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Chapter 223: There’s Skill Involved In A One Wave Attack

Chapter 223: There’s Skill Involved In A One Wave Attack

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The game's system wasn't that stupid, so how could it design such a dumb dungeon...

The scenario of snake monsters being spread out was obviously targeting opportunistic players.

"Then what will we do?" Sanguine Warflag casually commented for the sake of it. He was a veteran player, hence how could he not notice that there was something fishy with the spread of snake monsters.

Moreover, the Sanguine Alliance had fought its way here yesterday, and precisely because of the spread of monsters, they forcibly did a 'one wave attack'. After which, they used up the last of their supplies and didn't manage to defeat the boss.

"One wave attack!" Fearless casually said.

"One wave..." Sanguine Warflag was slightly disappointed. Initially, he thought that handing over the command of the group to Fearless would result in Fearless coming up with some good plan. But in the end it was still a one wave attack, so how was it any different from his own way of fighting?

Fearless explained: "With such a distribution of monsters, there's no other way than attacking in one wave. The only thing that can change is our group's formation."

"Our group's formation? There's still some strategy behind a one wave attack?" Sanguine Warflag asked as he was puzzled. A one wave attack was just a one wave attack - the basic way of attacking without any strategies or tactics - hence he never even heard of any variations to it.

"If our Quan Zhen Sect's members are present, these trash monsters will definitely be defeated, but with you guys... It's impossible unless we use some tactics."

There wasn't a moment that Fearless didn't make others angrier at him.

The members of Sanguine Alliance were not any softies either, and when they were mocked by Fearless as such, every single one of them turned as red as a tomato but could only suppress they rage as they saw Wang Yu standing beside Fearless.

"F*ck you, isn't that just depending on one expert? I don't believe that you can make any significant changes to the one wave attack!" Sanguine Asura raged in the guild chat.

"That's right, when he fails, I'll stab him multiple times!" Sanguine Darkness shouted as well.

The rest of the group followed suit and lashed out at Fearless over and over…...To the point that other members of Sanguine Alliance asked: "What's going on?"

"There's a dumb*ss in the team!"

"Then you guys should scold him in the team chat right..."

Everyone: "Well..."

Sanguine Warflag coughed once: "Well Boss Fearless, how should we go about executing the one wave attack?"

Pointing at a corner not that far away, Fearless explained: "See that corner? Everyone form a reverse 1-5 formation and stick close to the wall.

A 1-5 formation was generally referred to as cone positions or a cone shape formation in the game.

This formation required a minimum of 15 people to form five rows of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from back to front. The first two rows would be made up of main tanks and secondary tanks, while the rows at the back were for healers and damage dealers.

This formation was usually used for guild ways, as it could break an opposing guild's formation, giving one side a great advantage.

"1-5 formation? Against the swarm of snakes? You must be drunk!" Sanguine Asura loudly declared.

A 1-5 formation was usually very successful when used in PVP, but for PVE, when pitted against non-human monsters which didn't have the intelligence to use any formations, how would the 1-5 formation have any effect?

"It's inverse 1-5, understand? You shouldn't speak if you have low IQ. Go in front to be a tank!" Fearless stared at Sanguine Asura with despise, allocating him to the frontline.

In their team, there were two Guardians, one Weapons Master, and one Knight. Once they heard Fearless's commands, they quickly moved to the frontmost row.

"Knight, come back!" When Sanguine Warflag just went into position, Fearless called him back and asked: "Your reach is long, so why are you going so far in front? Go to the center of the second row with Iron Bull..."

Suppressing his curiosity to find out the reason behind this arrangement, Sanguine Warflag lowered his head and proceeded to the second row.

"You four Thieves, stand at the two extremes of the first and second row, take reference from the others, and move half a position back."

Placing Thieves on the front row was really very reckless, and even though everyone had their doubts, they decided to remain silent to avoid being mocked by Fearless.

Originally, Fearless indeed planned to mock them a little more, but as the entire team didn't bother with him anymore, he felt rather bored by it and could only continue arranging the rest of them. Two Magicians and an Archer were in the third row and Sanguine Alliance's two Priests were in the fourth row. Fearless was a Priest as well, so he placed himself in the corner, all the way behind.

After Fearless completed the formation, the team finally had a clear look at the legendary inverse 1-5 formation.

There were five people in the front row, and while they were in one row, due to the Thieves being positioned slightly back, they formed an arc instead of a straight line. Fearless's main idea hadn't been deciphered yet, but those two Thieves in the first row could feel a sense of safety.

Thieves in the front feeling safe was never seen before in the entire history of games.

"You're all in position, so what is there to hesitate about? If there's nothing, let's start killing monsters!" Fearless shouted.

Noticing that he was placed in the center position for main tanks, Sanguine Asura bitterly commented: "Boss Fearless, you didn't do this on purpose right...I didn't offend you on purpose just now."

In response, Fearless casually said: "Brother Asura, just fight the monsters in peace. Do I look like the kind of person that would take revenge for trifles? Don't worry, if I'm around, it'll be difficult for you to die even if you wanted to..."


"If you continue spouting bullsh*t, it's also very easy for me to make you die!" Fearless threatened.

Immediately, Sanguine Asure shut his trap, scolding Fearless in his heart: "Bloody hell, and you still dare to say that you don't take revenge for trifling matters?"

Once the formation was in place, on Fearless's command, Sanguine Stormbringer shot an arrow into the head of a Silver Ring Snake. As it was aggroed, the rest of the snakes slithered over towards them.

The moment both sides traded blows, everyone instantly felt the strength of this inverse 1-5 formation.

As the team was standing at in a corner, the inverse 1-5 formation nicely protected all damage dealers with the terrain, and it was only the five people in the first row that faced off against the swarm of snakes.

No, it was just three of them!

Two rounds of battles later, everyone discovered how ingenious Fearless's arrangement was.

For the two Thieves in the first row, although they seemed to be standing in front, they were one position behind the tanks beside them, hence when the snake swarm attacked, two Guardians could always effectively shield them and allow them to take this opportunity to let out an explosive round of attacks.

All of the monsters in this dungeon had low health and low defense, which made it very suitable for explosive jobs like Thieves. With two Guardians as protection, four Thieves took turns to attack, providing a significant stream of damage.

In the second row, Wang Yu had a long pole in hand and Sanguine Warflag's weapon was a long spear. Both of their attack ranges were rather great, hence while helping the tanks in front to hack through monsters, they could protect the Thieves at the sides, essentially serving as both attack and defence.

The Magicians and Archers in the third row were very heavily guarded, so they could freely attack as they pleased.

For the three Priests at the back, because of the effectiveness of this formation, there wasn't much pressure on them, and each one had to look after one tank.

One tank and one priest, what a luxurious formation…...Under Fearless's care, Sanguine Asura's health never dropped below 50% while facing the swarm of snakes, and he could freely use his [Tornado Slash] as if he was a windmill. His screams filled with excitement irritated everyone, and the idea of killing him even crossed Fearless's mind.