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Chapter 219: Sanguine Warflag’s Troubles

Chapter 219: Sanguine Warflag’s Troubles

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"They definitely did it on purpose!" Sanguine Warflag complained.

"No worries, we have more in stock. I can take some more out if you really want it..." Mu Zi Xian laughed.

"Really? You actually have a steady supply of these?" Sanguine Warflag gasped.

"Yeah, they're the four girls you kicked out of your guild..."

"Ah..." Sanguine Warflag's words trailed off. Anyone that looked at him now could tell that he deeply regretted the decision of expelling the girls.

He cause of the man-child he called his brother, he had forsaken the chance of earning all this money. This was Sanguine Warflag's greatest regret.

Wang Yu did not continue talking to Sanguine Warflag, simply allowing him to wallow in self pity...

Since most of the players in the game were now equipped with Bronze tier equipments, the equipments in Mu Zi Xian's convenience store was very popular since the attributes that they had were leagues ahead of the one players got from killing monsters.

As Mu Zi Xian had promised, Wang Yu had given his autograph to every player that purchased something from the store. Even the players that didn't buy anything were given an autograph... all for the sake of advertising.

Even after everyone had left, Sanguine Warflag still remained in the store, awkwardly trying to make small talk with Wang Yu: "Brother Bull really is blessed to have such a virtuous wife..."

"..." Wang Yu was baffled by Sanguine Warflag's strange behaviour. He had not bought anything but had still decided to stay in the store and even complimented the couple.

"Is there something we can help you with?" Mu Zi Xian chuckled.

Right from the very start, Mu Zi Xian had found Sanguine Warflag's actions to be rather suspicious. He had paid 200 gold for a skill book worth only 100 gold. If he didn't have some issue that he needed help with, then he had probably gone mad.

The fact that he remained in the store even after everyone left had confirmed Mu Zi Xian's suspicions.

"Er..." Sanguine Warflag scratched his head: "There is something I would like to talk to you about..."

"Oh. Well don't just stand there, what's the matter?" Wang Yu impatiently asked.

"I would like to request for your help..." Sanguine Warflag replied.

"My help?"

"We need some help clearing Hurricane Cavern..."

"You guys want to obtain your own guild headquarters?" Mu Zi Xian asked. Given her knowledge of the game, it wasn't hard for her to guess what Sanguine Warflag's request was.

"Mm, that's it." Sanguine Warflag confirmed.

Hurricane Cavern was a level 20 dungeon. The difference between this dungeon and the Blood Soaked Church was that the Blood Soaked Church was a themed dungeon and part of a storyline.

Dungeons in <<REBIRTH that were not part of the storyline often dropped rare items when they were completed. For example, the final boss of Hurricane Cavern, Snake Queen Angela, would drop a headquarter title deed.

Of course, given how low the drop rates were in this game, the only way to get this title deed was to clear the Abyss tier version of this dungeon. Not only that, the Sanguine Alliance had to be the first guild in the game to do so.

Even though the Sanguine Alliance and it's associated guilds could muster up fifteen level 20 experts to enter the dungeon. They could not clear this level 20 Abyss tier dungeon. During their previous attempt, their entire party was exterminated before they could even kill a single monster.

Thus Sanguine Warflag decided to look for Wang Yu.

After watching the recording of the Quan Zhen Sect clearing a Hell tier dungeon even though they brought along a few dead weights, Sanguine Warflag knew that clearing an Abyss tier dungeon would be nothing for them.

"About that..." Wang Yu hesitated after he heard Sanguine Warflag's request: "You should asked Fearless about this, there's no point asking me... it's not like I'm the boss."

"Actually we only wanted to ask you to join our team..." Sanguine Warflag hurriedly clarified.

The thought of having to see Fearless around had deeply scarred Sanguine Warflag. After that incident with the Boss Nian, Fearless would definitely make him pay a steep price to help the Sanguine Alliance.

Wang Yu on the other hand, was not only stronger player, but he also wouldn't wantonly take advantage of Sanguine Warflag for his own amusement.

Moreover, the problem that the Sanguine Alliance was facing was that their tanks could last a single round against the monsters in the dungeon. But this wouldn't be a problem for Wang Yu who could solo bosses all by himself.

Wang Yu was a simple man, he really would have straight up agreed to Sanguine Warflag's request if he was alone. But today, Mu Zi Xian was by his side. She could tell from the looks in Sanguine Warflag's eyes that he was trying to take advantage of Wang Yu's kindness. She quickly spoke before Wang Yu had even processed what Sanguine Warflag had said.

"But Iron Bull is still a part of the Quan Zhen Sect. Fearless should still be kept in the loop for such matters, lest any misunderstandings arise in the future... I hope you can understand that..."

"Call Fearless over now!" Mu Zi Xian sent a private message to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu secretly sent a message over to Fearless, explaining the situation.

"I understand, I understand..." Sanguine Warflag wiped his brow as he spoke: "Brother Bull, rest assured, we definitely won't mistreat you."

"Okay, okay..." Wang Yu nodded his head: "Let's just wait for Fearless before we continue any further discussions."

"F*ck, I really hoped that he wouldn't come to know about this." Sanguine Warflag bitterly thought to himself.

3 minutes later, Fearless had arrived at the store. After greeting Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian, he put on his widest smile as he turned to Sanguine Warflag: "Brother Sanguine, you could have come straight to me. After all, I am Iron Bull's agent...."

Sanguine Warflag nervously looked at Fearless, it was as if Fearless was trying to kill him with this fake smile of his.

"I have no qualms with him helping you guys clear the Hurricane Cavern dungeon, but you have to agree with a few of my conditions first..."

"F*ck, I knew it... what do you want?" Sanguine Warflag asked.

"First off, you must recognise that the Hurricane Cavern is a dangerous dungeon and we have no way of ensuring that we will succeed. But rest assured, we will try our best." Fearless chuckled.

"Mm! I understand!" Sanguine Warflag nodded his head in agreement. An Abyss tier dungeon was nothing to sneeze at, otherwise Sanguine Warflag wouldn't have put his pride aside and requested for help. Even though Fearless was a shameless bastard, his skills were still reliable.

"Secondly, the Sanguine Alliance will compensate us for all the items and materials that we use while clearing this dungeon. Do you have any issues with that?"

"Nope, absolutely not! This is within expectations!" Sanguine Warflag agreed.

"Thirdly, we have first picks for any items or equipments dropped by the monsters... of course this doesn't include the title deed.

"This... fine!" Sanguine Warflag finally bit the bullet and agreed after contemplating for a long time.

The Sanguine Alliance's goal was to get the headquarters title deed. Losing the equipments dropped was still acceptable.

"Anything else?" Sanguine Warflag asked.

"Yes! No need to worry." Fearless grinned: "Lastly, you will pay us 500 gold for our services whether we successfully clear this dungeon or not!"

"500 gold!?!?!" Sanguine Warflag mind when numb when he heard Fearless' final condition.

"Why don't you just rob me?" Sanguine Warflag cursed.

"You guild leaders really are old fashioned. Didn't you hear? Extortion is a hundred times easier than robbing. Not to mention that it's safer too!" Fearless laughed.

"F*ck you!" Sanguine Warflag was nearly in tears. How could such a despicable bastard possibly exist?