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Chapter 221: The Monopoly In The Game

Chapter 221: The Monopoly In The Game

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The Daybreak Studio had a reputation amongst crafting players, and even a high level player like Fearless knew a thing or two about them.

Although this group of people had considerable influence in the game, their actions had made them infamous. Petty crimes like looting of players and monster drops were a common thing in a game, what they did, however, was far more despicable. They would monopolize the supplies of valuable in game items and inflate their prices ridiculously. Their actions had rendered several game servers unplayable, turning them into ghost servers.

It was common knowledge that a good reputation was essential to the success of a studio. Which was why it was a miracle that a studio like Daybreak could even survive let alone maintain their influence.

Fearless did not question why Sanguine Warflag would hire such an infamous group as the Quan Zhen Sect's reputation was no better. The fundamental difference between the two groups laid in their intent. Quan Zhen Sect purely wanted to enjoy the gaming experience, but Daybreak Studio wanted to destroy it.

These people were willing to destroy the entire game for their own selfish gains. It was no wonder Fearless looked down on them.

Fearless's words offended members of the Daybreak Studio. The leader by the name of Daybreak Winter was charged full of aggression and bellowed: "And who the hell are you? Let's take it outside if you're unhappy!"

Sanguine Warflag sensed the tense situation and stepped in to break up the argument. "This is Fearless, the leader of the Quan Zhen Sect. Can everyone for my sake, please leave any disagreements till the quest is over?"

"Quan Zhen Sect?" Daybreak Winter was sent into a daze upon hearing what Sanguine Warflag said. He looked at Fearless and Wang Yu in disbelief.

Even the members of the Daybreak Studio would be apprehensive about having two members from Quan Zhen Sect, a sect with a fierce reputation for their combat prowess, in front of them.

Daybreak Winter used this opportunity and said: "Fine, I shall let this slide this time on your account."

Fearless chuckled coldly: "Just admit that you're frightened. Sanguine my friend, let me tell you. These people would only sabotage us, so with the likes of them, we might not even be able to pass the…."

"Don't you dare insult us!!" the members of the Daybreak Studio butted in before Fearless could even finish his sentence.

Sanguine Warflag was displeased with Fearless's actions. There was no reason for Fearless to be cynical when Daybreak Winter had already taken a step back.

Sanguine Warflag quickly added: "Fearless my friend, they are hired personally by me. They have considerable strength, in addition, their studio also possesses the best medicine in the market. It would be of great use to us."

Recovery medicine was essential to the success of a quest. This medicine was priceless and Daybreak Studio happened to have plenty of them. Sanguine Waflag hired them for this very reason.

"Oh, what medicine is it, care to show it to me?" Fearless taunted Daybreak Winter.

"Hmph" Daybreak Winter could not be bothered with Fearless's taunting.

"Medium Grade Recovery Medicine!" Sanguine Warflag whispered.

"HAHAHA" Fearless laughed. "And here I thought that it was something valuable. Turns out it's merely Medium Grade Recovery Medicine?!"

"What, do you happen to have this as well?" Daybreak Winter challenged.

"I have as many as you would need" Fearless took out a dozen vials of recovery medicine and waved it at the crowd.

Members of the Daybreak Studio were dumbfounded by the number of vials in his hands.

"That could not be, this potion is only sold by us. How you could possibly possess so many?!"

Daybreak Studio was made up of a group of crafting professionals. Their daily job was to sweep the supply of many high tiered items clean and maintain their monopoly over the market supply.

Medium grade recovery medicine happened to be one of them.

The medium grade medicine was only produced in the Twilight City. Members from the Daybreak Studio surveyed the stocks constantly and would buy them out once they are restocked. They would then resale these medicine at high prices.

To ensure the high resale value of this medicine, members of the Daybreak Studio chose to control the retail quantity of the potions, distributing them in small numbers to different cities.

Li Xue produced only about 100 bottles of potions a day. Subtracting the potions she gave to the members of the Quan Zhen Sect, there were only about 60 bottles available for retail. As there were 300 cities in the game, each city would receive less than a bottle on average. This just went to show how rare this medicine was.

Sanguine Stormbringer was astounded. "This can't be true Fearless, could that really be a Medium Grade Recovery Medicine?"

Sanguine Stormbringer was in-charged of purchasing supplies for the Sanguine Alliance and was fairly familiar with the rarity of such a medicine. It was unheard for even experts to be in possession of more than a few bottles at once, but here was Fearless with a dozen of them.

"Didn't Sanguine Primrose tell you about the origins of these potions?" Fearless glanced at Sanguine Stormbringer through the corners of this eyes.

"Primrose… She left us…" Sanguine Stormbringer muttered.

"Oh…." Fearless's expression darkened. He naturally knew why Sanguine Primrose chose to leave.

Sanguine Warflag said: "This medicine was produced by the Quan Zhen Sect…."

"What?! You have to be kidding me!" Sanguine Stormbringer replied in shock.

The other members of the Daybreak Studio were shocked as well. They could not imagine that the product they had prided themselves in monopolizing was produced by this despicable man that stood in front of them.

"I too could not believe it till I saw it with my own two eyes. The southern convenience store had been bought over. They now have high numbers of such medicine selling at a much lower price…." Sanguine Warflag said.

"But, where could the crafting expert from Quan Zhen Sect have come from?" Sanguine said, confused.

In the game, high level players often had very pathetic crafting levels, hence it was very unlikely for a high combat power sect like the Quan Zhen Sect to have time to cultivate their crafting level.

"Well…" The color drained from Sanguine Warflag's face as he shot a murderous look at Heavenly Bird. "Do you still remember Snowy Velvet's gang of 4? They are now in Quan Zhen Sect, these medicines were brewed by those 4 ladies."

"…..."Members of the Sanguine Alliance fell into silence, and all eyes shifted towards Heavenly Bird.

Heavenly Bird hung his head low in shame.

Daybreak Winter naturally knew why Sanguine Stormbringer invited them over. Their only value was in the amount of medicine they could provide. He no longer saw meaning in staying as they already had plenty.

With that thought, Daybreak Winter walked over and said, "Stormbringer my friend, my friends and I shall take our leave seeing the situation."