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Chapter 225: Bullying Dumb Bosses Is the Best

Chapter 225: Bullying Dumb Bosses Is the Best

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Dodging - not a foreign word in game vocabulary.

In ordinary games, there were three ways of dodging. The first was using a skill to dodge, like [Roll] and [Blink], and this would allow one to avoid one's opponent's attack. This sort of dodging relied on a player's timing of using the skill. Normally, as long as one reacted fast enough, it would be enough to complete the dodge.

Another type would be chance dodging…...for example wearing some special equipment that had the effect of causing enemy attacks to have a chance to miss upon hitting the player. This method relied on luck completely, and one would be able to fight monsters without taking damage at all if lucky. Conversely, the dodge chance was just a decoration if one was unlucky enough.

There was also positional dodging which used one's movement to dodge the enemy's attacks. This form of dodging required a much higher level of skill and those who could successfully pull it off were basically professional gamers. Hence the number of people who really encountered this before was very few.

In the VR environment, most of the rules governing the game world were based on reality, hence chance dodging was naturally removed.

With this, players only had the option to do skill dodging or positional dodging during battle.

Dodging skills in <<Rebirth were extremely valuable, and out of the seven jobs, only Archers had dodging skills, thus players could only use their movement to effectively dodge during fights.

For mouse based games, positional dodging was already a very high level maneuver, what more in this sort of full immersion game world.

Being totally immersed in the game, skills were equivalent to the system helping one out, and without this assistance, few could realistically dodge in battle, much less dodge a boss's attacks.

Since Wang Yu had fought the Sanguine Alliance many times before, most of its members had the impression that he was at the level of doing one hit KOs, running very quickly and even on walls and roofs.

For those that actually exchanged blows with him, for example, Sanguine Stormbringer, they also knew that Wang Yu could catch arrows with his bare hands and counter [Stealth]...

However, no one noticed that their attacks basically couldn't hit Wang Yu.

After all, Wang Yu always killed people in an instant when he attacked, and there wasn't anyone in the Sanguine Alliance that could last a round against him either.

As a result, when the members of Sanguine Alliance saw Wang Yu easily dodge the Viper General's attacks, a surprised expression appeared on their faces.

The reason that the Viper General was very difficult to deal with was that its attack animations were very short on top of the True Damage it dealt.

Wang Yu landed on the ground after leaping backwards, and the Viper General speared its pike towards him.

Without missing a beat, Wang Yu leaned to the side, dodging the sudden attack. The Viper General then changed to a sweeping motion, drawing a large circle around itself.

At the moment that the Viper General started the sweeping motion, Wang Yu jumped onto its head, using [Eagle Stomp] and [Thunder God's Stomp]. These consecutive stomps caused the Viper General to enter a stunned state.

"Quickly attack it!"

Seeing that the Viper General was stunned, Fearless quickly issued the command to attack, and everyone charged forward to launch one wave of strikes at it.

The stunned state only lasted 1.5 seconds, and before everyone could scatter, the Viper General regained its senses, raising its pike to launch another [Triple Strike] before even taking a single breath.

This was how shameless the game's boss was. Its behaviour was completely illogical and extremely mechanised.

If Wang Yu dodged now, some people would definitely die, hence he stretched his arms out and transformed his gloves into a long pole.

Wang Yu used [Hinder] then began to establish his circle of control. One part of the long pole blocked the pike of the Viper General, and with a slight spin, it blocked the force of the attack at the bottom. The Viper General seemed to have been pushed over by someone, and its spear stabbed into the ground without continuing with the other two strikes.

To Wang Yu's surprise, the Viper General's attacks could break through one's defences but yet could not break through [Hinder]...

Anyway, the game couldn't create an unbeatable boss right...

When normal players fought bosses, the norm was to use shields to test the waters, but for the two Guardians of Sanguine Alliance, they were killed before they could come up to use [Hinder], hence they didn't find out about this characteristic.

Constantly dodging this boss was very taxing on one mentally, and even for a martial arts expert like Wang Yu, doing this for a prolonged period of time would bring about fatigue. However, once he discovered this unique characteristic of the boss, everything became much easier.

After pulling its pike out of the ground, the Viper General once again threw a strike Wang Yu's way. Grabbing one end of the pole and swinging the other side up, Wang Yu drew an arc and used this to lightly hit the Viper General's pike, which made it veer away from its intended path.

The Viper General seemed to lose it, raising the pike upwards and swinging it down at Wang Yu's head.

At the same moment, Wang Yu lowered his head, grabbed his pole, and swung it at the Viper General's feet, causing the Viper General to lose its balance. With a 'plop', it fell onto the ground.

Once more, Fearless issued a command to attack, and everyone surrounded the Viper General while launching a second wave of attacks.

Bosses of the game's system didn't react as realistically as Independent Mode bosses which would hug their heads to protect themselves while being attacked.

Following the game's shameless system, the Viper General got up in the midst of everyone's attacks as though as it had activated invincibility, aimed at Wang Yu, and speared its pike over.

Without dodging, Wang Yu used his long pole to parry the Viper General's pike while landing a strike on its chest. This caused the charging Viper General to sway slightly. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wang Yu closed up the gap between them, stretched out his arms, grabbed the Viper General, and tripped it, causing it to fall to the ground.

Everyone went up to deal another round of abuse to the boss...

Against such a dumb boss, this was where things became much more satisfying. As long as one found a method, no matter how many times one repeated it, the boss would still fall into the trap.

Under Wang Yu's near relentless control, all power and attacking skills of the Viper General were rendered useless.

No matter how strong one was, what use was it if one could not hit anyone?

Time and again the Viper General was beaten down, and each time it would climb up again. Its health of 50 000 quickly dropped to 30% with everyone's attacks.

"Quickly dodge, it's about to transform!" Fearless shouted out as he backed out of the Viper General's attack range.

It was common knowledge that most bosses would transform when their health reached 30%, hence the moment Fearless's words reached them, they were already in the midst of retreating.

With a flash of gold, the Viper General activated its invincibility, but Wang Yu still launched a [Savage Maul], planning to use it to break the Viper General's state of invincibility.

In the end, when his skill landed on the Viper General, there was a slight ripple on its body, and the numbers '-1' appeared above its head.

"What's going on here?" Wang Yu was shocked. He had never encountered such a situation before.