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Chapter 226: Seven Points To Strike A Snake

Chapter 226: Seven Points To Strike A Snake

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As someone who used the Independent mode to play this game, the defenses of the average boss meant nothing to Wang Yu because of the level of perfection from each and every one of his attacks.

Only bosses that were wearing thick armour were able to properly defense against Wang Yu's attacks.

But this Viper General really was strange. Even though he did not have much armour on him, Wang Yu's normal attacks could only deal 1 damage to him. This was something that Wang Yu had never seen before!

"It had reinforced it's defenses!" The other players immediately shouted. As veteran players themselves, they quickly realised that was going on, launching several probing attacks at the boss.

But the Viper General used [Nether Serpent State], buffing itself.

The Viper General raised it's lance, stabbing towards Wang Yu. But right before the lance managed to touch Wang Yu, he twisted his body, narrowly dodging the lance as he viciously swung his pole at the boss.


This small number floated above the Viper General's head as it gave Wang Yu a condescending smile as it used [Triple Strike].

Wang Yu raised his pole, diverting the attack from the Viper General. He quickly realised that even though he might have survived this exchange, but the Viper General's strength had increased along with it's defenses...

Under the rapid blows from the Viper General, Wang Yu's defenses could no longer keep up, causing him to be sent flying by the Viper General.


Even while he was trying his best to defend himself from this attack, Wang Yu had still lost half of his maximum health…

Fearless quickly healed Wang Yu, raising him back to maximum health as the other players began attacking as well.

But the outcome was still the same. Regardless of whether they use magic attacks or physical attacks, they could only deal 1 damage to the Viper General.

The players from the Sanguine Alliance were starting to lose hope. How long would it take to fight a boss with 50000 health if they could only deal 1 damage to it...

"Don't worry. We still don't really understand this boss yet! It definitely has a weakness. Everyone look out for some strange landforms..." Fearless calmly spoke.

"Landforms???" Everyone quickly surveyed their surroundings, only to find that there was nothing strange about their surroundings at all.

"Huh? That can't be... unless it's weakness is somewhere on its body?" Fearless muttered as he turned to Wang Yu: "Can you handle him?"

"Yeah I can..." Wang Yu replied as he frantically waved his pole to attack the boss. Wang Yu had managed to firmly entangle himself with the boss, neither could gain an advantage over the other in this fight. One man and one beast, one couldn't touch the other while the other could barely scratch it's defenses.

The players from the Sanguine Alliance watched on as Wang Yu landed blow after blow on the Viper General. The admiration in their eyes growing with each passing second.

"What the f*ck, is this guy even human! I can't believe that we got into a fight with a monster like him..." Heaven's Bird sighed as he looked at Wang Yu, recalling the time that Wang Yu had hunted him down and killed him.

"Do you even have any face left after saying that you were crushed by this man?" The players that had never fought Wang Yu before mocked.

"What would you know? Anyway, it's not that shameful to say that we lost to him if this boss can't even compare to Iron Bull..." Sanguine Warflag retorted.

Even Fearless was speechless when he heard Sanguine Warflag's words. The players from the Sanguine Alliance really were shameless.

"Can you try to attack him from a closer distance?" Fearless asked Wang Yu.

Wang Yu also realised that fighting this boss with his pole was hardly effective. All he was doing was deflecting it's blows without even getting close to it.


"Yes. There aren't any strange landforms around here, so I suspect that his weakness is on it's body." Fearless explained.

"Ok!" Wang Yu nodded his head as his figure flashed towards the Viper General. The Viper General immediately used [Sweeping Blow] when it saw Wang Yu trying to get closer. But Wang Yu easily evaded the attack, appearing behind the Viper General as punched it in the back of it's head. The viper general immediately turned around, stabbing it's lance towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu rapidly changed his weapon in mid air, taking out a pair of swords, one long and one short.

Wang Yu swung the long sword, using it's handguard to block the attack from the lance. Borrowing the force of the attack to launch himself into the air as he heavily landed on the Viper General's face with [Thunder God's Stomp].

But the Viper General's defenses, strength and vitality had greatly increased because of [Nether Serpent State], this attack was far from effective.

But because Wang Yu had used his long sword to block the blow from the Viper General, he had briefly cancelled it's next attack.

Wang Yu took the opportunity and stabbed his short sword into the boss' temple.


It was -1 again!

Wang Yu sighed as he looked at this number. Meanwhile, the Viper General had already swung it's lance at him, hoping to send him flying. But Wang Yu blocked the attack with his short sword, briefly cancelling his attack again. This time, Wang Yu swung his long sword towards the boss' throat....


"What the f*ck!" Wang Yu angrily shouted. Both of his attacks didn't work! Was he really going to slowly grind this boss to death?

Wang Yu continued fighting, using one sword for defense and one for attacking. Wang Yu would always go for it's vitals everytime he attacked.

Everyone else quickly raised their weapons, attacking the boss and trying to identify it's weakness.

After 5 minutes had passed, the players had already attacked every inch of its body, other than its eyes and nether region... but no matter where they struck, they would only deal 1 damage to it.

"What the f*ck, we've already attacked every part of it. Did you guess wrongly?" Wang Yu asked Fearless.

"Probably not. I refuse to believe that this boss has no weaknesses! Have you attacked its nape?" Fearless asked.

"Why the f*ck would I attack it's nape? That's not even a vital point on the human body!"

"What makes you think it's a human?" Fearless retorted.

"Huh? You're right!" Wang Yu excitedly exclaimed.

This beast was after all a snake, even if it did look like a human. It precisely because of it's appearance that everyone had assumed that it was a human monster.

As the saying went, there were seven points to strike a snake. Just because the nape was not a weakness of a human, didn't mean that it couldn't be the weakness of a snake.

Wang Yu immediately blocked the lance of the Viper General, twisting his body as he appeared behind it, cutting apart it's clothes and revealing the scales on its back.

Right in between the Viper General's shoulder blades was an area, roughly the size of a bowl, covered in red.

"This is it!" Wang Yu exclaimed as he stabbed it with his sword.