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Chapter 222: Avoiding It

Chapter 222: Avoiding It

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"Leave, leave!" Sanguine Stormbringer attitude towards Daybreak Winter started to worsen.

Sanguine Warflag only allowed Sanguine Stormbringer to be in charge of buying supplies because of the trust between them, and only after Sanguine Warflag finished speaking did Sanguine Stormbringer realise that the Daybreak Studio's prices were that much higher than the market rate.

It was normal for professional gamers to buy low and sell high, but instances when they used a shortage to profit greatly made others rather unhappy.

This was especially because Sanguine Warflag had personally exposed this incident. Therefore, even though Sanguine Stormbringer was innocent, the occurrence of such an incident made everyone confused as to why Sanguine Stormbringer treated Daybreak Studio so well.

"Since there are not enough people now, shall I call a few of my guild's members over?"

The Abyss tier Hurricane Cavern required 15 people to enter and after Daybreak Winter and co. left, they were 3 men short.

Sanguine Warflag quickly turned him down, "No, there's no need to trouble them, our guild has other members..."

A short while later, Sanguine Warflag found three other experts from the Sanguine Alliance to replenish their ranks.

Hurricane Cavern, as its name suggested, was an extremely deep underground cavern. No one knew where its end was, and gusts of wind blew their way, causing everyone to shiver vigorously.

<System notification: You have been inflicted with snake poison, HP -2 per second.

"This is a debuff, there's nothing to worry about..." Sanguine Warflag turned around and said to Fearless and Wang Yu.

Neither of them paid any attention to him...

Wang Yu wore health regenerating equipment, hence such a debuff had next to no effect on him. On the other hand, Fearless was a beta tester, so he definitely encountered this situation before.

The interior of Hurricane Cavern wasn't very well lit, so Fearless carefully took out his pair of field of vision improving glasses and put them on.

After the team progressed a short distance forward, two waves of monsters entered their field of vision.

<Silver Ring Snake (LV32) (Elite)

HP: 20000

MP: 10000

Skills: [Bite], [Poison]

<Gold Ring Snake (LV35) (Elite)

HP: 25000

MP: 12000

Skills: [Bite], [Poison], [Lay Egg]

There were a total of 20 monsters in the two waves, gathered not far away from them and simply lying around.

Upon seeing those snake monsters, Sanguine Warflag began commanding adeptly: "Stormbringer, Rogue, lure the wave of Silver Ring Snakes at our 10 o'clock over here. We'll slowly kill our way over..."

Sanguine Rogue was a Magician that had completed his job advancement, and was also a core member of Sanguine Alliance, with exceptional strength.

Once both of them received the order, one began loading an arrow into his bow, while the other began initiating a spell.

Fearless chuckled coldly: "Old Sanguine, the monsters on this map are all poison type monsters, hence we'll definitely use a lot of consumables. Based on the strategy you're employing, I'm afraid that we'll be out of medicines before reaching the first Boss."

"Both of you, don't go first. Boss Fearless, what insights do you have?"

When Sanguine Warflag heard Fearless speak, he frantically halted Sanguine Stormbringer's and Sanguine Rogue's attacks and asked Fearless.

What Fearless said wasn't wrong. Yesterday, Sanguine Warflag had already brought men to clear this dungeon, and they discovered that the poison type attribute of monsters here was very irritating. Add that on top of a health decreasing debuff, recovery medicine had to be on the standby at all times, and once its cooldown was over, one had to consume it immediately. As such, the number of resources consumed was extremely shocking. By the time they arrived at the first boss, everyone couldn't keep up anymore and could just watch as they got wiped out.

"Avoid them!" Fearless declared.

"Avoid them? How do we avoid them?" Sanguine Warflag asked in surprise.

The Hurricane Caverns was a cave which was definitely not as spacious as the Blood-Soaked Church. How could it be that easy to avoid two waves of monsters to fight the boss directly?

"He he!" Fearless laughed. "The aggro range of dungeon elite monsters is only 4.5 meters, and based on my measurements, the width of this cavern from wall to wall is 9.4 meters. There's at least a 40 centimeter safety gap between both waves of monsters, hence we can safely avoid these monsters in this gap."

As he heard this, Sanguine Warflag twitched. "Boss Fearless, isn't this as good as having no suggestion?"

40 centimeters was the width of a person turned to one side, which meant that everyone had to move sideways and pass through the area outside of the aggro range of both waves of monsters.

One had to know that while the walls of the cavern were smooth and flat, but the cavern wasn't completely straight.

Everyone knew that with the twisting and turning of the cavern, the position of the 40 centimeter safe area would change continuously.

Even though this was inside a game, under the circumstances of not having a ruler to refer to, no one could ensure that their judgment was perfect, hence Fearless's suggestion seemed to be nonsensical.

"There's a difference. If you follow behind me, we can avoid the monsters, while we will be attacked by the monsters if we follow behind you!" Fearless casually said without giving any face to Sanguine Warflag.

Sanguine Warflag's face turned red before he responded: "Sure, we'll do it your way…... Anyway, there's Brother Bull around, so those little monsters won't really matter!" He turned around and faced Wang Yu while speaking.

Smiling and standing behind Fearless, Wang Yu answered: "As long as we follow Fearless, nothing will go wrong."

This gave Sanguine Warflag a mild shock, and he couldn't help but gaze at Fearless once more.

"Keep your weapons and follow me." Fearless remarked, then he started walking forward.

The entire group formed a straight line and followed closely behind him.

Approximately 7-8 meters later, Fearless suddenly stopped to draw a line on the ground with his foot. "Everyone must turn to their side before crossing this line!"

After speaking, he turned sideways, shuffling forward step by step.

Everyone stuck closely behind and even after they passed through the area, none of the monsters on both sides moved at all.

"F*ck, Boss Fearless, you're a god!" Sanguine Warflag exclaimed after being the last to exit the area.

It was definitely a genuine reaction from Sanguine Warflag. Judging this distance with one's eyes without a single centimeter of error wasn't something ordinary people could do.

"He he!" Fearless laughed. "I believe that it'll be better for me to give commands from now on. Boss Sanguine, what do you think?"

"Well..." Sanguine Warflag hesitated for a moment. "Sure! Boss Fearless, you'll definitely be a better leader than me."

With that one instance, Fearless had completely impressed Sanguine Warflag. While he wasn't very tactful, but his strength was extremely terrifying. No wonder he was the leader of Quan Zhen Sect despite the numerous expert members.

After Sanguine Warflag handed over the group's leadership to Fearless, everyone started moving forward again, and soon they arrived at the first boss's resting ground.

In this scenario, the snake monsters weren't in the same positions as before. They were in groups previously, but now the snakes were scattered around, individually lying on the ground. As long as the group took another step forward and triggered one monster's aggro, all of the monsters' aggro would be triggered and all of them would charge in their direction.

"Boss Fearless, do we avoid these monsters as well?" Sanguine Warflag asked while rubbing his hands.

At this point, Sanguine Warflag hoped to directly pass through the monsters before them and forcibly engage Snake Queen Angela.

"You're thinking too much!" Fearless shot a glance at Sanguine Warflag.