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Chapter 220: Experts From A Studio

Chapter 220: Experts From A Studio

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Regardless of what items you were selling in the game, the prices would always fluctuate based on the market's demands.

For example, the headquarter title deed. During the early stage of the game the price of it was very low, around 500 gold or so, since there weren't many guilds that could use it. The only problem was that the price of gold was extremely high during this period of time.

But now, there were many players that had reached level 20, hence the number of guilds that wanted to establish their own headquarters had been steadily rising. Because this increase in demand and the limited supply, the price of a title deed was currently about 1000 gold.

But because of how rare it was, it was hardly ever seen on sale.

Sanguine Warflag's problem with Fearless' demand wasn't that the price was too high, but that he wanted 500 gold regardless of whether they successfully completed the dungeon or not.

In fact, Fearless had cleverly guessed the highest price that Sanguine Warflag was willing to give them for their assistance. This left Sanguine Warflag in a dilemma.

Fearless was a cunning man that would always try to squeeze as much benefits as he could out of every situation.

"Hey, don't be so wishy washy. It's just 500 gold! It's not too much right?" Fearless impatiently asked.

"It isn't much..." Sanguine Warflag muttered.

The issue really wasn't about the money at all! Sanguine Warflag's concern was that Fearless wanted money regardless of whether he succeeded or not!

"Just think about it this way. The headquarter title deed that you get from the auction house might not necessarily be in the vicinity of Twilight City, it could even be in another district..." Fearless indifferent said.

"Ah? Really?" Sanguine Warflag really did not know about this matter at all.

"Of course! Why would I bother tricking you? After all the Quan Zhen Sect already has our own headquarters."

Sanguine Warflag remained silent. Fearless had touched upon an extremely sensitive topic. One of the reasons that the Sanguine Alliance wanted to establish a headquarters was because they didn't want to appear to be inferior to the Quan Zhen Sect.

"We are probably the only people in Twilight City that would be willing to help you!" Fearless added.

These words had caused Sanguine Warflag's reluctance to waver. Fearless was right, which other guild in Twilight City could compare to the experts of the Quan Zhen Sect?

"How about this, if we don't get the title deed on the first try, we will continue helping you until we get it. How about that?" Fearless finally relented and revised his final condition.

"Deal!!!" Sanguine Warflag exuberantly replied. This was a deal that was favourable to him as well.

"Ok, so when will we set out?"

"In a while. The dungeon still has a 40 minute cooldown!" Sanguine Warflag replied.

The cooldown time for dungeons was 20 hours. The Sanguine Alliance had challenged this dungeon just yesterday.

"Okay then. It just so happens that I will be going shopping for some supplies, you can come along!" Fearless slyly grinned, causing Sanguine Warflag's heart to shudder.

"Ok, as long as I get my title deed..."

"Alright. Sister in law, could you prepare somethings for us?" Fearless turned around and asked Mu Zi Xian.

"What do you need?" Mu Zi Xian smiled.

"Two sets of glue... four sets of torches, ten sets of antidotes, ten sets of medium grade recovery potions..."

Sanguine Warflag's face sank each time Fearless added a new item to the list... didn't people just buy a single unit of these items? Wasn't this bastard just extorting him by ordering so much?

"What's the matter? Is your wallet aching?" Fearless chuckled.

"No... please, carry one..." Sanguine Warflag muttered.

"That's it for now, I'll come again if it isn't enough." Fearless replied.

After he had listed all the items that he wanted, the final bill came up to 50 gold. Sanguine Warflag reluctantly paid Mu Zi Xian for the items. It wasn't that Sanguine Warflag could not bear to part with this money, but that Fearless' shameless behaviour had deeply infuriated him.

"Why do you need so many things to clear this dungeon?" Wang Yu quietly asked Fearless. An honest man like him really couldn't understand Fearless' strange actions.

"I don't..."

"Then why did you buy so many things..."

"Well, we clear dungeons everyday. Might as well use his money to stock up on some supplies." Fearless indifferently laughed.

"You really are a despicable scumbag!" Wang Yu grumbled.

"Hey, don't forget that you're earning money too!"

"You really are a noble man..." Wang Yu corrected himself.

The Hurricane Cavern was a level 20 dungeon, situated in a level 25 hunting ground, Viper Valley.

Even though the serpent type monsters here did not have very high defenses, they were hard to deal with for the simple fact that they were all venomous. These snakes would work in groups of three, one to slow, one to lower your defenses and one to poison you.

There were hardly any players other than Dark Shamans that would be willing to fight these monsters. The only reason that Dark Shamans would even bother with these troublesome foes were for the poison that they dropped upon death.

According to the lore, Snake Queen Angela was originally a tribe leader of an indigenous tribe in the valley. But she had been condemned by the god of light and imprisoned in the Hurricane Cavern.

The monsters in the dungeon were all her tribe members while the monsters in Viper Valley were her descendants.

The more Wang Yu read the lore's in <<REBIRTH, the more unreasonable he felt the god of light was... how could he be so narrow minded as to condemn someone that did not subscribe to his religion?

When they arrived, Wang Yu found that the party from the Sanguine Alliance were already waiting for some time.

Amongst the party, Wang Yu recognised Heaven's Bird, Sanguine Darkness, Sanguine Asura and Sanguine Stormbringer. Even though he did not know their names, he recognised them since he had killed them all previously...

These players all had an extremely complicated expression on their faces when they looked at Wang Yu. This was especially true for Heaven's Bird. He had nearly fled in fear when he saw Wang Yu... fortunately Sanguine Stormbringer had grabbed him, preventing him for losing even more face.

"So it turns out that Leader Sanguine has invited other players as well. Do you not have enough faith in our Studio?" A Warrior suddenly blurted out. Clearly he despised Wang Yu's presence here.

"Who are those guys?" Fearless asked.

"They are experts from the Daybreak Studio, I invited them..."

"Daybreak Studio?" Fearless raised his brow as he asked: "Why did you look for these kinds of trash for help? You could have just asked me if you lacked the manpower!"

"Ha ha ha, it's already an honour that the two of you are willing to help me. We don't need to trouble the rest..." Sanguine Warflag laughed.

"F*ck you. It already cost me 500 gold to invite the both of you. How much more would you have asked for if I wanted to get the rest of your guild members to help me?" Sanguine Warflag silently cursed.