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Chapter 224: Dodge It If You Can’t Block It…...

Chapter 224: Dodge It If You Can’t Block It…...

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With Fearless's 1-5 formation, the group cleared the entire swarm of snakes before them in a short period of time.

The members of Sanguine Alliance were still in shock. If it wasn't for the snake corpses on the ground, they wouldn't believe that they had killed all these monsters.

One had to know that when the members of Sanguine Alliance came here and faced off against these poisonous snakes, they did their best and even almost got wiped out a few times. However, this time their team only had a change of two members, but they passed through almost unscathed.

The most shocking fact was that their consumables had barely been touched...

Thinking back, Wang Yu only helped to deal damage from the second row, and Fearless's capacity for healing was about the same as the other two Priests, hence there wasn't much of a difference from yesterday's team. But thanks to this formation, a large gap between both attempts had formed.

Those members of Sanguine Alliance that were still mildly unhappy with Fearless now held a shred of respect towards him.

The guild leader of Quan Zhen Sect didn't disappoint. He indeed had his way of doing things.

However, Fearless looked at the group with disdain as he spoke to Wang Yu: "This bunch of idiots. If it were the members of our Quan Zhen Sect, there wouldn't be the need for such an excessive arrangement..."

Wang Yu nodded: "Mhmm, we've been hard on them..."

Upon hearing the conversation between both of them, all respect that the members of Sanguine Alliance gained towards Fearless disappeared completely. He was simply proud beyond measure! What kind of treatment was this!

After clearing the snake monsters, everyone began proceeding forward and reached the first boss.

This boss was very ugly. It had a snake's head, a human's body, and was covered in full body armor. In its hand was a long spear, and in its mouth were some seeds. It stared at the group angrily and bellowed: "So it's you guys that are massacring my citizens?"

<System notification: You have triggered the dungeon quest "Calamity of the Wild Python", Viper General Jack slain 0/1. Quest reward: 25% completion.

<Viper General Jack (LV 35) (Boss)

HP: 500000

MP: 20000

Skills: [Triple Strike], [Sweeping Blow], [Sudden Attack], [Nether Serpent State]

Based on the summary, the Viper General was a warrior type boss, and its skills made Wang Yu quite relieved as there were none of the poison attacks that were the specialty of snake type monsters, hence it should be relatively easier to deal with.

Yet Sanguine Warflag stared at it with trepidation and said: "This boss is not easy to deal with!"

"It looks rather noob though?" Wang Yu subconsciously blurted out.

"Looks rather noob?" The members of Sanguine Alliance exclaimed. "It's God Iron Bull after all. Even bosses aren't anything to him."

Sanguine Warflag quickly added on: "Brother Bull, don't underestimate this boss. Its attacks deal true damage, so tanks basically can't endure them!"

Wang Yu chuckled as he replied: "If you can't endure it, can't you just dodge it... No wonder Fearless says that you're all stupid..."

The rest of the group turned and stared at Fearless angrily, but the implicated Fearless could only shrug it off.

Although everyone focused their anger at Fearless, they were silently unhappy at Wang Yu's words.

Dodge it…...what nonsense. The boss wielded a long pike, and with a sweep of it everyone in a 6.5 meters radius and in all 360 degrees around him would be damaged, so how could anyone dodge anything?

Based on the looks on these people's faces, Fearless knew that it would not be possible to ask Sanguine Alliance to get these people to help anymore.

However, this boss was rather disgusting. True damage…...doesn't this mean that the heavy armor of a Guardian would be rendered useless? Without any form of defence, no matter how much health you had, it wouldn't be enough to endure the strikes of the boss.

For dungeon runs, there was only one outcome when tanks couldn't endure the damage: being wiped out...

"Boss Fearless, come up with a plan please. We agreed on paying 500 gold coins once we've passed through the dungeon." Sanguine Warflag said as he walked over.

500 gold coins, Sanguine Warflag mentioned this very clearly. He regularly reminded Fearless that the two of them were hired by them with 500 gold coins, so they couldn't always keep clashing head on with them, otherwise that 500 gold coins would have been money poorly spent.

"We have no choice but to step in." Fearless sighed, and softly asked Wang Yu: "Old Bull, can you pull this guy's aggro?"

"Let's give it a try!" Wang Yu replied, striding towards the Viper General.

"Eh? Brother Bull, why are you going over there?" When he saw Wang Yu moving forward alone, Sanguine Warflag was a little confused.

"To draw the aggro of the boss!" Wang Yu enthusiastically responded.

"Draw the aggro of the boss?" All members of Sanguine Alliance were stunned. There were indeed some Pugilists who acted as tanks, but all of them added points into health and wore heavy armor without exception.

But what about Wang Yu? With his fast speeds and high damage, one could immediately determine that he added points into attack and dexterity. Moreover, the clothing Wang Yu wore wasn't suitable at all (the Heavenly Silk Armor was like a vest...), hence wouldn't it be courting death to fight the monster alone?

Although they knew that Wang Yu was very impressive, the opponent was a boss, a high level boss that dealt true damage. With that little bit of health that Wang Yu had, no matter how good he was, it would be over with one slash.

Faced with Wang Yu's actions, the faces of the tanks of Sanguine Alliance turned red. To actually force a Pugilist to draw the aggro of a monster, they were really too useless as tanks.

"Boss Iron Bull, can you take it? If it's really not possible then please swap places with me..." Other than Heavenly Bird, the other Guardian named Sanguine Wall spoke up.

Chuckling, Wang Yu replied: "Do you think you're better than me?"

"This is not a matter of who is better. With my health, I can at least take two to three hits, while you can take only one at most with your amount of health!" Sanguine Wall explained.

"Why must I take any hits?" Wang Yu asked in a puzzled manner.

"Otherwise what did you have in mind?"

"I'll just dodge!" Wang Yu brought up the matter of dodging the boss's attacks once more.

"..." Sanguine Wall turned speechless for a moment before speaking. "Sure, you're the god, what you say, goes." Against someone like this, he did not want to bother with any rebuttals.

During this conversation, Wang Yu had already stepped into the range of the Viper General's aggro, hence it roared and slashed at Wang Yu with a swift movement of its hands.

The long pike of the Viper General speared towards him three times in quick succession: at the lower abdomen, chest, and with a final swing, the head of Wang Yu.

In response, Wang Yu jumped three times back to back, dodging all three strikes of the Viper General while he couldn't help but declare: "Not bad, you are rather skilled!"

The Viper General indeed lived up to its name as a general, thus all of its attacks were from the fiercest of styles.

Those three strikes seemed rather simple, but the more simple the technique, the more effective and dangerous it was.

The first strike of the general was aimed at the lower abdomen, and its target would definitely bend over if hit, which would allow the second strike to naturally pierce the target's throat. If an additional force was exerted after that, the general would be able to rip off its target's head.

Luckily, its opponent was a martial arts expert like Wang Yu. For lethal dangers, his instinctive response was to dodge first, and only block if unable to do so.

If it were an ordinary player, the response of choice would definitely be to take the three strikes head on, and based on the current stats of the Viper General, none of the current players would be able to endure its [Triple Strike].

"He, he really dodged it..." Sanguine Wall's jaw dropped straight to the ground as he stared at the scene before him in disbelief.