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Chapter 218: The Real Number One

Chapter 218: The Real Number One

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Fearless' idea really was effective...

Not long after Wang Yu had used the loudhailer, all the Pugilists in the vicinity of Twilight City had gathered at the shop.

Pugilists were a job that everyone had looked down upon. It was only because of the existence of Wang Yu that reputation of Pugilists slowly improved. The sheer number of players that had chosen to play as Pugilists right now was simply inconceivable when <<REBIRTH had first started.

Because of the slow rate of growth of magic damage, most players that chose to play Pugilists ended up choosing to become Fighters when they completed their job advancement quests.

And the Martial Savant was the next stage after becoming a fighter.

There were many new players that felt that the skills that Pugilist had were extremely useful against monsters and players alike. Those that were more confident in their gameplay often chose to play at the front lines along side the tanks when clearing dungeons.

The most important players in dungeons were the tanks. A good tank was vital to the success of a team when fighting a boss, this was especially so when they were fighting Independent mode bosses. A Pugilist that could act as a tank would be immensely beneficial to the team.

The most important aspect of a tank was their physical defense. A skill like [Golden Bell Canopy] not only increased both types of defenses but it could even attract all form of damage to the user. A skill like this was simply a godsend to Pugilist's that acted as tanks.

A Pugilist tank was now all the rage in large guilds. Wang Yu's announcement had attracted the attention of all sorts of players, causing a mad rush to compete for this rare skill.

Not only did players in the dungeon quit their attempt to vie for this item, there were even players that returned from other cities to do so. There were even players that tried to add Wang Yu as a friend to ask for further discounts.

Not long after, the street that their store was located was flooded with players that were here for the auction. It really was a rare sight to see so many Pugilist's gathered together.

"Fearless really is a genius, I can't believe that there are so many players here." Wang Yu thought to himself as he sat in the shop watching more players arrive.

After assessing that the majority of interested players had already arrived, Wang Yu walked out of the store.

The players burned with passion as they watched Wang Yu walk out of the store. If it had not been for the miraculous feats that this man had performed as a Pugilist, it was likely that all of them would still be scorned and looked down upon by other players. To these players, Wang Yu wasn't simply their idol, he was their messiah.

But because Wang Yu enjoyed going around and completing quests, these players hardly ever got an opportunity to see him. Even if they couldn't buy the [Golden Bell Canopy] skill book, they could at least get a glimpse of Wang Yu.

"I got this book by exchanging the event points that I received from the new years event. I don't need it anymore so I want to auction it off. I don't really know how this works so I'm just going to sell it to the highest bidder. You guys can begin!" Wang Yu cleared his throat before he spoke in a clear, commanding tone.

Because of how rare a Pugilist player was, equipments and skill books for Pugilist's were extremely cheap. These experts that were handpicked by large guilds were in no way strapped for cash.

"50 gold!" A Pugilist shouted as he started off the auction.

Wang Yu did not set the starting price, but this Pugilist wanted to show off his wealth to Wang Yu, his idol. This price was not only meant to show off, it was also to ward off the poorer players.

"55!" Another player shouted.

Very soon, the price for the [Golden Bell Canopy] had rapidly risen to 120 gold before it finally stopped.

Even though this skill was great, the price of 120 gold had already exceeded it's estimated market value.

"121!" A player suddenly shouted.

To Wang Yu's amazement, it was none other than Sanguine Warflag...

Sanguine Warflag's actions had greatly enraged the crowd, many of them thinking: "What the f*ck does this Pugilist skill have to do with a Knight like you?"

"122!" The player who had bidded 120 gold shouted.

All of a sudden, Sanguine Warflag raised his hand, shouting "200!" The player that had been competing against him immediately backed down, not daring to raise the price anymore.

No one was dumb enough to compete against Sanguine Warflag's bid of 200 gold.

Wang Yu laughed as he handed the skill book over to Sanguine Warflag before turning around and speaking to the crowd: "Don't be too disappointed guys. This convenience store was opened by me, not only does it have rare skills, it even has other items that will surely catch your eyes..."

"We want your autograph, do you sell that?" A player burst into laughter.

"Er..." Wang Yu was slightly taken aback and left at a loss for words.

"Of course, but only for today... anyone that buys something from our shop will receive an autograph from Iron Bull." Mu Zi Xian giggled.

"Are you for real? You're not joking right?" Everyone asked as they suspiciously eyed Wang Yu. Would an expert like this really listen to the words of a woman?

"Of course!" Mu Zi Xian stated as she pointed at the signboard above the sore/

Everyone looked up, only to see the name 'Mrs Bull's convenience store'. Everyone instantly knew who this woman was...

So it turned out that the number one player in <<REBIRTH wasn't Iron Bull, but his wife...

Amidst the laughter from the crowd, the players slowly lined up to enter the store and browse through the goods that were on sale.

Truth be told, these players wouldn't even bother to enter such a small shop were it not opened by Great God Iron Bull himself.

But the items on the shelves had completely knocked their socks off.

"My god, this Bronze tier equipment was crafted by a player... these attributes are comparable to Silver tier equipements!"

"What the f*ck! Rare materials! Where did this come from?"

"Th, this! I'm not seeming things right!" A player gasped as he picked up a medium grade recovery medicine.

The items that were sold in this shop were significantly cheaper than what was sold elsewhere!

Currently, only NPC's sold medium grade recovery medicines. If this recipe was taken away by others, they would surely sell it at an exorbitant price! Only players that were supported by large guilds would be able to procure such items! Not only were these medium grade recovery medicines sold at a reasonable price, they were even in abundance!

"Brother Bull, you're too awesome. How did you get this..." Even a guild leader of a prestigious guild like Sanguine Warflag couldn't help by exclaim in shock when he saw it, quickly buying a few for himself.

But because Sanguine Warflag had offended them over the skill book, these Pugilists were definitely out to get him. Even though they did not dare to do anything outrageous to him, they constantly cut in front of him in the queue, forcing him to the very back of the line. By the time he had reached the counter, not a single recovery medicine remained…...