's we're here." Mu Zi Xian replied.

"I got it!" Wang Yu replied as he purchased a loudhailer from the system shop.

Broadcasting a message in <<REBIRTH was relatively cheap... a loudhailer that could shout to a quarter of the city would cost 10 silver, while a loudhailer that could broadcast to the entire city would cost 1 gold. A global message on the other hand would cost 10 gold.

10 gold was nothing compared to the price advertisements would cost in real life.

"The convenience store in the south of the city is open... we welcome all guests..."

Wang Yu really didn't have any talent for advertising. Even the words that he had just uttered were the words that he usually heard from the shop owners from the market.

Even after shouting for an entire day and using up ten loudhailers, Mu Zi Xian still didn't have any customers. This made Wang Yu extremely depressed.

At this moment, Wang Yu suddenly received a message in the guild chat, it was Fearless.

"What's the matter?" Wang Yu asked.

"Why the f*ck are you repeating all that nonsense like an idiot?"

"My shop just opened, so I'm advertising it..."

"That's not how it should be done!" Fearless replied.

"Then why don't you give me some ideas." Wang Yu asked. He had to admit that he could never hold a candle to Fearless' creativity.

"Everyone is frantically training right now, who even has the time to browse through the items in your shop? But if you wait any longer then people will forget about you and your deeds. So you have to find a way to capture their attention!"

"Capture their attention?"


"Maybe I should get you guys to do a strip tease for me?" Wang Yu suggested. After all, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were infamous throughout Twilight City.

"Bull, you've really been corrupted... to think that you even know what a strip tease is. Sooner or later, your wife is going to start blaming everything on us..." Fearless sighed.

"Then what should I do? Should I get Spring Halo to start imitating people?"

"Why are you so hell bent on using us? You should do something yourself!" Fearless scolded.

"But you guys are the only eye catching people I know..."

"You mean you don't have anything good?"

"I do, but it isn't something that you can use..." Wang Yu replied.

"No worries, it'll be fine as long as someone can use it. Just repeat after me!"

Shortly after, another loudhailer resounded through the city.

"Rare Martial Savant skill [Golden Bell Canopy] will be auctioned off shortly! Come to the convenience store at coordinates 44.26 for a chance to buy this rare skill! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!"

Afterwards, a screenshot of the skill description appeared in the sky.

"Will this idea work..." Wang Yu asked Fearless.

"Bullshit! When have my ideas not worked?" Fearless laughed.

"But we still don't have any customers." Wang Yu sighed as he looked at the front of the store.

"Relax, once this news spreads you'll be rich in no time! Maybe you should give me 10% of the money that you make off this sale." Fearless chuckled.

"I'll give you 20% if it works." Wang Yu replied. Since Wang Yu would have to give away 10% of his profits if he used the designated auction house in the city, Fearless' request really wasn't excessive at all.